17 January 2018


Silence; it's a much needed thing for our souls, yet so many of us, including me, deny ourselves much (if any) of it. 

Our modern way of living is amazing, but one of the big downsides has to be that we are so addicted to our devices, so used to having constant stimulation via various different mediums, that we don't know what to do when the noise stops. I noticed at some point last year how hard I found it to be without my 'digital company'. I rely on my phone for a constant distraction of videos, podcasts and streaming to keep me company, but as soon as it hit me how much noise I need with me to feel 'safe' I started to unpick the reasons why this behaviour was happening. 

Having noise wherever I go had become a way of coping, a way of not having to think about things that were bothering me or worrying me, and I would carry my phone from room to room with me to have that constant escapism. My anxiety increased if I couldn't find something to play in the background and that, quite frankly, is insane. Since when had this been 'a thing' I did, a thing I needed? I had become afraid of feeling whatever emotions my body wanted me to feel, I was pushing it all back and forcing my brain to focus on something else, building upon my anxiety more and more so that, when I did finally have silence, I basically crumbled. Does anyone else recognise this behaviour? 

Being quiet is a brave thing to do in a world with so much noise and with everything happening at such as fast pace everywhere we turn. Being silent during the day, especially when life isn't 'all roses' can bring up extreme emotional vulnerability, fear, anxiety (and tears), but dealing with those things has to be better than pushing them back down and eventually reaching empty in your emotional tank. 

Part of the reason I embarked on my two day fast was to try and reset and re-calibrate my mind and my body and try to spend some time 'listening' and time just being quiet. I wanted to try and hear what my body wanted, what it needed and not just my body; my mind and spirit too. I felt like I'd pushed a ton of emotional crap up the steepest hill and I was ready to stop. As someone who reads a lot of spiritual books and listens to many podcasts on the same subject, I had heard that doing a short fast could help to bring you more 'in tune' with your body and spirit again, so I figured why not! For me, part of that process involved clearing my diary for those days (as far as possible anyway) and just trying to quieten everything down a notch. It was important that I got out in nature and just walked, that I did some mobilisation and some yoga as well as some guided meditations too, plus the extra secret ingredient of sleep! 

How do you guys feel about the amount of 'noise' in your everyday existence? Do you feel like you could benefit from taking a conscious step back too? 

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  1. I noticed a while back how much noise is on in the background at home, and once I noticed it I realised that the actual noise was stressing me out. When I'm working on something important, writing a blog post or doing anything that requires all of my attention I don't have anything on in the background anymore. I'll pop netflix on or podcasts if I'm pottering around, cleaning or doing thing like editing photos which doesn't require too much brain power. I must say that is down to always wanting to make good use of my time - a whoooole other matter I have huge issues with!

    Sending lots of love your way my dear
    Peta xx



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