21 January 2018


Firstly let me say happy National Hug Day; today is a day to grab someone you care about (or a pet of course!) and give them a big old hug!

Last Sunday I didn't manage to get a gratitude post up (sorry guys) but I am back today and including a few things that I typed up ready for last week, as well as some bits from this week too, so let's jump right on into it shall we?

:: One things I vowed to do this year is to try new things art-wise so, with the excuse of wanting to create something for my Instagram page for National Hug Day, I thought I would experiment with drawing something in Photoshop (you can see the result of my very first attempt below!). I actually sketched this little bear on a piece of scrap paper first, scanned it in and then began the process of drawing over the top of my scanned layer. I am super pleased with it and happy I decided to give it a shot! There is plenty of room for improvement, but what do you think? I also did a little watercolour illustration for Winnie the Pooh Day, which was also this week; you can see that painting over on this weeks Leaf Lane Studio blog post!

:: How is it that I have never listened to Heart 80's before? It is bloody amazing. There is no more to be said! What is your favourite radio station? I love a good recommendation (although it will need to be good to take me away from Heart 80's to be honest!).

:: Last Thursday was a beautiful day here in Cornwall. The sun was gorgeous and made everything seem better, brighter and full of hope (isn't it wonderful what a bit of bright light can do?!). Having a cup of tea in the garden at lunch time and watching the robins squabbling over the bird food was a particular highlight of the warmer weather!

:: This week I started throwing a bit of watercolour about, trying to get several ideas out on paper that have been floating around in my head for a while now. I am currently using lots of different shades of yellow and layering it up, letting it dry in puddles and bleed out into whatever space it wants to. I like the process of trusting how the paint will move and come to rest. I am excited to share some of the new bits and bobs I'm working on with you soon. Painting is one of the few things that allows my mind to totally reset and rest, I can't live without it.

:: Last weekend, whilst the sun was out (which hasn't happened much recently), I took a walk up to the little village church. It is such a beautiful place, really small and intimate, with stunning views out to the coast and over to some fields in the distance. I have always found strolling quietly around a churchyard a really cleansing and reflective process; just taking time to be totally present in that moment, reading the words on the various stones and allowing whatever emotions surface to just come out. It sounds a bit depressing and, I guess if you let it be, then it will be, but I just like to contemplate life and also what the world would have been like for the people laid to rest there (some way back in 1700's). It makes me so grateful for what I have in my life right now.

:: I am really enjoying the new series of The Goldbergs at the moment; it is one of those programmes that makes me laugh out loud and I really love it! There aren't many things I will sit down to purposefully watch, but this one I will make time for (because laughter is a good thing!). I'm also really into the SAS programme on Channel 4, what about you guys, what has got you gripped right now?

:: I think I mentioned before that I made an effort, over New Year, to put together a content planner for my blog and my business too. It has felt so good this week to be one step ahead of myself in terms of posts and other pre-planned bits and bobs too. Obviously I will still be writing about things as and when they need to be said, where relevant and where the mood takes me but, for things that I can schedule and set up in advance my plan is working really well. I am so happy I spent a few hours over New Year to put it together and will certainly keep it going.

:: This week a whole load of daffodils have opened up in the garden and it makes me so happy! Daffodils and narcissus are my favourites and I just feel so very content when they are all over the garden, in the shops and growing on the side of the road (as they always are here in Cornwall). Their bright yellow colour can just change my mood instantly (I think I have a bit of a thing for yellow right now... bring on the summer!).

:: Wonderful friends... I don't have a huge amount of close friends but the ones I have are pretty great and have really been there for me recently and I really appreciate that (a lot). Sometimes there is nothing that can be said to help a situation, but just getting the occasional message to check in makes the world of difference... thanks guys (you know who you are) xx

That is all for this week; see you back here on Wednesday for the mid-week post! Have a great week everyone!


  1. What a beautiful list Lucy, those daffodils have popped a huge smile on my face. They always remind me of my Nan who adored those pretty bright petals. I'll have to give that radio station a listen when I'm next back in the UK! Your walk sounds glorious and I adore the bear illustration - you're so talented!! Sending lots of love your way xx

    1. Thank you sweetie, daffodils are gorgeous aren't they? They have always been my favourite simply because they never fail to put a smile on my face! I hope you had an amazing weekend xx Lots of love as always honey xx


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