15 October 2017


Here we are at the mid point of October already and, quite honestly, I am loving every single second of this beautiful month! Autumn has shown up in such a pretty way this year and has reminded me why I love it so much. This weekend we have been out and about and seen some gorgeous views but more about that on Wednesdays post (plus a video too!). For now though, let's talk about the rest of the week!

:: Having had a few strange old 'mental health' days this week, I took to my watercolour paints for comfort and found myself painting wishy-washy circles of bright colours and puddling paint within an inch of its life (I love how it dries!). I ended up with a mountain of ideas from just doing this one mindfulness exercise! I love how inspiration strikes when you least expect it!

:: Porridge has to be included on this list because I haven't had proper hot porridge for ages! We were getting rather low on the food front this week so I had to look around the kitchen for something to have for a late lunch, so I chose porridge. I added a little bit of honey and some chia seeds on top and it was so delicious!

:: I decided to have another attempt at meditation this week. I keep throwing it into my routine and kind of failing at it because I can't do it in the mornings. Then it dawned on me that I don't have to do it in the morning (doh!). It was just one of those things that I see everyone doing as part of their moring practice and so I thought that was the thing to do. As it turns out I am a 'get-my-arse-to-the-gym-and-lift-weights-in-the-morning' kind of girl, so meditating before that is pointless! Anyway, I am trying it as and when I can in the evening or late afternoon if I want a break, and I am loving it! I highly recommend the Hay House Meditation podcast if you are looking to try a few different types of meditation because I have found some real gems on there.

:: One of the things that made me smile from ear to ear this week was watching a little crow (it looked like a young one) trying its very best to hold onto a huge orange leaf whilst balancing on a skinny branch on the tree at the end of our garden. It was so sweet to watch and entertained me for a while!

:: Gizmo and I have had a couple of cuddles together this week which have led to both of us dozing off together. The sound of her purr and the warmth of her snuggled up with me makes me sleepy!

:: I had the most gorgeous delivery of flowers this week from my mum and dad which have been making me smile each time I see them in the kitchen. Joe also bought me some little sunflowers too, which joined mum and dads flowers in a big old vase. Lucky old me!!

:: I am so excited for Thursday this coming week! I get to have a bit of a pamper and get my hair cut and coloured. I am pre-grateful for it because I haven't had my hair coloured for about a year or cut since April! I always like to keep my hair nice but, since not having a 'proper job' I haven't been able to. My mum has treated me to the hair cut and Joe is treating me to the colour; I cannot wait to look less 'Rapunzel with roots'! I don't know about you guys but I feel terrible when my hair isn't looking nice.

:: One of my favourite things from this week was watching the amazing waves at Godrevy yesterday. It was so wild out at sea and yet so humid and kind of still inland. It was hypnotising to stand and watch the rolling power of the water crashing into the rocks. The seals were loving life too and we saw plenty in the surf as well as in their usual little cove.

:: I had some lovely mentions on social media this week with Leaf Lane Studio. Each time I see myself get tagged in something I get super happy and I really think that will never change! It is just so exciting. I am working so hard at it behind the scenes and know all the hard work will pay off at some point. Don't forget that I have my 'All I need is the ocean, moon, stars and you' print available as a download in my shop! You can find it by clicking right here.

Stay tuned for Wednesdays post as I am putting together a little video to go with the post too. Have a great week!


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