22 October 2017


One week and two lots of storms later and we are back for another 'Weekly Gratitude' post! I have basically had my head stuck into my computer all week long as I am putting my Leaf Lane Studio products on a wedding directory site called Love & Lilah, in order to help get my name out there, so I have been busy getting all the copy organised for that, which has taken a while! Being stuck indoors all week has not been a bad thing really though, what with the back end of a hurricane and then 'Storm Brian' hitting us hard. The fact that a storm has my dad's name makes me laugh; whenever Gizmo wanted to go outside in the wind we were saying 'go and see grandad!'. Yep, we are mad, clearly. We didn't have too much destruction though, only one poor plant pot kept falling over, other than that we did okay. Storm talk to one side, let's get into today's list of good stuff!

:: Number one on my list simply has to be the fact that I finally made it to the hairdressers for a head of fresh colour and a trim! I feel like a new woman! When people are asking you if you have ombre in your hair you know it's time to get the roots sorted! Thanks to my mum who helped me out with that particular pleasure! To balance out my wonderful afternoon of pampering I got caught in a monumental windy downpour on the way back to the car and swiftly ruined my fresh blow-dry but, hey ho, such is life!

:: On the subject of hair, but not gratitude (!), I did a very silly thing on Friday morning when I picked up my hair tong on the wrong end. Let this be a warning to you all... it hurts! Luckily, due to the copious amount of cold water I ran on my hand I seem to have escaped without too much of an injury!

::  For the last three weeks I have been at the gym by about 7.30am if not even earlier, four days of the week and, I have to say, I am really loving the early training sessions. I enjoy knowing that I am home for the rest of the day once I have showered and eaten etc. I am also feeling so much better in myself for not dozing past my alarm! 

:: Due to the fact that I am handling my wedding stationery a lot, and painting quite frequently too, I have been avoiding wearing dark nail polish (which I love so much!) because it can leave so many little marks on white paper and card, so I have been keeping my eyes well and truly peeled for a pretty, pale colour I can wear and I think I have found my perfect pink in the process! Barry M's speed nail paint in 'Freestyle' is a super cute and pretty pastel pink, but more dusky than Barbie (thankfully)! I love it! I do miss the vampy reds though :-(

:: This morning we went for a walk around our little village and along part of the coast path. It is so beautiful and I feel so grateful to have all of these amazing views right outside our back gate. I love walking along and looking at all the wild flowers, changing colours and gorgeous views over to Marazion and St Michaels Mount, it still feels like a total dream every single time. Also, how cute is our little village church ^^

:: During the storms this week our house smelt like the sea, which was so lovely! I want into our bathroom during the night that the first one kicked off and it was like I was standing on the side of the ocean, it smelt gorgeous! The waves were also super loud all night long.

:: Yesterday I had a really chilled out day, which was so needed. We chucked on Star Wars and I sat on the floor drawing and doodling through some ideas I have been thinking about for Leaf Lane Studios 'paper products' shop. I also had a little nap on the sofa too, which is something I used to do all the time but, more recently I haven't been able to fall asleep because my brain has been going a bit crazy! I was in a lovely, dozy state for a good hour, totally missing the good part of Star Wars (so typical of me when a film is on!).

:: The gorgeous Peta from pe-ta.com has been doing these magical little videos each day of things she is grateful for and putting them on her Instagram / YouTube and I have been loving them so much. The style of her videos is wonderful. You should check them out if you want a little lift because they make me all kinds of happy inside!

:: On Friday morning, I walked out the house at about 6.30am to go to the gym and was utterly blown away by the sky. The stars were so clear that I just stood and looked up for several minutes. I love it in the winter when the skies are clear. I am praying for clear skies next week as we are off to a 'Dark Skies' event in Devon! Sooooo excited for it!

That is all for this weeks little happy list. I am currently editing a vlog, which I will hopefully schedule for Wednesday, but in the meantime, why not watch the last one I put up if you haven't seen it already! Click here to go to the video! Have an amazing week!


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  1. Oh my lovely thank you ever so much for the mention! You're so kind!! I must say I too have been avoiding pressing snooze over the past few days and I feel miles better for it. The dark skies night sounds awesome, I hope you have a wonderful time!! Well done for taking a little bit of down time and resting, it's never easy to do but so very needed!
    Sending all the love your way,
    Peta xx


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