23 December 2017


Merry Christmas lovely people! I guess most of us are winding down for a bit now, in order to eat way too many chocolates and make slightly drunken fools of ourselves playing some strange Christmas game or other! At this time of year (because I have always found Christmas a little difficult), I try and remind myself of things that have made the year a good one. Last night I sat down with my notebook and just started to write down anything that made me happy this year or, in-fact, anything that makes me happy full stop. I highly recommend you do this; remember to look past the obvious things too and acknowledge all the small things that you are grateful for and, once you are done, just focus on those things, rather than the things that haven't quite gone to plan this year or didn't work out the way you thought because, ultimately, things do happen for a reason and so, as painful as they may have been, may they just weren't meant for you.

Before I get all deep and philosophical, here is my unedited list of 'happy'...

1. Holding hands with the one I love
2. Naps (especially post workout naps!)
3. Freshly washed sheets 
4. Feeling the sun on my skin when I feel tired
5. My lovely little gym family
6. Daffodils and scented narcissus
7. Cat videos
8. New sports wear
9. Tudor history
10. Painting
11. Seal spotting at Godrevy (or anywhere in-fact)
12. Bobble hats
13. Space documentaries 
14. Beautifully scented candles
15. Lazy baths listing to an audio-book or podcast
16. Stripy tops
17. Fresh berries
18. The gym (obviously!)
19. Star gazing late at night
20. The smell of woodsmoke
21. Watching Jeremy Kyle (I know, I know!)
22. Toast and butter
23. Angel cards/books
24. Coast path walks
25. Wild flowers
26. Romantic or philosophical quotes
27. The smell of pub food
28. Soaking my feet in warm water
29. Surprises
30. Watching something really funny and laughing until I cry!
31. Oversized jumpers and cosy clothes
32. Pinterest
33. The smell of Gizmos little paws
34. Guided meditations
35. Seeing the achievements of others
36. Watching Friends DVDs!
37. New notebooks and sketchbooks (art materials in general actually!)
38. Browsing around bookshops
39. Sunrises
40. Sunsets
41. Bring completely alone out in nature
42. Most Haunted
43. Cuddles
44. Podcasts
45. Animals
46. Talking to my lovely bestie Helena
47. Sitting in the lounge having a cup of tea in the early hours, when I can't sleep
48. Having my hair done
49. Seeing my work in magazines (still can't believe that has actually happened!)
50. Watching the sea (so calming and hypnotic)
51. National Trust properties
52. Fairy lights all year round
53. Getting a mini Christmas tree through the post
54. Listening to Bryan Adams (specifically my favourite song, 'Heaven')
55. Spotting dolphins playing in the bay
56. Finding my 'tribe' of friends on Instagram
57. The Eden Project
58. Having a few pounds to spend on make up
59. Visiting Lynmouth to see Helena and Rich in their B & B (so happy for you guys!)
60. Watching Gizmo run around the garden like a nutter
61. Watching the surfers (I must learn how to do that magic!)
62. Hearing the waves from the bedroom
63. Butterflies
64. Heavy sea mists rolling in out of nowhere
65. Smoothies
66. Mac lipsticks
67. The changing of the seasons
68. Seeing new shoots and leaves appearing
69. Bonfires
70. Kyle Gray books/videos/podcasts (he's an 'angel' guy for those who haven't heard of him!)
71. Watching 'The Notebook'
72. Bumbles bees
73. Kurt Jacksons gallery in St Just
74. Crystals
75. Malteasers and tea (but the malteasers MUST have been in the fridge first of course!)
76. Watching the birds in the garden (and feeding them too)
77. Cheesecake
78. Having my hair brushed
79. Having a day of no plans
80. Funny text messages from my friend CB
81. New pjamas
82. Green plants in the house
83. Seeing dogs playing on the beach
84. Victoria sponge
85. Loud, happy music
86. Walks around a garden centre
87. Mint ice cream
88. Planting bulbs in the garden
89. A glass of whisky
90. A good old browse in the WHSmiths magazine section
91. Doing 'high fives' with Gizmo
92. Watching a good conspiracy theory documentary
93. Fish n chips :-)
94. Having a super deep clean of the house
95. Browsing on Etsy at the amazing things by super talented people
96. Glittery nails
97. Paperchase
98. Old churches and cathedrals
99. Open fires
100. Road trips

There are so many things I could add to this but I literally wrote everything down as it came to me! If you do it let me know in the comments! :-)

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  1. Oh Lucy you’ve popped the biggest brightest smile on my face with this list, I think I need to write my own for 2017!! ����


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