6 December 2017


There are some days when you can just drive yourself a little bit crazy with 'all the thoughts' and need to clear some space in your head to gain the ability to compartmentalise everything that is busily driving you insane. Today was a bit like that in my head. I struggle sometimes with seeing all the things I have to do as individual things and, rather than doing the typical Lucy thing and making a list to clear my head, I let things bundle themselves up into this huge, tangled ball of sh*t that I just want to run away from.

So, what is the best thing to do when being chased, Indiana Jones style, by this metaphorical ball of crap? Well, there are a few things I normally do, including making said list to mind-dump the nonsense onto a page and see it for what it really is; but other than that I usually find that a nice cup of tea and half an hour of either a podcast or a TV show helps, just to distract my mind for a while, or I sometimes sit with my angel cards for a bit and ask for some guidance, but on the days where nothing else will do... I get outside, whatever the weather, and stare at the beauty of our planet. Today's place of choice was just past Godrevy, at the slightly scary sounding, but stunningly beautiful, 'Hell's Mouth'.

There was really no one else around as I crossed the quiet, winding road, over to the coast path, so it was just me and the seagulls for a while. You only really get the scope of how high the cliffs are when you see the huge gulls looking like teeny dots against them. Being out in nature like this makes me feel so small in a really grounding way. There is nothing like feeling the wind, rain and sea spray against your skin to remind you that you are just a little human being, in this vessel we know as a body, experiencing life in this form, at this moment.

All the things that I can often see as monumental issues or really scary problems and worries can often get dwarfed by simply stepping outside. Within our own four walls it is easy to feel alone in the world; isolated from every other experience happening outside your front door, and this is when (if you are anything like me) you can loose sight of what matters. Seriously, try stepping outside, go to a local park, a woods, walk the dog (probably not the cat) and just breathe; take it all in and see what a difference it makes.



  1. Oh this is so relatable! I need to do all the things and, if I can't, I'm thinking about all the things!

    It absolutely helps to get outside. For some reason, it just seems to give me a little perspective. Maybe something to do with getting physical as well as mental distance from whatever is going on.

    Lovely post as always Lucy :)

  2. Thank you for such a lovely comment honey! I hope things are good with you. xxx

  3. Yes to this, yes yes yes. I can get so lost in my own thoughts and worries not realising how insignificant they actually are. Fresh air is always goo for the soul and usually very good for the mind too, as is cleaning! x

    1. Fresh air is the best cure isn't it honey. I feel so fortunate to live by the sea as it really is a haven for me xx


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