21 February 2018


Happy 'hump' day lovely! 

First things first; I am back at the vlogging thing! (New video linked at the bottom of this post). If you don't already subscribe to my YouTube channel, then click right here and hit the subscribe button to make sure you always know when a new video goes up! I was shocked to see that I hadn't made a proper video since October, when Joe and I visited Devon; so I figured now is a good a time as any to get back to making some vlogs for you! The first one back is a bit of a chatty update to bring you up to speed with what's been happening over the last few weeks, so please check it out and hit the 'like' button over on YouTube if you enjoy it!

The main part of this weeks post is going to be a little compilation of all of my 'most pinned' items of late. I have been spending a few too many minutes (hmm... 'minutes'?!) on Pinterest recently, frantically saving all kinds of inspiration for spring, art or whatever takes my fancy, so I figured I would share what I have been loving recently with you guys! If you have a Pinterest account then please link it in the comments so I can follow you and, if you would like to follow me too, just click here!

*All original sources linked below image*

L O O S E  W A V E S  &  M E S S Y  S T Y L E S
There was a time where I would straighten my hair within an inch of its life and not step outside the house without it looking exactly as I wanted it, thankfully I have chilled right out about that now and am in love with the messier looks; the looks that look effortless and casual. Most of the time when I try to do one of these styles I end up getting too 'Monica' about it and give up, but I have learnt to just not look in the mirror too much whilst I am trying to do a 'messy bun', thus creating a genuine one!

:: Left: Low messy bun / Right: Loose waves ::

:: Left: Half-up waves / Right: Loose plait ::

B O D Y  A R T
You guys know that I have just had two tattoos done (last Friday!), so on the run up to that I was pinning body art like no tomorrow. Even though what I had done was not like what I feature below, I really love the idea of a constellation piece, like the one on the left, and something that looks handwritten that acts as a reminder to yourself each day. I will do a post soon about my new additions, as soon as they have healed, so watch this space!

:: Left: Constellation / Right: Words ::

N E E D L E P O I N T  A R T
When I was studying Fine Art at university I was obsessed with an artist called Michael Raedecker, who uses paint to create his work but adds needlework to it over the paint, creating beautiful pieces that are often very mysterious and uneasy to look at. I have always loved anything creative that involves a process, maybe it is a meditative thing for me, and I would love to create some pieces like those below, I think they are so pretty.

If I had it my way the house would be filled with beautiful green plants; I adore them. I pin so many pictures of rooms filled with gorgeous plants, pretty coffee tables with piles of books and cute mugs, casually placed on top of the stack of books: it turns out I am way too messy to have that 'look' but I think I still qualify for the plants!

F E M I N I N E  T E X T U R E S
As I've got older I have come to realise that the clothes I feel most comfortable in are really simple, classic styles; soft, over-sized jumpers with jeans and a pair of converse or vans, but I also really love wearing something super feminine and pretty underneath (to remind myself I am not a tomboy all the time!). Recently I have been looking on Pinterest at more girly ways to style boyfriend jeans and I really love some of the ideas I have found... how beautiful are the tones of blue in the pictures below?

To see what else I have been pinning just follow me on Pinterest here! Don't forget to link your accounts below so I can follow you too, I really love spending time on there and find so much inspiration, so the more people I follow the better really!

Finally, here is my new video; a vlog bringing you up to date with a few things and kick-starting me back into filming again. I hope you enjoy it!


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