8 December 2017


This post is a little shameless promotion for my new 2018 printable calendar, I hope you guys don't mind, but I worked my little painting socks off on it and I am proud of it, so really want you guys to know it exists. Although I am a full on Bullet Journal girl, I do have a calendar on my desk every year as I like to have something bright and fun to look at, but I also like to be able to quickly glance at a date whilst I work, or when I am on the phone, and I still love paper products for that. I also use calendars to plan out social media content or blog posts... just a few ways that you could use yours!

For more information on the best way to print digital products, ways to display a printed calendar and where to buy yours (or buy as a gift for someone else!) keep on reading!

:: Each month has a unique, hand-painted, watercolour garland to help bring a little bit of something pretty to your office or wherever you decide to put it!
:: One of my aims was to make this a super happy feeling calendar, so I have included inspirational quotes and affirmations for each month!
:: Each month comes with a small amount of space each day, so you can write in all those important plans for world domination!
:: There are even sneaky spaces for extra notes too.
:: The calendar was designed as A4 (210mm x 297mm)
:: Please remember that, if you do purchase my calendar, it is only a digital item, nothing physical will be dropping through your letter box!

:: My calendar is available in two places, Leaf Lane Studio and in my Etsy shop and it costs just £5.00 of your hard earned money! Obviously my website, www.leaflanestudio.com, is where I would prefer people to purchase, as this is directly through me, but I love finding new artists and makers on Etsy, so I really don't mind if it is over there of course!

:: A huge bonus of buying something that you download and print yourself is that you can print as many copies as you like! This means that mistakes are easily sorted out (if you are anything like me and you hate having to cross things out, then this may be a blessing in disguise!), plus you can print off more than one copy for whatever you like; one for work, one for home!
:: You get something super unique for a more affordable price. Often, when artists and designers try to make products, it is so costly to get the quantities printed that is pushes the price right up for the customer and the profit right down for the maker. Printing your own means you can still get a beautifully crafted product, with no extra costs for delivery, right to your inbox.

:: Where possible try to use a good quality printer paper or card stock, which often results in a richer colour print.
:: Depending on the printer you have you may be able to go to 'advanced settings' and set the print to 'high quality'; just remember that this will use more of your ink then a standard print.
:: If the print doesn't come out at A4, check your settings are on 'print actual size' as some printers resize automatically before printing, more often than not this happens with PDF files.
:: Finally, when the image prints out it may, depending on the paper, appear a little rippled; if this happens just leave it on a flat surface to fully dry and then, if required, you could place it under a stack of heavy books to flatten out before placing it in a frame.

:: I love big old bulldog clips, attached to my noticeboard, to display things I have printed, but a clipboard works well too, just lean it up somewhere you can see it and Bobs your Uncle!
:: Use washi tape to display it on your wall (safe for the wall and pretty to look at!).
:: Hole punch the top and use some cute ribbon or string to tie it together. Then all you need to do it pin it to your notice board or hand it on a picture hook or nail!

If you are interested in checking out my calendar or want to buy it just click right here to go straight over to my website!

Thank you to anyone who has left comments on either of my Instagram accounts about the calendar, you guys are so kind and super supportive and I appreciate it so very much.


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