4 October 2017


Today I wanted to give you a few updates regarding my blog and my new business, Leaf Lane Studio, and have a general chat, as well as offer you guys a little freebie, if you are interested of course!

It's funny really how, when you are looking at setting up a business, you become so hyper focused on the prize (launch day), that you almost forget that the setting up is actually the easy part. It is now, post-launch, that I am realising how much I have to learn when it comes to actually running a business and, well, letting people know I exist! The whole process has been a steep learning curve and, even though it has been super hard and a little stressful in places, I am still loving every single minute.

I will admit to getting a bit crazy and frustrated when it comes to anything tech-wise that is new to me and I can usually be found pushing my palm against my achy head and saying...'how-on-Earth-do-I-get-this-[insert any technical process and a bunch of expletives here]-to-do-what-the-bloody-hell-I-need-it-to-do', but I hear this is totally normal...right?! But, it really is worth all the pain to learn something new and to see a process you were sweating over actually come together *cough cough, mailchimp automation, cough cough* :-)

The reason I share all this on here is that, when I was setting this business up, it became very easy to think that no one else in the history of new business had ever struggled and that it was only me who didn't know what they were doing. The opposite is true of course and everyone has their highs and lows and everyone has lots to learn, that is the nature of it all!

I have also realised that I cannot do 'all the things' at once. Gasp! One of the things I hope to achieve is making From Lucy with Love bigger and better, in a way that feels authentic to me but, the truth is that I just don't have the creative energy to do anymore at the moment as all of my time is being fed into Leaf Lane Studio. I finally accept that and am fine with it... BUT, the one thing I do want to get sorted out before the end of the year (no pressure then!) is to have a mailing list for this blog. I have so many of you that have been here for a long time and I would really love to pop into your inbox, even once a month, with a more personal note and occasionally, where possible, offer you guys a bit more for being part of the family! So I am working on that and will keep you posted on that too.

Onto the fun stuff... get your FREE A4 'Keep Shining Bright' downloadable print!

*Quick side note - if you are already on my Leaf Lane Studio newsletter subscription, you will be getting the freebie I am about to talk about on the latest newsletter very soon, so no need to sign up again!

Within the next week I will be popping some downloadable art prints in my Leaf Lane Studio shop and, to celebrate that, I am giving one away to each of you guys right now! All you need to do to grab yours is to click on the image below, follow the super easy instructions and it will come straight to your email inbox, along with some tips to print it out - please check your junk mail if you are not seeing it as some email providers throw new addresses into the junk box right away!

If clicking on the image is not available for you, please CLICK HERE to get your freebie!

Thank you, as always, for all the support you guys give me, you are all amazing and I value you so much! I hope you like the print! Have a wonderful rest of day :-)

PS: If you do download the print and fancy sharing it on Instagram, please tag in @leaflanestudio in your pictures too, I would love to see them!


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