3 December 2017


^^ Beautiful sunset happening outside as I write this post! ^^

Happy December lovely friends! I am currently in total denial that we are, in-fact, a matter of days until the Christmas holidays kick in; it doesn't feel like it has been long enough since the last festive period to me! I do love Christmas though and, yesterday I received something through the post that kicked my butt into feeling a little more festive, more on that below!

How has your week been? Have you got your decorations up yet? What kind of traditions do you have for the festive season (if any!), let me know in the comments. I must admit that I am enjoying my little Cadburys advent calendar (thanks mum!) and I also have the gorgeous calendar that I received from Peta (www.pe-ta.com) which is 24 tea bags, beautifully packaged into individual calendar days (I need zero encouragement to drink tea of course!).

^^ My gorgeous little Christmas tree, I love it so, so much! ^^

Right then, let's hop into todays post shall we?

:: The first thing on my list of things I am super grateful for this week is something I briefly mentioned above; a surprise delivery that arrived only yesterday! The box was from Bloom & Wild and came with the cutest little message from my beautiful, amazing friend, Helena (thank you so much lovely lady). If you guys know Bloom & Wild, then you will know that they specialise in flowers that can be put through the letterbox, so imagine my surprise when I opened the box to reveal a mini Christmas tree, baubles, lights, moss for the top of the soil, a canvas pot and a star! Now, that is a well packed box! Honestly, I cried happy tears because it is so very beautiful! If you guys are looking to send something to someone for a little pre-Christmas present, then I highly recommend the mini Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild because it is super sweet!

:: It seems that as winter is setting in, we have so many more birds in the garden again and they are really into the bird feeder too. There are blue-tits and sparrows feeding regularly again and so many gorgeous little robins too (I love robins!). I adore just sitting at the window and watching them squabble over who is next to the feeder!

:: As it is getting colder in the cottage, it has been necessary to enter full 'old lady' mode and take a hot water bottle to bed each night. I lay it in the bed whilst I go about my little pre-sleep routine, and then sit in bed with it on my feet whilst I write in my Bullet Journal. Because I always overheat in the night I usually find that, within an hour, I am throwing it onto the floor, but it serves its purpose! (Is the next step of 'old lady' mode and electric blanket? Does anyone know?!).

:: I have been working like a mad woman this week to try and complete my Leaf Lane Studio printable 2018 calendar and I am almost there, celebration dance! Having never created a calendar in my life, I have probably taken a bit too long about the process, but I wanted to get it as perfect as I could (we all know that perfection isn't achievable though don't we!). Thank you so much to all of you that have left me a comment on Instagram or my Facebook page about it, you guys are so very sweet. I will be putting it up for sale (as a download only) within the next few days so stay tuned to my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram for that!

:: This week I watched a great video, by Fran ('Frannerd') about hitting a bit of creative block, which I do very often! It is nice to hear what other creatives do to try and get out of the rut that can drive us all a bit crazy! If you want to see it, head over to Fran's YouTube channel, the video is called 'In search of inspiration and motivation' - I love Fran's videos in general and often re-watch them whilst I work because it is lovely to see someone talk so honestly, whilst being so consistently herself and share her thoughts and processes without being too precious about them. Fran is genuinely so helpful and so insightful into her business that it keeps me really motivated and inspired to keep going!

:: This week I took part in the hashtag 'Meet the maker week' over on my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram and it was so great to have a few conversations with other makers that I haven't chatted to before and hear their feedback on what I create and talk to them about what they are working on too. It is one of my favourite platforms for striking up conversations with people and making new on-line buddies!

:: Lastly... the garden is looking a lot more thinned out since winter hit, but the little narcissus are already open (see below). You guys, who have followed me for a while, will definitely know that daffodils and narcissus are my all time favourite flowers. They are super happy and bright and I just love them in the house and in the garden! I can't believe they are already open but, then again, we are in Cornwall now, so it is a lot more mild this time of year than I am used to! I just hope they don't get killed off by a really cold night.

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read this weeks post, you guys are amazing and hearing from you during the week always makes me smile. You can obviously message me on my various social media platforms (linked on the right) but you can also email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com if you want to have a good old fashioned natter! I'd love to hear from you. See you on Wednesday!


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  1. Oh such a lovely lovely round up of your week. I adore your little Christmas tree, what a beautifully thoughtful gift. I'm so looking forward to your calendar coming out Lucy!! Wishing you the best week ever ahead.
    Peta xx


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