8 November 2017


^^ Image by Viktoria Dahlberg ^^

It might be the fact that the weather is turning a little chilly, but I have been scrolling through endless images on Pinterest of small spaces or cosy corners and dreaming of ways to make them a reality in my own house! I really love a homely feel with different textures and soft cushions to snuggle up on (which the cat will obviously own immediately!). I thought I would share a couple of mood boards I threw together for inspiration!

N E W  Y O R K  S T Y L E

^^ Left hand image by Viktoria Dahlberg / Top right image by 'By Tezza' blog / Bottom right image from Pinterest, original link unavailable / Good Vibes cushion by Elsie & Nell via Not On The Highstreet / 'Night Sky' Mug by Anthropologie  / Striped pom-pom throw by Oliver Bonas / Black and white rug by West Elm ^^

There is something about the mismatched style of an old-school New York style apartment that I find so adorable; think Carrie from Sex in the City (not her posh redecorated-for-the-movie apartment obviously!) meats Friends and you will be in the same head-space as me here! Big rugs all over the wooden floors, vases of flowers, different colours and textures, Polaroid photos tucked into vintage frames and mirrors and little bowls and pots picked up from a variety of stores or flea markets. I love this look so much, even though the Monica Geller in me would be constantly having to tidy it up! 

A L L  T H E  L E A V E S

^^ Top right image Pinterest, original by Luisa Brimble / Left hand image Pinterest, original unknown / Cosy office cats (bottom right!) Pinterest, original by Margo Hupert Art / Textured white vase by H&M / 'Snow-capped' vase by Anthropologie / Leaf prints by Couture Moments for You via Etsy ^^

Some of you will already know that, at 36 years old, I already know that children are not on the cards for me, which is something that I am totally okay with because I have replaced the thought of children with plants and cats (and whatever other animals should stumble on in... the more the merrier!). This style of clean neutrals and then just a whole load of greenery makes me all happy inside! Peta, from pe-ta.com and I were recently discussing the idea of a stay at home cat mum being a thing, so I reckon a stay at home cat and plant mum should be added to that list. Thoughts?

What are you favourite interior styles? In reality my home is just made up of cheap Ikea furniture and odds and sods that have been donated or adopted, but a girl can dream huh? One day people. one day!

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