28 January 2018


This week has been a full on week (hence the late post today!). I have been hit by a really wonderful creative bug this week; if you are a creative type of any kind, you will know what I mean when it comes to this feeling. There is no just sitting, staring at a blank page, waiting for ideas to flow, they are all there waiting to spill out and you can't paint/draw/write fast enough to keep up! For me, days like that don't come along too often, so when they do I lap them up big time! I have created several card designs this week that I will be getting into the shop as soon as finances allow the printing to happen, plus I am well on my way to creating my forth wedding collection for the business too!

Before I get into this post, I want to let you know about a free downloadable print I am still giving away over on Leaf Lane Studio's blog post (see the image below!). I created this piece for Burns Night, because I really love this little quote and so if you are interested in getting your own copy of this then click right here!

Here is what else has been going on...

:: After weeks of feeling like I had hair like Cousin It, I finally made it to the hairdressers (thanks to my official sponsor...my mum xx). I so love having my hair washed and the massage that comes along with that. I'm currently looking for a part time job, so if there are any hairdressers in Cornwall who need to pay someone to practice this on... no? Dammit!

:: I know I mention birds a lot over here, but the birds in our garden our so sweet and I love watching them come down for the seeds and the fat-balls. When they have eaten it all and one of us goes out to refill it, they chirp like crazy to one another and all wait in the trees for their next snack, it is super cute! There a so many robins too, and I am obsessed with robins; their teeny, tiny little legs are so fragile!

:: Being the huge Tudor history geek I am, I have been really enjoying catching up with a programme about Henry VIII and his wives that was on BBC Four recently (I think there may be one more to go if you are interested and it is on iPlayer!). I love history programmes so much and have also been watching the documentaries on Netflix about the Tower of London and various other places, they are really fascinating.

:: On Wednesday I went to a place in Newlyn, called West Cornwall Inner Space, for a healing treatment. It's hard to describe exactly what it was all about, as it was a mixture of different things, but I absolutely loved it. It was all about chakra clearing, using crystals and talking to try and bring up bits and pieces that need 'clearing' in the body. Being someone who has had a lot of therapy in her life it was nice to have something totally different, with someone totally different (beats very serious medical professionals any day!).

:: Whilst I was in Penzance on Thursday (making myself less Cousin It) I picked up my new print, that will be going into my Leaf Lane Studio shop and into my Etsy shop really soon. You guys may have seen it before, as I popped it onto my Instagram recently to say I was thinking about getting it printed up for sale; well I did! It will be going up this week coming so keep an eye open!

:: This morning I decided to head to check out a wedding fair over in Wadebridge. I will be doing my first one this year and so put my 'big girl pants' on and went to have a mooch. I have to say that I was pretty terrified; it was sensory overload, what with the disco lights, screens showing wedding videos and slightly crazy looking piano playing man, but it was well worth pushing out the comfort zone to see what to expect! Small victories huh?!

:: I have been a bit off track with my 'diet' and training over the last couple of weeks, but have still been going to train anyway and just doing what my brain and body could handle. This week I trained five times, but twice with one of my gym buddies and he certainly put me through my paces (I couldn't even lift the kettle after the first session!). It was so awesome to be pushed a bit more than usual and also to realise I could lift 40kg on the bench press, granted it wasn't for many reps, but it still counts right?!

:: I got a lovely surprise gift this week from Joe, a copy of the Kyle Gray 'Light Warrior' book, his newest book out, and so far it is really great! I love Kyle Grays style (I mention him a lot I know!), but I always come away from his books feeling inspired, motivated and like I am on the right path!

(***Mum, you should not read this... you have been warned!***)
:: Way back last year, when I was about to launch my business, I mentioned that I wanted to get a new tattoo to commemorate achieving the goal of launching the business. The tattoo I wanted was a really small crescent moon to represent positive energy, creativity, growth and the duality of our human nature. I am still planning on getting it but have also been considering another one, this time on my ribs again. I got my first tattoo on my left ribs; glyphs that mean 'challenge, transform, transcend', and I am still so in love with them; they are only thin black lines and that is all I want with my new idea of wildflowers. For me, wildflowers represent something fragile, yet strong, that can thrive in almost any environment, no matter how hard they are pushed or how many times they are challenged (plus I think they are super pretty). I have been looking around for suitable artists to get a quote from and found someone in Truro who would be perfect, so email my two ideas off for a price this week (I may as well get the moon done at the same time because it is super small!). As it's my birthday next month (cough cough, midlife crisis, cough cough!) I figured there is no harm in asking is there? Anyway, I have my Pinterest board that has a load of ideas on for this, so head over to it if you fancy a peek!

:: Gizmo has been even more cute than normal this week, wanting many cuddles and playing in a box that has been on the floor by my desk like an over enthusiastic toddler! I really couldn't be without that little bear, she is everything in the world and more to me!

That is it for this week lovely people, I hope you have enjoyed your weekend and have a week full of fun ahead! See you on Wednesday for another blog post! <3



  1. Awww Gizmo is so lovely! I'm glad to hear she's giving you even more cuddles than usual. your tattoo idea sounds amazing and oh my goodness the wedding fair?! Yay for creative juices flowing, I know what you mean when you say once they start you just have to go with the flow!

    I hope you have a wonderful week this week Lucy
    Peta xx

    1. Thanks honey, Gizmo is the best snuggler in town, bless her paws! I hope you had a great weekend my love, I must head over to your blog for a catch up! xxx


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