19 November 2017


^^ Perranuthnoe ^^

I can't believe I am just putting this post up after 9pm on a Sunday (sorry guys!). My mum arrived in Cornwall earlier today so time has somewhat run away with us. Better late than never is something I have used a few too many times on the blog this year... forgive me! Let's jump right in shall we?

:: On Friday morning, as I stepped outside the front door for the gym at about 6.30am, I realised that the sky was super clear and, although the sun was just starting to come up, it was dark enough to have a little gaze at the stars, which were so beautiful and so bright. I admit, I was absolutely freezing cold, but it was totally worth it! The sunrises and sunsets have been stunning lately too.

:: I've had a couple of 'dodgy days' this week, where I just couldn't sleep or get my brain together enough to human! On Wednesday it reached a bit of a peak and so I succumbed to a sick day and laid on the bed, sketching out some products ideas (so I did do some work!) and popped one of my all time favourite films on Netflix, The Notebook. Gizmo and I snuggled up and enjoy the film together; I adore the story of that film so very much. I idea that the two characters were just meant to be together and finally reunited has me all sorts of emotional! 

^^ My sick day buddy ^^

:: One of the things I love about living here in Cornwall is how fast the weather can roll in and roll out again. This afternoon, as I waited in Penzance car park for my mums train to come in, I watched the darkest grey clouds I have seen in a while rolling in from the sea, but what made it even more gorgeous to watch was that there was a single ray of sunshine casting a bright beam of light on St Michael's Mount. It looked so intentional and so magical, I wish I could have got a photo of it but I just wasn't in the right place to snap it. There are just so many things that I see on a daily basis that make me so grateful to live here.

:: I forgot to mention in last weeks post how much I am loving Blue Planet II on BBC one right now. I don't often watch any animal related programmes because, for some strange reason, it can set off my mental health into a downward spin occasionally (if there is too much sad stuff for example). But I am really enjoying this latest series and am totally stunned by all the things that live in our oceans; what an amazing planet we live on (I just wish we looked after it a bit better).

:: On Friday I had the most wonderful parcel in the post from the gorgeous Peta (www.pe-ta.com) who had sent me a little advent calendar of teabags to enjoy throughout December. It is beautifully hand made and I adore it so much! Thank you lovely lady, you are the sweetest! <3

:: The radio stations have started playing their Christmas playlists now and I must confess to having quite a sing song to Whams 'Last Christmas' on the way home from the gym earlier this week! Heart Xmas Extra is also tuned in on the car radio too, although I am not quite 'there' yet!

:: I am really enjoying the peace and quiet of our little village at the moment. Sometimes I can step outside the door, into the garden, and just hear nothing but the waves and a few birds chirping away. It is heaven on a stick to have such calm right where you live, all the time. The amount of robins in the garden has really gone up too and, having them hopping about is so wonderful, I am still astounded at how they can stand up on their little legs!

:: On Friday I listened to a podcast episode from One Girl Band (one of my faves for motivation) titled 'What to do if you feel stuck' and it was a really good one! Only a short episode so, if you are interested then its one you can listen to in a hurry, but it really gave me a little kick because, over the last couple of weeks, I have just been feeling a little bit tired and somewhat stagnant with a few areas of my business and blog. I highly recommend you give the podcast a go if you fancy something new!

That is all for this week guys, I hope you all have a great week! I am heading back to mum and dads on Wednesday and, whilst I will do my utmost to get a post up for Wednesday, if I struggle, please forgive me! Mum is staying and I have a lot to get done before I travel back with her for a few days. I am super excited to see my dad and to catch up with a few people I haven't seen for a while too, plus I am going to pop into the Christmas market that I used to organise at my old work; it will be so nice to attend an event as a visitor, rather than a stressed out organiser!!



  1. Oh my lovely, it's wonderful to read your weekly gratitude. I hope you're having such a lovely time with your mum and i'm so happy the calendar got to you in time! I'm sorry that the ink colour changes slightly towards the end, I ran out of ink three quarters of the way through and the new one was a slightly different tone!

    I too am loving the Christmas songs, I've been listening to a festive sound track all week long!

    Have a wonderful time visiting your Dad and friends,
    Peta x

    1. Hi lovely, I LOVE my calendar so much! Thank you for taking the time to do it... SO wonderful! You are the sweetest ever xxx I hope you are having a good start to the week lovely lady. xxx


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