3 January 2018


Last week I listened to a Lori Harder 'Earn Your Happy' podcast episode, called 'How to move from interested to committed' and, whilst I am often inspired by things I listen to, this episode in particular really made me sit up and take notice. Within this short 'minisode' was just what I was needing to hear at that very moment and it was like my spirit just knocked on my brain and said 'right Lucy, pay attention to this please!' (do you get moments like that?).

Before I go into the reason why it jumped out at me, I should say this: over the last couple of months I have been feeling super anxious, unable to really get stuck into work or concentrate at all really. I have been utterly worn out mentally and feeling like all my 'reserves' are completely depleted. All of those feelings meant that my creative inspiration had all but dried up; I was getting so frustrated with myself for feeling the way I was and being unable to focus on anything but my anxiety. Having been forced to take a step back (by my body as well as it being the festive season) I started to feel a bit more 'myself' again and so, when I listened to the podcast, and heard Lori enthusiastically chatting about how to really 'up your game', I felt the timing was perfect for me to jump in and adsorb some inspiration again. 

In essence, what Lori is talking about is the difference between the language of being interested, verses that of being committed, for example, someone who is 'interested' in their goals will use language like '...someday I would like to...' or '...one day I may...'. ' She discusses that the language behind being 'interested' is often accompanied with excuses and obstacles; always leaving a way out as an option, rather than jumping right in. I think that, as adults, so many of us have the 'language of interested', especially around things that involve a lot of effort to achieve, such as health and fitness goals. We are often 'starting on Monday' and will try and find an excuse not to go to do some exercise, 'it's dark/cold/late/raining' etc. What makes it more silly is that we are then often surprised that we haven't achieved whatever the thing is we wanted.

In contrast, and much more positive in nature, is the language of committed. The language of committed is the 'I can' and 'I will' and is so much more solution based. Lori makes a point about how people who adopt the committed vocabulary will see any difficulties as lessons for self development and growth, rather than reasons to give something up, and that is certainly something I am on board with! She uses an analogy by Tony Robbins, saying that when you are committed it is like being on an island and 'burning all your boats', not leaving one safety net there, just hopping right on in fully. Is it scary, hell yes it is, but it gives us so much more doing things this way. 

I loved this podcast episode because it sums up the way I really want to be in all areas of my life; 100% all in and unafraid of facing new challenges. If I'm totally honest, towards the end of 2017, I did lose my way, often finding myself in the 'interested' camp of 'maybe later' and 'I'll do that tomorrow'. I was burnt out, tired and that made me a little lazy (something I very much strive to avoid being) but mostly I just felt overwhelmed and anxious so it was easier to do the things that I knew how to do and put off the things that are new or take a bit more effort. Thankfully those sorts of times are few and far between, but listening to the podcast made me realise where I was and where I wanted to be, even if it is a little scarier because, like Lori says '...if you want to be committed, you must be prepared to feel uncomfortable' and that is something that takes bravery.

What do you think guys? Where would you place yourselves right now: interested or committed? Check out the episode and tell me your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I would definitely say that 2017 was my year of interested yet laying safe foundations if that makes sense? I have this overwhelming feeling that 2018 is going to be a year of actually making things happen. Committed and ready to rock and roll! Thank you so much for the motivation Lucy, it has really confirmed my thoughts of late.
    Peta x

    1. I feel the same about 2017. I think it is fair to say that we will all slip in and out of both of those mind sets but I want my ratio to be more into the 'committed'! We can do this lovely lady! xx


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