29 October 2017


^^The beautiful Watersmeet, National Trust^^

This week has been a lovely break from the usual routine as we visited our friends in Lynmouth, Devon. Helena and Rich moved to Lynmouth earlier this year to take over a bed and breakfast called East Lyn House and they are doing amazingly at it! I haven't seen Helena in so long, what with us both moving and starting new businesses, so it was so wonderful to catch up with them! More on that visit in the post of course! I have also uploaded a short video, documenting the Lynmouth trip, so be sure to catch that at the end of this post too! Let's dig into this week!

:: On the journey back to Cornwall we stopped off to stretch our legs and, as I was scrolling though my Instagram messages, I noticed a message from a fellow wedding stationer, Helen from Lily and Jack's Paper Studio, who told me that one of my Leaf Lane Studio collections had been featured in Wedding Ideas magazine! I was crazy excited and so grateful that Helen messaged me (thank you Helen!). I know it is a small little feature but it means so much! *celebration dance*

:: When Helena and I were coming up with plans for dates for the trip to Devon, she discovered a 'Dark Skies' event over there, in Exmoor National Park, and that is where we headed on Wednesday night. I got to look through a rather large (and bloody awesome) telescope at the moon and some stars and am a happier bunny for it! I am beyond desperate for a telescope... a proper one! If anyone several hundred quideroos going spare, let me know!

:: On Tuesday evening we had the best dinner of burgers, crispy potatoes (omg guys!) and sticky toffee pudding. I was still absolutely stuffed on Wednesday morning when we ventured down for breakfast; just as well we had a really long walk to Watersmeet that day!

:: Helena and Rich told us that Lynmouth has been called 'Little Switzerland' before and I can totally see why. It was like being in another country and being so deep in a valley, surrounded by woodlands felt like a fairytale. I highly recommend you visit Lynmouth if you are ever in North Devon! Keep scrolling through this post for more Lynmouth pics!

:: Yesterday I had a proper productive day at home. It feels so good to know you have got a lot of things done doesn't it! I managed to clean the house in a proper Monica Geller style (i.e. kitchen shelves were emptied and wiped and every nook was hoovered!), I tidied the garden and even felt inspired to hoover and clean out the out house (where the washing machine is) as the ratio of spider home to human home had gone off balance! After all that I did some cardio and then some work on my blog too. I went to bed last night feeling super happy that I had gotten everything on my 'to-do' list done! I am such a geek!

:: On the subject of 'geek', I caught the film The Martian on Netflix this week, to add to the whole 'space experience'! Have you seen it? I actually liked it more than I thought I would. By the end of it I was thinking that I would not like to live on Mars and I definitely prefer the colours of Earth to the dusty red/orange of Mars!!

:: Whilst I worked on Monday I stumbled upon an awesome Podcast about British History, which I absolutely loved! I have been trying to link it but iTunes won't play ball for me, sorry guys! Still, there are loads of options on iTunes for history fans like me! I particularly enjoyed an episode about Anne Boleyn; you know how much I am obsessed with the Tudors!

:: After a couple of days being home from her trip to the cattery, Gizmo is finally back to herself again. She was the moodiest she has ever been coming home this time around. I don't know whether it was to do with the fact that I had to physically grab her from under the spare bed to put her in her little cat box (as she couldn't be coaxed out with treats like she normally would be). I think I was being punished for that big time. When we went to collect her she was laying in one of the cattery's own beds, with a heat pad underneath her (like lady muck!). The lady who owns the place dragged the bed out towards me, to try and encourage Giz to get up, but she was having none of it. Not impressed about being left there obviously. She ignored me for two days and slept outside on the first night but, last night, she finally laid on me and cuddled up again. I am forgiven. Phew! I missed her terribly and felt so upset that she wasn't my friend for a few days! :-(

On that note, I had better go and check on the little bear! Keep scrolling to the end of this post for my latest video and I will see you on Wednesday! Have a great week.


25 October 2017


Happy Wednesday friends! How is your week going so far? As you read this I am in Devon, and I hope to bring you back some lovely pictures of my time there too! Before I get into todays post I wanted to do a little plug for the vlog I put up on Monday; if you haven't seen it yet then you will find it at the end of this post, or click right here to go to YouTube and watch it. I would love it if you could subscribe whilst you are over there if you haven't already!

Today I wanted to have a little chat about the reality of achieving your dreams and some of the things that really help you to get there. Clearly I am not a coach or any kind of expert but I know that I have learnt a lot on my journey (so far) and thought I would share some pieces of it with you today.

1. T A K E  Y O U R  T I M E
It is so easy to want to jump both feet into something you decide you want to do, especially if you are super passionate about it, or have spent a lot of time watching someone else achieve the thing you long for. But in reality, these things can take a whole lot longer than you imagine. Some people are in a position where this isn't the case, but for most people it is a long old journey, but is it worth it? Hell yes! I took over two years to launch Leaf Lane Studio for so many different reasons, but it had to be that way when I think back. I spent lots of time doing valuable research, listening to business webinars and podcasts and filling countless notebooks with ideas, doodles and plans. That process needed to happen for me to get to the stage of launching. As much as it seems like you 'will never get there' I promise you will, every step forward is a step toward your goal, no matter what that goal is, so keep pushing on.

2. F I N D  A  S U P P O R T  N E T W O R K
Whether this is friends, family or a coach, having people around you who fill you will inspiration and encourage you in your idea will help so much. I have been so lucky with my support in that I have, as you guys know, had my lovely coach, Gemma Sands, through most of my journey, who I will never be able to repay for her generosity (and patience!) but, I have also had lots of support from elsewhere and people who write nice things to me or friends and family who are willing to help me out too. The amazing buddies I have met on-line (Instagram especially) have been like my little 'pack' through all of this 'attempting to work for myself' thing, and it is wonderful to have their support. I think it is amazing how many women are out there, quietly trying to work towards their dreams, unsure of where it will go but doing it anyway and, when you find someone you click with, it is wonderful to have each other to bounce ideas off of and to really be there to pick each other up when you're feeling a bit low. I have found that with a few ladies on-line and it is wonderful!

Whilst we are on the subject of awesome ladies, I want to give one of them a quick shout out. Lovely Sam and I used to work together when I was in my previous job in the school in Hampshire, before we moved to Cornwall. We used to sit and talk about our dreams of working for ourselves and setting up businesses. When she left to move to Ireland we kept in touch and now I have Leaf Lane Studio, and Sam has her lovely business Bathtime Patisserie, a company selling homemade (and divine smelling) bath/pamper products! Last week Sam sent me some of the products that she makes, all by herself at home, and they are gorgeous! You know when you get something and just never want to use it because it looks too pretty? That is how I feel about Sams gorgeous bath truffles! It is so wonderful to hear how she is achieving her dreams and I am so happy to see everything she is doing, because I know it takes real guts to take the leap and go for it! So, if you want some cute gifts for Christmas, are looking for wedding favours or just fancy a treat then head on over to Sams Facebook page and check out her goodies!

3. O N E  S T E P  A T  A  T I M E
I heard a really great analogy about business on a podcast recently, if only I could remember which one (if it comes to me I will credit it of course), in which the person being interviewed compared starting a business to climbing Everest. Initially you see the launch day as the peak, then when you get there you realise it is, in-fact, just the first base camp, and then every time you reach a significant point in your business, you realise there is another camp to get to and so on. This is so true and it is so important to remember that it is one, huge journey. I guess, if you were a glass half empty kind of person, this analogy would be easy to see as something fairly negative but, for me, it was just a reminder that everyone has a whole lot of things to do and achieve. For me, the launch was a milestone (a fecking big one after over two years of trying to get there!) but I knew it was the tip of the iceberg. I am now on the 'let everyone know I exist' phase! This is almost harder because you want to start selling your products (or whatever your 'thing' is) and it can be frustrating, but this is the part that actually excites me, this is the challenge and this is where I get to use all the research I have done and also continue the learning process and try new things. I think the most important thing here is just to keep pushing forward and work on 'the dream' every single day.

4. T A K E  A  'S E L F-C A R E'  B R E A K
This 'top tip' is something that I learnt from Gemma because it is super easy to be so wrapped up in 'all the things' that you forget to step away from it and, by the time you realise how exhausted you are it is often too late and a cold strikes or you suddenly need days of recovery. I have learnt to listen to what my body is telling me and try to do what it needs, when it needs it. If that means taking a break from things and getting a half an hour nap in, then so be it. What I do know is that half and hour, or even a whole day just for whatever you want to do, aside from your business/goal, will ultimately do you the world of good and you will return far more inspired and rested, so take a break!

I hope some of that waffle was useful for you guys, regardless of what it is you are pushing towards right now... let me know what you are working on in the comments, I'd love to know!


22 October 2017


One week and two lots of storms later and we are back for another 'Weekly Gratitude' post! I have basically had my head stuck into my computer all week long as I am putting my Leaf Lane Studio products on a wedding directory site called Love & Lilah, in order to help get my name out there, so I have been busy getting all the copy organised for that, which has taken a while! Being stuck indoors all week has not been a bad thing really though, what with the back end of a hurricane and then 'Storm Brian' hitting us hard. The fact that a storm has my dad's name makes me laugh; whenever Gizmo wanted to go outside in the wind we were saying 'go and see grandad!'. Yep, we are mad, clearly. We didn't have too much destruction though, only one poor plant pot kept falling over, other than that we did okay. Storm talk to one side, let's get into today's list of good stuff!

:: Number one on my list simply has to be the fact that I finally made it to the hairdressers for a head of fresh colour and a trim! I feel like a new woman! When people are asking you if you have ombre in your hair you know it's time to get the roots sorted! Thanks to my mum who helped me out with that particular pleasure! To balance out my wonderful afternoon of pampering I got caught in a monumental windy downpour on the way back to the car and swiftly ruined my fresh blow-dry but, hey ho, such is life!

:: On the subject of hair, but not gratitude (!), I did a very silly thing on Friday morning when I picked up my hair tong on the wrong end. Let this be a warning to you all... it hurts! Luckily, due to the copious amount of cold water I ran on my hand I seem to have escaped without too much of an injury!

::  For the last three weeks I have been at the gym by about 7.30am if not even earlier, four days of the week and, I have to say, I am really loving the early training sessions. I enjoy knowing that I am home for the rest of the day once I have showered and eaten etc. I am also feeling so much better in myself for not dozing past my alarm! 

:: Due to the fact that I am handling my wedding stationery a lot, and painting quite frequently too, I have been avoiding wearing dark nail polish (which I love so much!) because it can leave so many little marks on white paper and card, so I have been keeping my eyes well and truly peeled for a pretty, pale colour I can wear and I think I have found my perfect pink in the process! Barry M's speed nail paint in 'Freestyle' is a super cute and pretty pastel pink, but more dusky than Barbie (thankfully)! I love it! I do miss the vampy reds though :-(

:: This morning we went for a walk around our little village and along part of the coast path. It is so beautiful and I feel so grateful to have all of these amazing views right outside our back gate. I love walking along and looking at all the wild flowers, changing colours and gorgeous views over to Marazion and St Michaels Mount, it still feels like a total dream every single time. Also, how cute is our little village church ^^

:: During the storms this week our house smelt like the sea, which was so lovely! I want into our bathroom during the night that the first one kicked off and it was like I was standing on the side of the ocean, it smelt gorgeous! The waves were also super loud all night long.

:: Yesterday I had a really chilled out day, which was so needed. We chucked on Star Wars and I sat on the floor drawing and doodling through some ideas I have been thinking about for Leaf Lane Studios 'paper products' shop. I also had a little nap on the sofa too, which is something I used to do all the time but, more recently I haven't been able to fall asleep because my brain has been going a bit crazy! I was in a lovely, dozy state for a good hour, totally missing the good part of Star Wars (so typical of me when a film is on!).

:: The gorgeous Peta from pe-ta.com has been doing these magical little videos each day of things she is grateful for and putting them on her Instagram / YouTube and I have been loving them so much. The style of her videos is wonderful. You should check them out if you want a little lift because they make me all kinds of happy inside!

:: On Friday morning, I walked out the house at about 6.30am to go to the gym and was utterly blown away by the sky. The stars were so clear that I just stood and looked up for several minutes. I love it in the winter when the skies are clear. I am praying for clear skies next week as we are off to a 'Dark Skies' event in Devon! Sooooo excited for it!

That is all for this weeks little happy list. I am currently editing a vlog, which I will hopefully schedule for Wednesday, but in the meantime, why not watch the last one I put up if you haven't seen it already! Click here to go to the video! Have an amazing week!


18 October 2017


A couple of weeks back we made a list of all the places in Cornwall, many being National Trust locations, that we wanted to visit, either for the first time or to go back to because we loved it so much. The weather has been terrible every weekend since writing the list, but last weekend was dry and so we jumped at the chance to get out. I want to share some of the pictures with you because the places we went to were so gorgeous. I also made a video to go with this post too, which you can find at the very bottom!

S A T U R D A Y | G O D R E V Y
This place is somewhere we visit a lot, as it is the place where you are guaranteed to see a seal (or fifty!). It is also the place where we made the decision to move to Cornwall. Last October we sat on the bench that faces out towards the lighthouse, snuggled together to keep warm, and said 'we need to do this don't we?' and now we are here. It is a special place to visit (plus the beach cafe does amazing breakfasts!).

S U N D A Y | P O L D H U  C O V E
It's shameful the amount of places in Cornwall we haven't yet visited in the (almost) twelve months since we moved here. Poldhu Cove is past Helston and about a half an hour or so drive away from our little village, but it was more than worth it. I initially found Poldhu on Instagram, after seeing Poldhu Beach Cafe sharing images of their amazing hot chocolates (see below for my choice... Reeces!). The pictures say it better than I ever could, it was so beautiful. If you get a chance to visit then you certainly should and take some time to walk the coast path up to the left of the cafe too; the views are stunning. PS: Poldhu Cafe sell some bloomin' amazing bobble hats (which you can also get on-line), I was a lucky girl and got treated to one and I am in love with it!

Penrose Hill was just as stunning as I had imagined it would be, more so actually, with beautiful woodland, surrounding Cornwalls largest natural lake, and even coastal views to top off the already impressive list of scenery! This is a dogs happy place, and there were many happy dogs sniffing about on Sunday, tails high and noses low! As much as I love to be surrounded by sea views, I also have 'a thing' for trees. They have a power and a strength that I can feel within my soul when I walk among them and they bring a peace to my mind which I can't explain. This place is so close to home and I will definitely be going back many more times in the future.

15 October 2017


Here we are at the mid point of October already and, quite honestly, I am loving every single second of this beautiful month! Autumn has shown up in such a pretty way this year and has reminded me why I love it so much. This weekend we have been out and about and seen some gorgeous views but more about that on Wednesdays post (plus a video too!). For now though, let's talk about the rest of the week!

:: Having had a few strange old 'mental health' days this week, I took to my watercolour paints for comfort and found myself painting wishy-washy circles of bright colours and puddling paint within an inch of its life (I love how it dries!). I ended up with a mountain of ideas from just doing this one mindfulness exercise! I love how inspiration strikes when you least expect it!

:: Porridge has to be included on this list because I haven't had proper hot porridge for ages! We were getting rather low on the food front this week so I had to look around the kitchen for something to have for a late lunch, so I chose porridge. I added a little bit of honey and some chia seeds on top and it was so delicious!

:: I decided to have another attempt at meditation this week. I keep throwing it into my routine and kind of failing at it because I can't do it in the mornings. Then it dawned on me that I don't have to do it in the morning (doh!). It was just one of those things that I see everyone doing as part of their moring practice and so I thought that was the thing to do. As it turns out I am a 'get-my-arse-to-the-gym-and-lift-weights-in-the-morning' kind of girl, so meditating before that is pointless! Anyway, I am trying it as and when I can in the evening or late afternoon if I want a break, and I am loving it! I highly recommend the Hay House Meditation podcast if you are looking to try a few different types of meditation because I have found some real gems on there.

:: One of the things that made me smile from ear to ear this week was watching a little crow (it looked like a young one) trying its very best to hold onto a huge orange leaf whilst balancing on a skinny branch on the tree at the end of our garden. It was so sweet to watch and entertained me for a while!

:: Gizmo and I have had a couple of cuddles together this week which have led to both of us dozing off together. The sound of her purr and the warmth of her snuggled up with me makes me sleepy!

:: I had the most gorgeous delivery of flowers this week from my mum and dad which have been making me smile each time I see them in the kitchen. Joe also bought me some little sunflowers too, which joined mum and dads flowers in a big old vase. Lucky old me!!

:: I am so excited for Thursday this coming week! I get to have a bit of a pamper and get my hair cut and coloured. I am pre-grateful for it because I haven't had my hair coloured for about a year or cut since April! I always like to keep my hair nice but, since not having a 'proper job' I haven't been able to. My mum has treated me to the hair cut and Joe is treating me to the colour; I cannot wait to look less 'Rapunzel with roots'! I don't know about you guys but I feel terrible when my hair isn't looking nice.

:: One of my favourite things from this week was watching the amazing waves at Godrevy yesterday. It was so wild out at sea and yet so humid and kind of still inland. It was hypnotising to stand and watch the rolling power of the water crashing into the rocks. The seals were loving life too and we saw plenty in the surf as well as in their usual little cove.

:: I had some lovely mentions on social media this week with Leaf Lane Studio. Each time I see myself get tagged in something I get super happy and I really think that will never change! It is just so exciting. I am working so hard at it behind the scenes and know all the hard work will pay off at some point. Don't forget that I have my 'All I need is the ocean, moon, stars and you' print available as a download in my shop! You can find it by clicking right here.

Stay tuned for Wednesdays post as I am putting together a little video to go with the post too. Have a great week!


11 October 2017


{Scroll to the bottom of this post for useful contact points for mental health issues}

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. I always like to write a few words about mental health (as you probably know by now!) and so I figured I would jump on my blog and have my five pence worth!

I am free-styling this post as I haven't pre-prepared anything which, in my experience, is the way I usually end up writing about mental health issues. It works best this way as I am 'in the moment' and  the thoughts and words that flow are usually the right ones for the time, if that makes any sense? As it happens, as I type this post, I am having quite the anxious day. Yay! I started feeling like this yesterday and it has reached somewhat of a peak right now. Why? Well, laughably it is because I am about to go out the door to a hospital appointment. It isn't the appointment itself but the journey to it, mostly the walk into the hospital from the car park actually, that is my biggest cause for concern. Who will be laughing at me when I walk into the wrong door or take the wrong turn, who will notice how anxious and flustered I feel inside and how will I cope when I start to feel overwhelmed by it all? The actual reason I am going to the hospital doesn't concern me at all; they can do whatever and I really don't have a worry or thought about it. When it comes to actual medical procedures I am a 'think about it when I need to' kind of girl but when it comes to walking into a new environment, where other human beings will be it really does scare the sh*t out of me! How stupid is that? Bloody illogical crappy brain!

Anyway, that to one side, things have been a little up and down the last couple of weeks. Heaven knows why, sometimes it is just the way it is and there are no obvious reasons for it. I am learning to accept it and try my best to do what I need to do to help myself. That said though, I also push myself on a daily basis! The gym acts as a haven for my mental health; I can go in feeling awful and leave feeling so much better. I still have days where my anxiety means that just being in the gym environment I can reach a kind of sensory overload and people probably think I am a super anti-social deer in headlights. Recently though, I have started chatting more to people in there and making the effort to take my headphones out (which is a tough one because I feel somewhat protected by them) but it is nice to know that there will be some friendly faces about when I go in. That sort of thing helps me so much.

I am still taking my medication too and, despite my occasional thoughts of coming off it, I do appreciate the fact that it is certainly doing its job at keeping everything 'level'. It is one of those situations where you can easily be fooled into the place of thinking 'I don't need this anymore, I am better' but as soon as you stop and a few weeks go by it can be pretty scary. My advice to anyone taking medication is to never ever take yourself off it cold turkey. I speak from several experiences here! Don't do it. Wait and go to the doctors for heavens sake. Do it the right way and it will be worth it.

Generally speaking, I think we are seeing more people start to open up about their personal experiences of mental health issues and I salute anyone who feels like they can share their story as it is really, really difficult to do so, but so helpful to so many people. For me, reading or listening to someone else talk about their experiences helps me feel less like a total moron. It is also so bloody important for people to realise that not all mental health is obvious. The cliche description of people rocking back and forth in a corner or randomly shouting out loud in the street to the friend in their head may be a reality for some poor people, but many people you pass each day are struggling silently, fighting a battle in their heads which they may never express on the outside.

Every single person living has a story, every single person has known some kind of pain: heartbreak, loss, emptiness, loneliness (etc) and when we hear of someone who is heart broken, we tend to rally round, say positive, helpful things, be kind human beings. Why is this not always the case with depression or social anxiety (or any of the many other diagnosed mental health issues).

What I am trying to say here is, before you make snap judgement on someone who passes you in the supermarket, looking a bit shifty (it could be me!), think about the fact that they just might be on the verge of a panic attack or they might be super self conscious and being in the supermarket is the hardest thing in the world for them at that moment. Maybe they have been building up to getting out the house for days and have finally found the courage to do it.

Let's think a little more about each other, smile at each other a little more (a lot more would be better) and not judge as fast or at all if possible. Let's all remember that we have all been through something that has hurt us mentally and, whether we have ended up poorly as a result of it or not, every persons reason for feeling low or anxious is within context to their own lives and existence. What may seem easy for one person may be what terrifies the next to their very core but that doesn't make them any less of a human being. Keep talking about mental health and smash the sh*t out of the stigma.

Useful contact points for those suffering with mental health issues:
The Samaritans From the UK you can call this number at any time of day for help 116 123
Mind have a very useful 'I need urgent help' yellow button on the top of their website
The NHS number '111' is useful if you need advice

8 October 2017


Another Sunday, another weekly gratitude list/all the things that have made this week kind of fab (only that would make for a long old title!). I hope you have all had a wonderful week. Every week I write this post I seem to comment on how fast time has gone by and this week is no different! I honestly wish I had a 'slow it down' button some days! That said though, it has been a good, productive week, which always feels nice come Friday afternoon, when I look at my Bullet Journal and realise I did achieve quite a lot of things. I think most of us need to quit being so hard on ourselves and stop thinking we always need to do more. I am first to admit that it is something I think a lot, but I am making a conscious effort to go with the flow I am in on a specific day and accept it for what it is. Some days are amazing, super-woman-pants-over-my-jeans kind of days and others are more sloth-staring-at-the-computer days but that is okay sometimes!

Not sure where that rant came from, so before another comes along let me get on with what this post is all about...

:: On Monday, when I powered on my computer to start the week, I was flicking through Spotify, when I spotted a playlist it had created for me called 'Your Time Capsule' which, as the title suggests, was filled to the brim with the most awesome songs (well, awesome to me... Gizmo didn't appreciate be held up in the air a couple of times when random songs from The Lion King came on!). We are talking old Oasis, Bon Jovi, old R & B and reggae classics and some good old cheesy songs that make you wanna sing loud and dance about like a lunatic, which is exactly what I did. It was the best start to a new week and I will try my best to reproduce it this coming Monday!

:: The later half of this week saw the most gorgeous autumnal weather. On Friday, I even managed to step outside with no shoes on and wander about in actual warm sun, gasp! I adore walking around in the garden when all is peaceful and the sun is shining brightly. There was a wonderful smell to the air too, which just feels magical to me. I get totally overwhelmed by autumn, it is captivating and one of those romantic seasons that tugs on my heart.

:: I managed to get a print up on Leaf Lane Studio's 'Paper Product' page this week too. I am releasing downloadable artwork first and then, as and when I can, I will be adding physical products too. If you are interested in having a look just click right here or on the picture I have now added to the side bar of my blog! I also have a free downloadable print still available to you guys too, so if you want to get your hands on that then just hop right on over to Wednesdays blog post!

:: I have been super chuffed this week as I have been tagged in a few social media posts regarding Leaf Lane Studio wedding stationery and the print I made available and it felt so wonderful to see something I have spent time creating appear on someone elses feed! Thank you so much if you have shared my links or added something of mine to your feed, it means the world.

:: One lunch time Joe and I listed a whole load of places in Cornwall that we haven't visited for a while, or haven't visited at all yet, and stuck it onto the fridge. Our National Trust membership means that we have no excuses but to go to some of the most amazing places without a worry about paying extra to park or get in and I really cannot wait to visit these beautiful places. I will be vlogging of course, so stay tuned for those appearing soon! I love this time of year for visiting old houses or castles, there is something more atmospheric about it. What has been your favourite old property you've visited?

:: Now Gizmo is getting a little bit older, she doesn't have as many 'mad five minutes' as she used to, but this week I was watching her out the window when, suddenly, she went bonkers and sprinted up the palm tree at the end of our garden like a teenager! I find it hilarious when she does this. The first time she ever did it, back in February, when we first moved in, she had no clue how to get down and just looked at me as if to say 'help!'. But, as the months have passed by, she has gotten much better at the decent! She has also developed a love for any of my big old winter jumpers and some nights I can only get her settled down if I place one on a cushion for her to knead then sleep on. Yes, I know she is spoilt, but she is my fur baby and I love the bones of her!

:: On the subject of cats... anyone with a cat will know that 3am is their witching hour. Yesterday, Joe pointed out this YouTube video on the trending list and I wanted to share it with any cat owners out there because it made me laugh so much!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys, I highly recommend starting your Monday morning with an cheesy song on Spotify or wherever... let's attack the new week with some energy together! Have a good one!

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