8 October 2017


Another Sunday, another weekly gratitude list/all the things that have made this week kind of fab (only that would make for a long old title!). I hope you have all had a wonderful week. Every week I write this post I seem to comment on how fast time has gone by and this week is no different! I honestly wish I had a 'slow it down' button some days! That said though, it has been a good, productive week, which always feels nice come Friday afternoon, when I look at my Bullet Journal and realise I did achieve quite a lot of things. I think most of us need to quit being so hard on ourselves and stop thinking we always need to do more. I am first to admit that it is something I think a lot, but I am making a conscious effort to go with the flow I am in on a specific day and accept it for what it is. Some days are amazing, super-woman-pants-over-my-jeans kind of days and others are more sloth-staring-at-the-computer days but that is okay sometimes!

Not sure where that rant came from, so before another comes along let me get on with what this post is all about...

:: On Monday, when I powered on my computer to start the week, I was flicking through Spotify, when I spotted a playlist it had created for me called 'Your Time Capsule' which, as the title suggests, was filled to the brim with the most awesome songs (well, awesome to me... Gizmo didn't appreciate be held up in the air a couple of times when random songs from The Lion King came on!). We are talking old Oasis, Bon Jovi, old R & B and reggae classics and some good old cheesy songs that make you wanna sing loud and dance about like a lunatic, which is exactly what I did. It was the best start to a new week and I will try my best to reproduce it this coming Monday!

:: The later half of this week saw the most gorgeous autumnal weather. On Friday, I even managed to step outside with no shoes on and wander about in actual warm sun, gasp! I adore walking around in the garden when all is peaceful and the sun is shining brightly. There was a wonderful smell to the air too, which just feels magical to me. I get totally overwhelmed by autumn, it is captivating and one of those romantic seasons that tugs on my heart.

:: I managed to get a print up on Leaf Lane Studio's 'Paper Product' page this week too. I am releasing downloadable artwork first and then, as and when I can, I will be adding physical products too. If you are interested in having a look just click right here or on the picture I have now added to the side bar of my blog! I also have a free downloadable print still available to you guys too, so if you want to get your hands on that then just hop right on over to Wednesdays blog post!

:: I have been super chuffed this week as I have been tagged in a few social media posts regarding Leaf Lane Studio wedding stationery and the print I made available and it felt so wonderful to see something I have spent time creating appear on someone elses feed! Thank you so much if you have shared my links or added something of mine to your feed, it means the world.

:: One lunch time Joe and I listed a whole load of places in Cornwall that we haven't visited for a while, or haven't visited at all yet, and stuck it onto the fridge. Our National Trust membership means that we have no excuses but to go to some of the most amazing places without a worry about paying extra to park or get in and I really cannot wait to visit these beautiful places. I will be vlogging of course, so stay tuned for those appearing soon! I love this time of year for visiting old houses or castles, there is something more atmospheric about it. What has been your favourite old property you've visited?

:: Now Gizmo is getting a little bit older, she doesn't have as many 'mad five minutes' as she used to, but this week I was watching her out the window when, suddenly, she went bonkers and sprinted up the palm tree at the end of our garden like a teenager! I find it hilarious when she does this. The first time she ever did it, back in February, when we first moved in, she had no clue how to get down and just looked at me as if to say 'help!'. But, as the months have passed by, she has gotten much better at the decent! She has also developed a love for any of my big old winter jumpers and some nights I can only get her settled down if I place one on a cushion for her to knead then sleep on. Yes, I know she is spoilt, but she is my fur baby and I love the bones of her!

:: On the subject of cats... anyone with a cat will know that 3am is their witching hour. Yesterday, Joe pointed out this YouTube video on the trending list and I wanted to share it with any cat owners out there because it made me laugh so much!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys, I highly recommend starting your Monday morning with an cheesy song on Spotify or wherever... let's attack the new week with some energy together! Have a good one!


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