12 November 2017


Here we are again guys... Sunday! Apparently it is now time for all the Christmas adverts to appear on TV; are they getting earlier or is it the same as usual? Maybe they have just crept up on me this year because it has been a little bit bonkers! I don't feel ready for the Christmas extravaganza just yet (even though I watched Home Alone this morning!!). Anyway, how are you guys doing? What have you been up to this week?

Let's jump in to all the things that have made me grateful/happy this week...

:: I have had quite a creative week this week and have been working on several sketches and ideas; I love being in the mood to create things and am really filling up my sketchbooks and notebooks with lots of scribbles right now!

:: I have reignited my love for something amazing this week... cold toast with Marmite. Don't knock it until you've tried it people! I love myself a slice of cold toast. To be fair, I discovered my love of cold toast because I regularly make some tea and wander off into the lounge whilst my toast is down then remember it about 15 minutes later! Anyway, there it is, out there for the world to know. My name is Lucy and I like cold toast.

:: This week I put up a new downloadable art print in my shop on Leaf Lane Studio. As a bit of a space geek (understatement!) I wanted to create something to remind us how a little effort can equal big results and knock on effects throughout our world, although it is also a little bit of the romantic in me coming out too! I have a few things in the pipeline for the shop so, if you are interested in hearing what is coming up, why not sign up to my newsletter by clicking right here. If you want to see the new print on my website just click on the picture below to go straight over there!

:: I also (finally) got around to launching my Etsy shop this week. The products will be identical to those that are on my website but the point of me putting myself on Etsy is to have the Leaf Lane Studio brand 'out-there' to a wider audience. Obviously, from a personal point of view, I would prefer it if people would buy directly from my website, as there will be no fees for me etc, but I am hoping to build up a good shop on Etsy too and manage both! It will be great fun adding products, and that is a mission I am on currently. I have some ideas for cards and notebooks and am going to start there and work up to other things too! Stay tuned!

:: There have been a lot of cat cuddles this week and I have loved every single one. I haven't been sleeping too well at all and Gizmo always seems to know when her snuggling services are required. We had a lovely nap together this afternoon actually (I had to sleep before finishing this post or I would have fallen asleep with my head on the keyboard!).

:: I have definitely mentioned this before but, at this time of year, almost at any point in the day, you can step outside the front door and breathe in the wonderful smell that is wood smoke (one of my favourite smells ever!). I just love it so much. I let Gizmo out at about 3am the other morning and just stood out in the garden looking up at the stars and taking in the left over smokey air.

:: Walking through the village at this time of year is wonderful. I have developed such a fascination with watching nature shift through the seasons but, whilst living on an estate it was so much harder, but here it is evident in every step you take. I have such an appreciation for the decaying leaves, the little veins that are only really visible as they perish, the berries shriveling up and dropping off for the birds to finish up... the cycle of the seasons makes me grateful every single day.

:: We had so many birds in the garden over the summer and then, come September/October they all seemed to vanish. But now, we have some new arrivals (or else the others are back from their holidays!) and they are now pecking away at the seeds again, which is super cute to watch. I have also hung up some of the seeded fat balls things and they seem to adore those! Although there has been many a scrap between the magpies and the jackdaws over them, who seem utterly unable to just take a dainty peck at them and have to violently attack the whole thing before flying off with a right old gob full! Little blighters!

I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead and don't forget to follow my Instagram to keep up with the gossip during the week and also hear about new products I am launching soon!



  1. Oh Lucy what a lovely weekly gratitude. You always pop a smile on my face. I adore your new print and wish you all the luck in the world with the opening of your Etsy shop too.

    I too am loving the smell of wood smoke when I open the door, it's just the most comforting smell for me.
    I hope you have a lovely week ahead.
    Peta xx

    1. Thank you for always being so encouraging my love, you are so wonderful! I hope you are feeling better honey, colds are horribe... lots of cat snuggles required xxx


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