29 October 2017


^^The beautiful Watersmeet, National Trust^^

This week has been a lovely break from the usual routine as we visited our friends in Lynmouth, Devon. Helena and Rich moved to Lynmouth earlier this year to take over a bed and breakfast called East Lyn House and they are doing amazingly at it! I haven't seen Helena in so long, what with us both moving and starting new businesses, so it was so wonderful to catch up with them! More on that visit in the post of course! I have also uploaded a short video, documenting the Lynmouth trip, so be sure to catch that at the end of this post too! Let's dig into this week!

:: On the journey back to Cornwall we stopped off to stretch our legs and, as I was scrolling though my Instagram messages, I noticed a message from a fellow wedding stationer, Helen from Lily and Jack's Paper Studio, who told me that one of my Leaf Lane Studio collections had been featured in Wedding Ideas magazine! I was crazy excited and so grateful that Helen messaged me (thank you Helen!). I know it is a small little feature but it means so much! *celebration dance*

:: When Helena and I were coming up with plans for dates for the trip to Devon, she discovered a 'Dark Skies' event over there, in Exmoor National Park, and that is where we headed on Wednesday night. I got to look through a rather large (and bloody awesome) telescope at the moon and some stars and am a happier bunny for it! I am beyond desperate for a telescope... a proper one! If anyone several hundred quideroos going spare, let me know!

:: On Tuesday evening we had the best dinner of burgers, crispy potatoes (omg guys!) and sticky toffee pudding. I was still absolutely stuffed on Wednesday morning when we ventured down for breakfast; just as well we had a really long walk to Watersmeet that day!

:: Helena and Rich told us that Lynmouth has been called 'Little Switzerland' before and I can totally see why. It was like being in another country and being so deep in a valley, surrounded by woodlands felt like a fairytale. I highly recommend you visit Lynmouth if you are ever in North Devon! Keep scrolling through this post for more Lynmouth pics!

:: Yesterday I had a proper productive day at home. It feels so good to know you have got a lot of things done doesn't it! I managed to clean the house in a proper Monica Geller style (i.e. kitchen shelves were emptied and wiped and every nook was hoovered!), I tidied the garden and even felt inspired to hoover and clean out the out house (where the washing machine is) as the ratio of spider home to human home had gone off balance! After all that I did some cardio and then some work on my blog too. I went to bed last night feeling super happy that I had gotten everything on my 'to-do' list done! I am such a geek!

:: On the subject of 'geek', I caught the film The Martian on Netflix this week, to add to the whole 'space experience'! Have you seen it? I actually liked it more than I thought I would. By the end of it I was thinking that I would not like to live on Mars and I definitely prefer the colours of Earth to the dusty red/orange of Mars!!

:: Whilst I worked on Monday I stumbled upon an awesome Podcast about British History, which I absolutely loved! I have been trying to link it but iTunes won't play ball for me, sorry guys! Still, there are loads of options on iTunes for history fans like me! I particularly enjoyed an episode about Anne Boleyn; you know how much I am obsessed with the Tudors!

:: After a couple of days being home from her trip to the cattery, Gizmo is finally back to herself again. She was the moodiest she has ever been coming home this time around. I don't know whether it was to do with the fact that I had to physically grab her from under the spare bed to put her in her little cat box (as she couldn't be coaxed out with treats like she normally would be). I think I was being punished for that big time. When we went to collect her she was laying in one of the cattery's own beds, with a heat pad underneath her (like lady muck!). The lady who owns the place dragged the bed out towards me, to try and encourage Giz to get up, but she was having none of it. Not impressed about being left there obviously. She ignored me for two days and slept outside on the first night but, last night, she finally laid on me and cuddled up again. I am forgiven. Phew! I missed her terribly and felt so upset that she wasn't my friend for a few days! :-(

On that note, I had better go and check on the little bear! Keep scrolling to the end of this post for my latest video and I will see you on Wednesday! Have a great week.


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