13 December 2017


Today I really want to talk about the lessons that life sometimes has in store for us... let's jump right on into it shall we?

I haven't written a mental health related post for a while (I will link to some of my others at the bottom of this post if you are interested in those) but I guess this one has a little to do with mental health in some ways. When I am in a severe state of anxiety or depression (or both, which is bloody terrifying for me), it is so easy to get lost; lost among your own thoughts, which really aren't your own thoughts if you dissect it. Everything seems against you and there sometimes feels like there really is no hope. Speaking of my own experience, when I am right in the midst of it all, I cannot see any positive signs sometimes, but something I am trying to work on, mostly after a really bad day or two, is what I have learnt from being in that state of mind. How did it come on? Was I triggered by something or someone? What did it feel like to feel those emotions? What fears came to the surface? What things or people kept me going? How did I react to those people? And, more importantly, what have I learnt that I can use next time something happens to me? 

I am starting to use this practice within in so many areas of my life now; working through things to see what I have learnt or to try and see what pattern is occurring within my life (I believe we all 'sign up' for certain lessons and, as soon as we learn them, we can move forward). I am trying to become a more conscious person when it comes to what I am seeing come my way over and over again. It is not easy some times but, when you are going through a tough patch, let's just say at work for example, and something goes horribly wrong with a project or piece of work you were meant to do, and you may say that it wasn't just your fault and try and shift the emphasis away to a colleague... maybe the lesson there would be that you need to take more ownership, learn to talk it through with a more honest perspective and work out a problem constructively. Being open and honest is so much harder in our heads, but so much easier to do then we imagine and usually has far more uplifting results than we think.

This year especially, I have learnt to just lay my cards on the table completely and, if people accept me for who and what I am, then they are the right people, my people! There were times I would try to be who I was 'meant to be' for whoever was in my life (work, relationships... whatever), now I just feel that I want to lay everything out, show my true self to the world and those who stick around, well, they are keepers!

I have learned to hit back against fear in a big way in 2017. My 'word of the year' was 'Bold' and I can honestly say that I have held myself to that. My biggest fear about starting my business (which is why it took practically three years to launch) was that I was too anxious/scared to talk to a printer about my work. The day I did it, not only did it feel huge relief and a massive weight lift off my shoulders, but I walked out of there with my little part time job too; you have to see the funny side of that! Sometimes I am such an idiot! But that was a huge life lesson. I waited, quite literally years, to make that particular connection to get my business moving, through fear of looking like I didn't know what I was doing... crazy! That fear was all built up in my own mind, I had no previous experience to back up my concerns, just my own stories of 'what could happen'. Did any of it actually happen? Nope, of course it didn't!

Smashing the printers issue has shifted so many other areas of my life. I feel like one of my big lessons in life was (because it is now a was, not an is) learning how to do things despite my own stories of what could happen. Since then I have just done so many other things that I would've talked myself out of; a good example of that is contacting wedding magazines to try and get my stationery featured. I achieved that three times so far since my launch and all I did was send an email. That process would've scared me, but the whole fear of what people may think thing has started to fade since talking to my printer and launching Leaf Lane Studio! It is truly crazy how one, seemingly small thing, can impact so many areas of your life and hold you back for years! 

I am no life coach that is for sure, but what I think is helpful is to take a quiet moment to jot down areas of your life that are difficult or that you are feeling scared about and see if you can identify a pattern of behaviour and work out what you need to do to climb up that life lesson and smash the sh*t out of it.

My advice to you guys... go for it. Decide on your goals, move forward... feel the fear and learn the lesson that was intended for you! 


  1. Lucy you're such a huge inspiration. I think feeling the fear and going for it anyway is something I need to work on more. I heard on a podcast recently that the feeling of fear and excitement are very very similar, and sometimes we just need to tune in to that feeling of fear and look at it as excitement and we can change it around. I've tried it recently and it worked!

    Sending lots of love your way
    Peta x

    1. That totally rings a bell about the whole fear verses excitement things... I probably heard that podcast too. Fear is a difficult one to overcome sometimes isn't it? But usually overcoming a fear leads to so many more good things and positive things. It is truly the voice in our mind, and the story we tell ourselves which builds up such a big negative picture! I am getting there with it though, good days and bad days!! I hope you have had a good weekend my lovely. Thank you so much for mentioning the Leaf Lane Studio calendar too <3


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