17 December 2017


Happy Sunday once again (boy, these posts come around so fast!). How are you guys all doing? I hope you have had a wonderful week. Before I get cracking on this weeks list I just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you that reached out to me following Wednesdays post (which you can find right here if you haven't read it yet). It is normal for me to get far more private messages for posts like that then comments under the actual post, which is totally understandable, so thank you if you did contact me. I think I am going to create some easier way of finding some of the categories of posts that I write as some of you liked the fact that I linked old posts at the end of Wednesdays one, so I will work on making it far easier for you to find certain things in the near future.

Right then, let's jump into to the lovely stuff from this week!

:: There have been some pretty spectacular skies this week due to the variety of temperatures and weather coming in. On Friday (I think it was Friday!) there was a beautiful yellow-pink-grey sky which was so breathtaking to look at. It was swiftly followed by a huge amount of rain and hail but soon cleared again. One of my favourite things of living near the sea is watching the weather make its way in.

:: Walking on the beach at this time of year, when there is no one about but you, is truly wonderful. I love feeling the sea breeze in my face and smelling the fresh air. Being all cosy and wrapped up in my jumper and bobble hat and walking in along the sand is something that is pretty hard to beat to be honest. 

:: I have crazy friends. I am just going to throw that out there because I really do... they are as mad as several boxes of mad frogs, but I love them and, more importantly, I obviously fit in with them completely! The reason for telling you that is because, on Friday there was a knock at the door and a sweet man was standing there with a huge black bag containing some sort of surprise. He came in, opened the bag, telling me this was a special delivery and had to be up the right way before I opened it. All sorts of things were running through my mind whilst the bag was being cut open... flowers? A plant? A fruit basket? A horses head?! As the bag got pulled away and I saw what was sitting on the kitchen table I just started laughing and laughing... it was a huge balloon, with a large stuffed elf inside and lots of chocolates! It was simply the most random but fun gift ever! Thank you Kat, you lovely nut job!

:: I think I mentioned this last month, but I was recently contacted about visiting the seal sanctuary in Gweek, not far from home, and this week I received my tickets! I am super excited to go and see all the beautiful little guys they have there. Seals are so gorgeous and I think they have penguins and other things too that are rescued and rehabilitated. I promise you all a blog post on my visit as soon as I go!

:: On Thursday I listened to a webinar with Janet Murray, who I have mentioned several times on here. She hosts a podcast I love called 'Soulful PR' and this webinar was the second one I have done of hers. She always has such valuable content and I come away with notes and action points, not just inspiration, but actual, functional things I can put into action for my business. I highly recommend you listen to The Soulful PR Podcast if you have your own business, it is so, so good and it doesn't matter what industry you are in. It would also be useful if you are a blogger too. This morning I listened to the episode about building your email list and it was so very helpful!

:: Yesterday morning, as I sat drinking a delicious mug of hot water with lemon and apple cider  vinegar (it actually tastes much better then it sounds!), I was watching the cutest little bird hopping merrily about in the lavender and couldn't work out what it was at all. It was super teeny tiny with a yellow stripe on its head and bright green feathers on its wings too. After trawling the interwebs I discovered what it was... a Goldcrest! I haven't ever seen one but look how gorgeous... (photo credit under the picture as he was moving way too fast for me to take his photo!).

^^ The gorgeous Goldcrest - Image sourced from Garden Bird as the little guy in the garden was way too speedy for me to photograph! ^^

:: The final thing I wanted to mention was not necessarily something I was super grateful for this week, but it is something that made me laugh (and also took up way too much time too). I opened the door to Gizmo on Friday night and, as usual, she came trotting in. It wasn't until she got past me that i thought 'hang on a second... she is walking in a very cocky manner!'. Following her into the lounge I soon realised why she was looking so happy with herself, she had a little mouse in her mouth (uninjured, very small and very bloody fast!). She dropped said mouse, which sprinted for its life behind my desk, and I put Giz back in the garden to start 'operation rescue'. After over an hour of trying to catch the Usain Bolt of the mouse world and losing sight of it, I assumed it had made a hasty retreat into the fire place, where it would find a tiny hole to push through back into 'the wild'! How wrong I was. Fast forward almost exactly 24 hours as I walk through the kitchen door into the office space in the back of the house; as I make my way towards the room I see a flash of brown and a tail and realise that my mate is in the other end of the house now. 'Operation rescue #2' begins. The long and the short of it is the little blighter gave me the run around for another hour, hurdling wires, plugs and computers and darting in and out of every single place it could find before I finally cornered him in a Tupperware box! (Can I get a mini Mexican wave here?!). Having been crawling about on the floor for an hour, banging my head on the desk and catching my hair in wires, I not only looked like a total moron, but also had aged about ten years through the worry of giving the mouse a heart attack whilst actually trying to save him! I plodded outside in the rain, wearing just socks on my feet, and returned him to the spot by the gate where the mice live. What a night. But at least the little guy is free again, poor thing!

Thank you for making it to the end of this post guys! If you enjoyed it please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you! Have an amazing week everyone xx



  1. Oh Lucy! The mouse story really made me giggle, I had a similar episode a few weeks ago with a lizard that Arthur had... I don't think he caught it as he's a little slow but I reckon one of the other cats brought it in. Luckily he was rescued uninjured too!

    I haven't read your post on Wednesday yet so I'm off to have a read. This week's gratitude post has me feeling all kinds of wonderful and I love your hat!!

    Have a lovely week ahead my love
    Peta xx

    1. I am glad my re-telling of the mouse extravaganza made you smile my lovely!! They are fast buggers aren't they! I just hated the thought of him/her being in our house and not with its family! :-)


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