31 January 2018


This week (27th Jan - 3rd Feb) is National Storytelling Week, which got me thinking about how, as kids, we told ourselves the most magical stories everyday, acting them out, totally lost in our own dreamy worlds. In those worlds we could climb the highest mountains, ride beautiful horses with flowing manes, have adventures with fairies up gigantic trees and fly though the air like superheroes. It's funny how all of our stories were full of limitless possibilities; we were lost in our moments, we could do anything and our imaginations were our only limit. So, why is it that, as adults, in the cold light of 'the real world', most of us tell ourselves stories about how we cannot reach our biggest dreams, that we aren't good enough to reach for the stars and how we will never 'make it'. 

Along with people judging us and telling us 'you need to have a normal job', or telling us what we want in life is 'too risky', our own minds seem to have turned against us too! They have developed that irritating little voice of 'what if' and 'I can't', which we just didn't have as kids, so we stop telling ourselves the fabulous, magical stories of grand adventure and start telling ourselves that we shouldn't do the things we want. We tell ourselves new stories of 'I can't {insert your dream here} because I don't know where to start/don't know how' or whatever other excuse we can think of to remain in our blanket of cosy (but boring) safety. I think what we need to learn is to be committed to our dreams but we also need to understand that being committed to them has to be fully backed up by US, because no one else but us is going to be able to achieve them.

No one is going to rock up at your front door one day and hand you everything you need on a plate and just thinking and dreaming about your plans won't bring them into fruition either (believe me, this one I tried for way too long!). What do we have to lose by telling ourselves big old happy stories every day; stories about fun, abundance and about shooting for the biggest, brightest stars? If you reach and fall, just get right back up and try a different approach because, as soon as you see 'failures' as lessons, it really is a game changer. Of course, none of this is easy, especially to start with, and sometimes it is f**king painful (which is the place most of us quit at) but just keep going, keep learning and growing and doing whatever it is you need to do to reach your 'happy'.

If you liked this short and punchy number (!) then let me know in the comments and, just in case you missed it, you may also like a post I wrote recently called 'Interested Verses Committed', check it out!


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