26 November 2017


It's the very last Sunday of November, can you believe it and, not only that, but in less than a month it will be Christmas. Is anyone not feeling very festive yet? I am just not there this year. I get my moments when I get a little tingle of the Christmas vibe hit me but, on the most part, I am just not feeling the festive feels yet, despite having a big tub of chocolates given to me by my mum; I put them in the boot of the car on the way home in case I was tempted to 'get into the Christmas spirit' whilst driving for five hours! Any suggestions for how to get me feeling more festive are welcome; FYI I have watched some Christmas movies, listened to some Christmas music... nothing happening. I need your ideas!

Anyway, this week had been a bit different to the rest as I had mum staying from Sunday to Wednesday and then I drove us both back (to my parents house in Surrey) and I stayed with them until Saturday morning. My main aim for going over there was to make sure that I could attend the Christmas market that I used to organise at the school I worked at before. I wanted to show support, and so specifically arranged my visit to coincide with the event! It was lovely to catch up with everyone and here how they are all doing.

On to the gratitude/happy things/stuff I like list; although it is still officially titled 'Weekly Gratitude', you get the jist!

:: Having mum to stay meant that we had a couple of really nice lunches out. Tuesday was the best by far and involved a rather delicious vanilla and white chocolate cheesecake that was the best cheesecake I have had!

:: I think my poor mum was feeling a bit sorry for me... she knows I am scraping around all the odds and ends of make up products and so treated me to a new mascara to replace my very old one, which was all dry and gross (celebration dance!), and to a new 'base coat' (my mums description of foundation!). I wanted something with some skincare benefits and something that was a bit illuminating, so went with the L'Oreal BB cream, which is all kinds of magic! As I am now officially just a few years away from forty (seems less if I type the whole word instead of putting the actual numbers in!) I am finding that my skin really needs perking up on some days and is having phases of being dry and tired looking. To be honest, due to the non-money situation, I have had to let my normal skincare routine slip, and I am really noticing it. But hey, I will get there again soon! Small sacrifices for the bigger end goal.

^^ My little business, Leaf Lane Studio, features in the December issue of Wedding Ideas Magazine ^^

:: If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen that Leaf Lane Studio got featured in the December issue of Wedding Ideas Magazine. I had an email on Wednesday and I was so excited! When I started the business I was so convinced that I would never have anything featured and, the fact that it has happened twice in two months, is super amazing! Thank you Wedding Ideas peeps! You guys... if you or anyone you know is getting married then you should send them over to the website as I still have my 10% off your order offer plus my 30% off hand-lettering service too.

:: Big thanks (again) to my mum for buying me a very festive poinsettia when we popped out the other day. The kitchen suddenly looks a little more Christmasy, even if I haven't caught it up yet!

:: When I returned from my travels, I was greeted with a very sleep bear, who didn't move for hours and hours... but look how cute!! She was so content, all snuggled up on my jumper and looked so so sweet!

:: I have gone back to having lemon juice in warm water in the mornings now. I find it is a really refreshing thing to drink before the gym, although not too much fun post toothpaste, especially if I have apple cider vinegar in it as well! I am pretty sure that, within four or five weeks, I will be looking like a totally new woman!

:: This last couple of weeks I have been planning my December bullet journal spread. I wanted it to be something that was really helpful in terms of reflecting on the year gone by and also had space for me to map out the things I want to achieve in the New Year too. I think I will get it up as a YouTube video this week so stay tuned for that. I still can't believe I have kept to a journalling system for a whole year!

:: With the winter weather setting in, we have had the most gorgeous sunsets around here of late. They are always stunning but, let's face it, there must be something about the colder air up there that makes them even more breathtaking, because the clouds have been looking epic and the colours are out of this world.

:: Today I finally started creating my hand-made Christmas cards. I am so late at starting them but have just had so many different things going on that I felt like I had ages! I wouldn't mind but a couple of them have a journey ahead of them so I am worried they may not make it! 

That is all for this weeks post guys. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and let's all hit next week hard! I am planning a few bits and pieces I want to achieve next week in my Bullet Journal; a few business goals, but I am also switching up my gym training programme to be a bit more intense on the run up to Christmas too so, if what I type this Wednesday makes no sense, then you know I am exhausted and crumbled in a heap of misery on the floor, or else I am napping!


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