11 February 2018


^^ A little dusting of snow fell in the village this week ^^

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week I have been working all week in Penzance, so I really haven't been up to much at all, but there are always things to be grateful for so I will dig deep into my memory bank and filter out the good stuff for you!

:: On Tuesday we woke up to snow in Cornwall! I always get so excited when it snows, it is so pretty and there is always a silence that comes with snow that I find so magical. It was a little heavier in the village then it was in Penzance, but it fell most of the morning (followed by super heavy rain and hail!). Did it snow where you are too?

:: I got stuck into using my new 'Ascended Masters' oracle cards this week and, I have to say, they are absolutely amazing to use. You guys probably know that I have had angel cards for a while now; my favourites are my Archangel Michael deck, which are super awesome to use and always seem to give lovely readings. My new deck have such a wonderful feel about them and I am really enjoying getting to know them all!

:: This week, when I have had time, I have set about designing a new product that I hope to get out soon in the Leaf Lane Studio shop; a 'to-do' list/notepad to keep on your desk. I am starting off with a botanical design but will hopefully release a couple of others. I am just in the process of getting a quote together for printing it and I will let you know more about it when I have more info!

:: Although I have followed her YouTube channel for a little while now, I really got into binge watching loads of Jordan Clarks gorgeous videos this week. Jordan (who also has a blog called 'Stellaire') makes the most beautiful videos about crafts, Bullet Journalling, art and daily life and I just adore the aesthetic that she has. Check out her Instagram too... it's super pretty!

:: This week I haven't been to the gym (except for Monday) because I was too cold, tired and busy and, whilst I am thankful for the rest, I am so looking forward to hitting it hard again next week. I have gone a little off-piste diet wise too and enjoyed some treats (Birthday month is the worst for this happening!). I am going to sit down this evening and try and get my sh*t together!

:: Due to the rest from the gym, I have enjoyed a couple of lay-ins this week, which is very unusual for me, but it was very needed. I love nothing more than making some tea, getting all cosy and writing or doing something in my Bullet Journal. I am feeling super inspired to do another Bullet Journal set-up video, so if you would like to see that please comment below!

:: This afternoon I had a wonderful snuggle with Gizmo (always a comforting thing!) and then set about making her a little warm 'nest' in the window seat in my art space. I piled up her cushion and a couple of her favourite blankets too. I love making her little spaces to sleep. She has taken to wanting to sleep on my art desk, which can be a little difficult when I am painting, so I am hoping this new 'cat bed' keeps her occupied for a bit (if not I reckon I will curl up there... it has a sea view for crying out loud!).

:: I had a proper 'Monica' style clean this afternoon as I was feeling super clogged up in my brain and, when this happens, only cleaning will do! My desk has been cleared and I even re-folded everything in my cupboard to make myself feel better. All was going well until the hoover gave up on life (again...again!).

:: Finally... peanut m&m's (no more needs to be said!).

I hope you all have a fab week; I will be attempting to get back into the vlogging game this week as I am doing a few things that I want to document (especially on Friday!) so fingers crossed I won't forget or just chicken out! Also, I want to wish lots of healthy vibes to little Albert Bear (who belongs to the beautiful Peta, from the blog pe-ta.com) because he hurt his little tail today and is currently feeling a bit poorly and sorry for himself in his 'cone of shame'. Head on over to Peta's Instagram and wish him well!


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