24 September 2017


^^This little flower popped up almost overnight and is so pretty^^

Good afternoon guys! How has everyone's week been? Good I hope. Are you all seeing the change in the trees in your gardens/surroundings? This morning was super foggy here; it was so quiet and cosy laying in bed, in the warm, just glancing out at the fog drifting by.

Let's jump into the highlights of the week:

:: After a couple of up and down weeks with exercise, due to business stuff and work I needed to get done, I have finally got back on track with training again and managed four gym sessions and a couple of cardio sessions. To some, that may sound excessive, but for me it is necessary to keep my mind in tip top shape, mental health wise.Without exercise I can feel awful, so it is super important to me. I managed to increase some weights this week too, which is great! 

:: After Wednesdays blog post I received some lovely, honest and heartfelt messages from people who found it helpful and, I just wanted to quickly say here, that getting those messages is exactly the reason why I open up in this space and share the experiences I do. Thank you so much if you took the time to message/email/comment, it means the world.

:: Yesterday we went off for a much needed afternoons walk on the beach; it was gorgeous even with the wind blowing a constant speed (which certainly cleared the cobwebs out!). The beach was back to its usual quiet self, post summer madness, and it was wonderful to see dogs back on there again, leaping in and out the waves with tails wagging high! After a walk we popped into the Peppercorn Cafe, just near our house, and treated ourselves to a slice of the most amazing cake I have had in a long time. As you guys know, I am on a mission health wise, but I am trying to let myself have the very occasional treat as and when because I can really give myself a hard time over food. It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite!

:: I have been feeling down for a little while now and find daily brightness from several people on-line, but the top prize for cheering me up this week goes to Emily Coxhead, a gorgeous artist/illustrator who never fails at making me smile with her Instagram feed but, more specifically her Insta-stories! She has a smiley face always and is usually found singing/miming away to something whilst working, which is exactly what I am usually doing, so I really enjoy seeing what she is up to! If you guys don't know her and you crave a bit of sunshine in your life you need to add her to your IG feed right now!

:: Some of you guys may know that I am a huge fan of the Alien films and finally got to see the new one on Wednesday night. I hadn't heard the most amazing things about it but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I still prefer the older ones and I do really like Prometheus, but it was okay! Also, I actually managed to sit still and not do any work through the entire thing, which is somewhat of a miracle for me, I am grateful for that!

:: I have decided to structure my week so that I have one full art-focused day per week now, as I have so many ideas for my general 'paper product' store that I want to get started! I also need to get some more wedding collections underway, and I need a dedicated day to get stuck in because, and you will know this if you are a creative person, as soon as you start creating, time just seems to slip through your hands! I took Thursday (and Friday...whoops) as arty days and enjoyed them so much. It felt like just what my soul needed after weeks and weeks of being tied to my computer! I had the window open and could smell the fresh, salty-sea air whilst I was painting and it just felt perfect. Art and fresh air... a wonderful combination.

:: On a business note... I am finding that this next stage of launching a business is feeling like the first day of school all over again! When I decided to try and make my dream happen, with little idea of where to actually start, I felt the same way. The whole thing is a constant learning curve but what i am noticing is that I am grabbing new experiences quicker and with less hesitation then I did before! For example, having put together a rather huge spreadsheet of blogs, magazines and wedding related contacts I wanted to try and get my sample packs out to, I sent out lots of emails to say 'hello' and introduce my business. This was a big deal  for me guys as, a year ago, or even six months ago, I would never have done it! I heard back from 95% of people and had some really positive feedback and ideas, so I am excited for what will happen! I have so many more people to contact this week too. It is so scary (and I definitely have zero nails left) but my advice is just get on it! I am working on building this 'thick skin' that everyone is constantly talking about!

That is all for today guys... but before I go... I put up a vlog on Wednesday, so if you want to check that out scroll on down to the bottom of this post! I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel too, if you aren't already, as every new subscriber helps my visibility over there!



  1. I always enjoy reading this type of posts, they feel so positive and cosy! You deserve a pat on the back for being back in track with training. Wish I had that motivation! And it's great to read about your business. I'm also working on launching mine in the upcoming months so it's lovely to see someone else fighting for her dream :) Hope you have a wonderful week! x

    1. Thank you honey! I love reading about peoples business plans too, always so inspiring! I have just added you on Bloglovin so I can have a proper catch up with your posts (when I get five mins!!). Have a great day xx

  2. Well done on sending out those emails my love. I'm totally with you on needing creative days! This year I cut my day job timetable to give me mornings free. In Spain we usually work in the mornings have 3 -4 hours off for lunch and back in until 9 or 10 pm. What I find difficult about that is needing great chunks of time to get things done with my blog and projects. I'm not wonderful and having an hour to do something here and an hour to do something there. I need a good six hours to really get my teeth into things!

    Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta xx

    1. I totally understand where you are coming from! When I worked in gyms, doing a split day or strange shifts I couldn't get 'stuck in' to anything... for me, creativity is a whole day or two of work! Lots of love right back at cha! xxxxx


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