1 October 2017


Welcome to another weekly gratitude post! These truly are my favourites to write as there is always something positive to find in even the most mundane week and this week has been a little mundane in many ways; I have been working and training and that's about it. We had planned to go out this weekend but the weather has been so terrible that we ended up just being at home for the most part. Yesterday I had a wardrobe clear out and ended up channeling my inner Monica Geller (again) and having to clean the whole house from top to bottom so I 'felt right'... anyone else do this?! (I know a couple of you do!).

Other than the cleaning frenzy, here are a few of my favourite moments from the week...

Side note - I uploaded a new vlog this week which I will link at the bottom of this post if you are interested!

::Whilst putting away the unused summer clothes in the very grown up vacuum packs I store under the bed, I rediscovered a few winter jumpers that I had totally forgotten I even owned. This is a huge relief as I cannot afford any new winter clothes this year, so I will have to be as creative as possible with what I have.

:: I have spent some time this week getting some bits and pieces together to send to a couple of wedding planners and local wedding magazines who said 'yes' to having a parcel from me. I made some hand-painted cards too and wrote little notes on the back for all the individuals I have been chatting too. Who knows if it'll make a difference, but I had lots of fun doing it! I am also working on a few downloadable art prints plus a 2018 downloadable calendar too, which will soon be available to buy on Leaf Lane Studio and on Etsy (I'm working on my Etsy store too!).

:: It's funny what a small world we live in isn't it? I think it was the week before last, I received an email, via my Leaf Lane Studio website, from a lovely lady asking me a question and I soon realised that I knew her from school. I responded and asked her if she had once gone to the secondary school I attended and she said 'yes'. We have been having a catch up since and it is so lovely! So random to connect the way we did though!

:: On the subject of messages, I am always made an emotional wreck when I get a message from someone via my blog or social media. The fact that someone takes the time out of their day to get in touch with me is always so lovely. Yesterday I woke up to such a wonderful message from a lovely lady called Carrie. Her words made me cry happy tears and lifted my spirit up so much. Thank you so much Carrie xx

:: These days, I don't tend to watch too many beauty blogger YouTube channels but the one person I have always kept up to date with, just because I think she is adorable and totally down to Earth, is Anna, from The Anna Edit. She always cracks me up and I just love her style too, plus Anna and her hubby, Mark, are the cutest ever! Anna was being interviewed on a podcast by Lizzie Evans called 'How to Curate Your Life' and listening to her chat away just made me love her even more. Check it out if you fancy!

:: Whilst I am dishing out all the lady love, there is one more beautiful human I would love to mention, who I have most certainly talked about before, in-fact, she was interviewed right here on my blog, the lovely Peta, from www.pe-ta.com. If you don't know Peta, certainly check her out, but what I wanted to mention was that this week she released a fantastic e-book called 'Too Many Tabs' a 7 step digital detox guide with amazing tips and advice to help alleviate the stresses that todays fast paced, social-media mad world can bring. I don't want to go into too much detail because it is all Peta's hard work but I found it so interesting and I am definitely going to make some changes as she suggests. What I found to be the most shocking thing was how much time I spend on my favourite social media platform, Instagram! Peta tells you how to find this out and it really shocked me! Click on this link right here to get your copy of the e-book and support this wonderful lady!

:: This week, because I have been working a lot on design and not needing to focus too hard, like I do if I am writing, so I have had a big old catch up with programmes I have been watching. Right now I am really into the second series of Doctor Foster (BBC) and have also been watching Liar (ITV), which has been fab but so frustrating to watch too! On Netflix this week I watched a new Lady Gaga documentary which wouldn't normally be my thing, because I am not into her music at all, but I really enjoyed it! Maybe it's because I am a nosy sod! There is a Foo Fighters one on there I have my eye on too!

:: Autumn is very much arriving in our garden. One morning this week I had a little wander about and took a couple of pictures of the plants and flowers as they are starting to shift into their autumn gear (followed closely by Gizmo of course!). This time of year is so very beautiful.

That is all from this week! Keep scrolling down to see the latest vlog and, if you haven't already, I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel! Oh, one more thing! I am doing my own October Instagram Challenge over on my Leaf Lane Studio Insta page designed to allow your customers/readers to get to know you better; if you are a small business or a blogger and fancy joining in the head over to my Instagram to see the challenge and screen shot it too! Tag me into your pictures if you are taking part!



  1. Oh my goodness I keep meaning to tell you how excited I am about your printables!! Eeee!!! I'm loving the signs of Autumn in the garden here too at the moment. Thank you so much for the mention my love, it means the world.
    Peta xx

    1. Yay thanks honey!I am excited to get the printable in the shop and have something up there! I have crazy amounts of ideas right now so I am just trying to slow my brain down a bit! Have a lovely week sweetie, catch up over on IG!! xxx


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