22 November 2017


Although I don't really make New Years Resolutions these days, I always try and set myself goals and this year, one of my goals, starting a Bullet Journal, has helped me achieve some of my other goals (you keeping up?!). Through my endless lists, plans and goal setting in my Bullet Journal, I am proud to have achieved the biggest thing I had set in my mind for this year, even though it was a few months later than I had planned! Leaf Lane Studio is now 'a thing' and I couldn't be happier about that really, but there are still a few little personal goals I have that I would like to work on a bit more before the clock strikes twelve on December 31st!

I have six weeks to try and 'up my game' in a few areas of my life, so I thought I would try and get them out in the open for a little accountability! Feel free to comment about what you would like to do before the year is out; it could be anything at all! Also, tell me in the comments what you have already achieved too, let's give each other a boost to push us towards the end of the year!

H E A L T H 
:: start the day with hot water with lemon 
:: have two glasses of apple cider vinegar (in water!) throughout the day
:: increase general water intake
:: have a mini-cut before Christmas (lower my carb intake and increase my cardio)
:: get a bit more sleep
:: get out for a walk in the late afternoon

The main focus for me going forward is to try and keep my body hydrated and to reduce the dreaded hormonal side-effects I suffer with, such as headaches and bloating etc (don't you just love hormones?!).

:: scheduling marketing campaigns for Christmas and New Year
:: get a better content creation routine for the business blog/social media
:: create, create, create!

I wrote a business based blog post last week, if you fancy having a read just click here!

:: spend my time more efficiently to create content notes in advance as ideas come along
:: work on some ideas for promoting the blog in 2018 
:: replace the pictures that were lost in the whole 'Photobucket' debacle (I still have several blog posts to sort out to bring the blog back to where it should be post Photobucket taking down everyones photos a few months ago... grrr!)

:: work on my procrastination...well, not actually on it, because I am already achieving highly at it! I need to be more efficient in several areas of life really and stop sitting and thinking about everything all the time and just get on with the task in hand! (Hands up if this is you too!)
:: find a part time job. This may not happen in the next few weeks but I am starting to look at this now the business has launched and I am able to take on something else. If anyone is currently working as a Virtual Assistant and has any 'top tips' please get in touch as I am considering this particular path right now as it will fit in with all the other things I do currently
:: keep thinking positively! I have worked super hard this year at seeing the positive in everything, in order to help my mental health and to keep my motivation up for everything else I want to achieve. I am trying to notice the things in life that dip my mood and get rid of them as fast as I can

Having written that all down it all seems like a lot but I think I can definitely do well at the majority of it, so watch this space. I mentioned at the start of this post that my Bullet Journal has been so helpful at making me see what I need to get done and actually achieve it. For December I am really delving into an 'end of year review' to help me plan for 2018 and see clearly what needs to be done. I will do another Bullet Journal video for you guys very soon, as it will be nice to have a look back at what worked and also what I am planning for the New Year, but if you want to see my set up for my very first journal then the video is below for you!



  1. Lovely post, Lucy. I'm positive you can achieve what you want before the end of the year!

    1. Thanks lovely! Fingers crossed. There is always something I have on my 'I must achieve this' list! I hope you have had a great weekend! xx

  2. Wonderful goals my lovely! Water and lemon is so good for the body and soul isn’t it!
    I’m hoping to add swimming back into my life again now and also continue meditating every day.
    Sending lots of love your way xx


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