29 November 2017


Today I am talking about the things you do when you're in your own space, the door is locked and you can be completely and utterly you; but before your mind goes off on 'one of 'those' tangents, let's just keep it clean now people! I got thinking about this subject because as soon as I am left alone I generally will do one of a list of things. These things really make me content, restore my mood / energy or comfort me, so I wondered what other people do too!

Here is my list...

:: No matter what mood I am in, there is always room for a very loud blast of music! I love cheesy stuff that I can sing my lungs out too whilst I work or something that makes me want to dance about like a lunatic. These days I don't get much of a chance to throw on some loud music but, when I do, I love every, single second of it!

:: When it's been a long, tiring day, a cup of tea and a binge watch of Friends is the only cure! Friends always puts a smile on my face and leaves me floating in a bubble of happy for a while afterwards, you just can't beat it (although I also love Big Bang Theory and The Goldbergs too!).

:: This might be one of the strangest ones... and I have been doing this for years! Painting is always something I love to do when I get a free moment, nothing overly strange about that I hear you say, but it is more about what I watch when I paint... Most Haunted! Yep, there you have it! Do I think it is all real, no, does it keep me entertained, yes! Most of the series' (of which I think there are 19!) are available on YouTube, so I just stream them on my tablet whilst I create. Strangely, it keeps me calm, work that out!

:: Housework is a big stress reliever for me and I will clean the entire house within an inch of its life when I am left alone and in the mood to do so. The problem with this is that I go 'all in', cleaning skirting boards, doors, windows and everything in-between! I just feel so clear headed afterwards and that feeling cannot be beaten! I may even go all out rock n roll and throw on some loud music too!

:: One of my favourite relaxing routines is to have a bath, listen to a spirituality podcast, my favourite is Stepping Into The Light by Julia Treat, and then sit on the bed, with the fairy lights on and journal or do some angel cards. I love doing this sort of stuff when the house is totally empty because I know I won't be distracted at all. I am easily side-tracked by another sound in the background, so time alone is perfect for me to get a really good reading or journaling session done.

:: Alongside the practice I mentioned above I also like to try a short meditation. I usually find myself falling asleep, but the thought is there! I subscribe to the Hay House Meditation podcast, which is super varied and free!

:: Since moving to Cornwall and living in such a beautiful place, with a gorgeous garden, I adore sitting out on the edge of the big wooden table outside, with a hot cup of tea and just looking out to sea. I feel an instant calm wash over me and get totally lost in the sound of the waves and the birds every time. I think, for me anyway, this is a form of meditation (and I am less likely to fall asleep!).

:: I also spend a lot of time listening to podcasts or watching videos on conspiracy theories and really enjoy having them on when I am relaxing. I usually grab a notebook and sketch out business ideas whilst listening to them. I am pretty sure that it's a bit strange that I watch Most Haunted whilst painting and listen to conspiracy theories whilst brainstorming business things but, hey, each to their own huh?

So, over to you guys! What slightly random stuff do you like to do when you are home alone? Do you watch strange things when you work or are you totally normal and listen to background music?! Let me know in the comments!


  1. Oh OH OH OH Oh OHHHHHHH I do so many of these things, especially the cleaning one! I just feel like it clears my own mind when I have a huge clean - and like you I get really into it and dust on top of doors, around the skirting boards, the fridge gets pulled out - the whole shabang!

    I may just write my own post about the things I do, as I have so many - I will of course mention you the fabulously wonderful creator of such a brilliant idea!
    Sending lots of love your way Lucy,
    Peta xx

    1. The cleaning thing is one of my big ones... once I start...watch out! If you stand still too long, you will be cleaned too! But it gives me a kick up the backside somehow and I always get a heap of work done after a big tidy up! You go for it and write a post too... let's compare notes! XXX lots of love beautiful lady XXX

  2. This is such a lovely blog post Lucy. Cleaning is a massive stress for me too, so I often do that whilst listening to a podcast or singing along badly to Beyonce! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice


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