5 November 2017


^^ This little bear is just the best ever ^^

Ah November, you beautiful month, you have arrived! I love this time of year so much, it feels so magical and romantic and I adore it!

I'm so sorry I didn't managed to get a blog post up on Wednesday this week. I have had a funny old week all round and, in total transparency, I just couldn't get my head 'into' writing anything properly. It was more of a lets-create-art week this week so I just had to roll with the punches. I have also been all manner of tired as I haven't been sleeping properly at all. In-fact, at 3.45am on Friday morning, I was sat at my desk editing art work on Photoshop... I suffered for that later in the day! Anyway, insights into the mad world of my brain to one side... let's get onto this weeks gratitude list (and whatever other waffle I can think of!).

:: The smell of bonfire wafted into the garden the other day and it always stops me in my tracks because I love it so much! I always take a deep breath in and allow the smell to take my mind off on a bit of a journey.

:: I got some beautiful flowers on Monday and managed to use them to take some rather quick and simple shots of my stationery ranges for Leaf Lane Studio, I love how they came out! Flowers rule!

:: Animals certainly know when you are feeling a little bit... crap don't they? On Thursday, Gizmo jumped up on the bed and was rubbing her face all around my neck and face which, for her, isn't usual behaviour at all. She was just staring at me and purring and getting as close as she could to me. It felt lovely actually as Gizmo gives pretty good snuggles!

:: I admit that I have become a little bit obsessed with Sam Smith this week, thanks to watching the Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke episode with him in it! I have liked a fair few of his tracks but this video just made me fall in love with his songs a little bit more. I have been listening to his new album on Spotify since then and may be a slightly obsessed. 

:: Although I don't really 'do' Halloween, I do enjoy carving pumpkins and this year there were even some treats bought, just in-case we had visitors. Unfortunately there were none so I had to consume the Malteasers just because they may have gone off or something. I had a lovely time!

:: This afternoon, a lovely walk was had along the coast path and it was so needed. The sky was massive and there was a real icy wind too, but it was so refreshing and invigorating. I always enjoy seeing nature shift into winter and take way too long staring at flowers and plants that other people would describe as 'dead'. I think they look so beautiful when they are crumbling away; it's all a cycle isn't it and I love embracing it.

I hope you all have an amazing week ahead and I will see you on Wednesday this week, I promise!

^^ This years carving attempt! ^^

^^ Todays huge and amazing sky ^^

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