31 December 2017


This is it lovely friends, the end of another year and this has really been the quickest year ever! I always remember my mum and dad saying to me that ever year you grow older, the faster time goes by (they still say it actually!) and they are very right. This year has felt like it has passed in a heartbeat and so much has happened, which I reflected on in my previous blog post about 'My Word for 2018' if you fancy a read!

Have you accomplished everything you hoped you would this year? If you have, then congratulations! If not, then just re-evaluate and keep on going. I have totally changed my perspective on reaching goals and have chosen to think that if something that isn't quite 'done' is not a failure, but simply something that I need to either take a good look at to see whether I really want to do it still, or sit with it for a bit and work out a new route to it.

I have been doing some real soul-searching recently and a lot of writing and planning out what I would like to achieve over the next twelve months. There are a lot of resources out there but I chose to combine a few questions and scribble down my thoughts in my bullet journal to see what came up. If you are interested in having a go at a bit of self-reflection, these are the questions I chose to ask myself...

1. What did I hope for this year and what did I accomplish?
2. How has this year affected me personally and professionally?
3. In what ways have I been surprised and encouraged this year?
4. Where do I feel like I have let myself down and what did I learn from it.
5. Have any of my values or beliefs shifted this year? How?
6. What fears have I overcome? Have I developed any new fears that I need to acknowledge?
7. How have I grown and what have I learned?

For me, those questions are enough to kick start a bit of a delve into what I am feeling for the new year. Let me know what you do or, if you have a go at those questions, how did you feel afterwards?

I kind of went off on a tangent there, sorry guys! Let's move on to this very last 'Weekly Gratitude' post of 2017!

:: This Christmas mum and dad travelled to Cornwall to spend a few days here for a change. My mum certainly knows how to bring a full Christmas experience with her; I don't think anything was left behind (apart from a couple of my dads bottles of red wine...oops!). It was a pretty relaxed one overall with lots of delicious food and my dad attempting to play games (always hilarious!). Thanks mum and dad for bringing Christmas to Cornwall and for the pressies too!

:: I was also super grateful to have Gizmo at home for Christmas because she has always had to go into a cattery for Christmas when we have been away. It was lovely to see my little bear sitting under the tree, chewing the branches, rather than not being around at all. She is one of the family so it feels right to have her there <3

:: As I mentioned in my little rant at the start of this post, I have been doing a ton of planning and reflecting over the last few weeks. One thing I have done, as part of that whole process, is put together a content planner for Leaf Lane Studio and From Lucy with Love. After attending a webinar by Janet Murray (from Soulful PR Podcast) I was able to sit down and plan almost a whole year of content ideas and I am currently working on expanding the first quarter of 2018 and get way ahead of myself. It feels so good to have set some time aside to do that!

:: My gorgeous friend, Helena, got me a beautiful feather ring for Christmas which I absolutely adore. That lady knows that my love for angels is huge and so bought me a ring to represent them and what they mean to me. Thank you Helena, love you lots xx

:: On Christmas Eve, in the Cornish 'mizzle', we ventured on a short walk around the village to look at all the Christmas lights. There were some pretty ones tucked away down some of the roads and it felt so festive walking past windows full of decorations, smelling wood-smoke or yummy food cooking away.

:: This morning I took a little wander around the garden to photograph some of the things I love about winter (the photos are in this post); the decaying plants and flowers as well as the ones that are thriving right now. It reminds me of the quote 'There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long. Don't expect yourself to either' which I love. I think we forget the importance of rest and recuperation sometimes, especially in the modern world as it is. For me, getting out in nature, even if it is just in the garden like this morning, it helps to slow my mind down.

:: Yesterday afternoon I was laying with Gizmo, recovering from a crappy migraine, when she rolled over on her back and let me touch her tummy for ages. I absolutely love moments like that, when she has all her little paws in the air and her eyes shut and just trusts me to stroke her tummy. Whenever I feel under the weather she is always there to help.

:: I should probably mention my new found gratitude for...(wait for it)...gin. Yep, gin. That is coming from Mrs 'I-don't-really-drink'. My dad poured me a gin and orange juice on Christmas Day and it was so delicious that my parents left the entire bottle behind just for me! I only really drink on special occasions and, as it is still the festive season, that amounts to a special occasion, so I shall be pouring myself a gin for New Years Eve, and I am sure I will sleep beautifully for it! For any of you that are gin and tonic drinkers, and are wondering 'why orange juice?!'... I don't like tonic. I think the gin and orange thing is quite old school these days but, hey, it tastes goooood!

:: I was super grateful that the gym I train at was open all over Christmas and, before you ask, yes, I was one of the 'nutters' who went on Christmas Day. It was actually super busy! I will also be there tomorrow, to ensure I hit 2018 as I mean to go on!

:: My last thing to add to the gratitude list for 2017 is a big 'thank you' to all of you guys for supporting my blog and my journey to setting up my business this year. All your comments, kind words of encouragement and emails really make the world of difference to me and I appreciate every single thing I receive from you. A few things have had to be sacrificed recently (vlogs for example) in order for other things to run smoothly but I am trying to get better at managing the things I have to do so, bear with me!

I wish all of you guys a wonderful New Year, if you are out on the town tonight then be super safe and if, like me, you will be curled up watching Harry Potter, trying to stay awake past 9pm (true story!) then just know that we have the best views of the fireworks on the TV and we will be all wrapped up warm in our jammies with a gin/cuppa! We win surely?! Rock 'n' roll forever!


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