10 December 2017


^^ A very windy walk at Hells Mouth ^^

Today marks just two weeks until it will be Christmas Eve (what?!) and I keep thinking to myself 'where did 2017 go?' because, my lovely friends, this year has passed by the quickest ever. The house is looking super festive now, with pretty fairy lights in so many places, and Gizmo is doing her usual chewing of the tree branches at every given opportunity too; thank God it isn't a real tree or it'd be stripped of its needles already. As a new year approaches I have taken up the challenge of a deep 'yearly review' in my Bullet Journal; more to come on that in a later post though, and I have also decided against the traditional route of 'resolutions' too. I have been on a path, for the last year or so, of identifying areas for self improvement, and I am just going to continue on that path but not label it as anything 'new-yearsy' (totally not a word!).

Shall we leap into the reason this post exists... weekly gratitude?! Let's!

:: This week, a book I have had my eye on for a while, Kyle Gray's 'Raise Your Vibration', dropped in price on Amazon, so I finally got myself a copy! I adore Kyle Grays work (he is all about angels and spirituality) and I find the way he talks / writes about things really easy to absorb. The book is lots of mini lessons to help you develop within your spiritual practice and, so far I am loving it.

:: Gizmo has been super cute all week, following me around like a little lamb (do they follow people? Probably not). She is just everywhere I turn and I love her to bits.

^^ Look at that little face! ^^

:: This week I received some gorgeously scented narcissus through the post and they are filling the house with their beautiful scent. I love them so much <3

:: On Friday I was having a bit of a rubbish day so decided to take myself out for a wander among the Christmas decorations at a local shop. Sometimes a distraction is just what the doctor ordered and, I must admit, looking at all the festive bits and bobs, as well as the stationery too (of course), definitely helped lift the mood.

:: On yet another mission to clear my head, I took a walk over at Hell's Mouth this week too; if you want to see the pictures and didn't catch Wednesdays post, then click right here to see it! With so many stunning places on the doorstep, here in Cornwall, it is not difficult to find somewhere to go and clear the cobwebs!

:: Having put my calendar up for sale a couple of days ago, I am so happy to have sold a few. Yes, it is only a few but it is early days! It is nice to think that someone likes what you create enough to part with money for it! If you would like to have a look at it then head on over to Leaf Lane Studio!

:: Whilst we are on the subject of Leaf Lane Studio, it got a couple of little features in 'Your Devon & Cornwall Wedding' magazines new issue (see below!) and I got emailed the pages this week, which was really lovely to see! I am so grateful whenever I get a piece of my stationery featured!

:: I have fallen just a little in love with Ed Sheeran's new single 'Perfect'. Pretty much every Christmas there is one song that makes me a bit soppy and this years prize goes to Mr Sheeran!

:: I managed to set aside some time for painting this week, which felt really nice. I popped on the radio (BBC Radio Two is the only station that can be picked up from the room I work in!) and set about a couple of new ideas. I am in the process of getting a couple of physical prints in my shop (coming very soon) and want to add more stock regularly, so am trying to keep my creative juices flowing somewhat!

:: This week, whilst trying to find a Cornwall based wedding photographer I could feature on my business Instagram, I stumbled upon Sarah, from Salty Sea Photography, who takes the most stunning photographs, that are so poetic and romantic that I had to mention her immediately on my account. It wasn't until I started reading a bit more about Sarah, on her website, that I realised I had been following her personal blog for ages! What a small world it is. I think I remember reading somewhere that she is in the middle of redesigning the blog, but head over and check her out anyway, her blog is called The Salty Sea Blog and it is gorgeous!

Thank you so much for stopping by this week, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and are feeling the festive spirit building up (almost time for a few indulgent days off!). Don't forget that, if you want to check out my brand new printable 2018 calendar, then just click the image below! Go on, I dare you!


  1. Oh Lucy what a wonderful list, congratulations on the sales and features!! You look beautiful in your photos and Gizmo is just adorable. Your gratitude posts always warm my heart. I hope you have a lovely week this week, where on earth has this year gone?!

    Peta xx

    1. Aw thank you sweetie, you are the cutest ever! Doesn't Gizmo's head look like a little pea in that photo! Bless her! This year has absolutely flown by hasn't it. We have been in Cornwall for almost eleven months now! Crazy times. xx


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