14 February 2018


Toward the end of last year, I was contacted by Georgina, a lovely member of the team over at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary based in Gweek. I was offered a couple of tickets to visit the sanctuary and finally managed to go! Scroll down to watch the short video from our visit!

As a side note, I wasn't asked to promote them or put up any content for them but, as you guys already know, I love animals, so I wanted to highlight how wonderful the sanctuary is and how important it is to support these amazing places; they offer such safe havens to so many animals in need. Its also so important to recognise the work that all the staff and volunteers do behind the scenes too, keeping all these little guys safe and well.

The day Joe and I chose to visit was one of those unpredictable weather days, with super clear skies one minute and heavy rain the next, but we put on our waterproof coats and got out there and I am so glad we did. The sanctuary is only about half an hour from where we are and it was super easy to find.

I wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of how the set up would be, but the site was pretty big, and surrounded by beautiful scenery too. One of the first places we stopped for a look around was in the hospital section; there were (thankfully) only a few guests laying next to their individual little pools. They have all the information about the seal, and the reason they were brought in, clearly displayed next to them, which made for sad reading in a couple of cases, but it really helps you understand their situation and how much work the guys who care for them do to rehabilitate all the animals that pass through the sanctuary. 

The next part of the sanctuary has a mixture of small pools, with just a few seals in, who are in the mid-stages of rehabilitation and integrating back into socialising with other seals again, and then there is the huge pool which, luckily for us, happened to be having their lunch when we stopped by (see the video for some cute footage of Snoopy 'begging' for fish and cheeky seagulls steeling from seals!). I was chatting to a lovely member of the team (who stayed out in a seriously heavy downpour whilst I asked questions, bless her!) and she was explaining that all the seals in the pool were female except one male. The male in question, who could be mistaken for being the luckiest guy in all of seal-dom (!), is suspected to have sustained a head injury a while back, making him a permanent resident but also somewhat obvious to his privileged position as 'pool king' to all the ladies!

Along side the seals there are sea-lions, penguins and otters too, as well as farmyard animals and plenty of space to explore; it really is such a wonderful place and although Joe and I only spent a couple of hours there you could certainly make a longer day of it (which we would have done if it wasn't for the weather) as there are walking trails clearly marked out, a lovely cafe, which we did pop into of course, and a great gift shop (got to love a gift shop!). I highly recommend you check out the sanctuary if you are ever in Cornwall and, if you have little ones they are guaranteed to love it as much as you!


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