17 September 2017


Before I leap head-first into todays gratitude list I want to say a big old sorry for not putting up a post on Wednesday. All I will say for now is that I have had a bit of an up and down kind of week and just couldn't find any free time or brain power to sit and type words that made sense (I did try though, I promise!).

I have been basically housebound all week and that is never a good thing is it? I had a huge deadline to meet for some work and needed to just power through. This meant I was super exhausted and a bit all over the shop and that means that I can't give you heaps of amazing things that have happened this week! However, there is always something to be thankful for, so here we go...

:: This week I have basically survived because of Netflix and music! I am not one to sit in front of the television for long but, when I am forced into it I will make the most of it! This week I watched a lot of Friends (just like last week!) and also watched two films on Netflix that I have wanted to see for a while. The first was 'Paper Towns', have you guys seen it? After 'A Fault in Our Stars' I was expecting it to be great and thought it was okay but it didn't blow me sideways. The second film was a re-watch for me as I saw it when it first came out in the cinema, back in 2001 (I think), 'The Other Boleyn Girl'. It is no surprise to find me watching that when it appeared in the listings as you guys know I am a huge Tudor history geek, I love it. I really enjoyed the film actually but find it quite funny how many of the same actors are in all the Tudor programmes and films! It can get confusing if you don't keep your wits about you!

:: This week also saw the return of a new series of Doctor Foster. I loved the first series and was a little unsure whether they would be able to make the second any good but, one episode in and I am already hooked. If you watched it let me know what you thought in the comments!

:: I wanted to take a second to mention Holly, the lovely, inspirational lady behind the blog 'A Branch of Holly'. Holly's blog has been scribbled in my Bullet Journal as one to sit down and explore over a mug of tea for ages but with the business launching and work to be done, I just couldn't find any time at all. I have failed at reading other peoples blogs in the most part recently, which is so irritating because there are so many I love. Anyway, back to Holly... Holly, if you don't know, is a bit of a blogging wizard and her posts are super helpful to dig into and cover a wide range of tips and amazing pieces of advice for bloggers but, I only discovered on Friday, that she also has a YouTube channel! Hooray! I like being able to watch videos whilst I edit a picture on Photoshop, so felt over the moon to add myself as a subscriber. Anyway, I wanted to give her a mention and also say that she has an amazing (free) 'Blogging Breakthrough' magazine which you can pop your name on her list to receive to your inbox! I just got July's one but I believe she is doing a bit of an Aug/Sept double issue that comes out soon, so head over to her site www.abranchofholly.com to join in all the fun!

:: One of my biggest amounts of gratitude this week goes to the little fluff ball pictured below. When my mental health plummets she is a God send and she just seems to know what is happening. She has wanted to be super close to me and cuddles tighter than usual. I love this little bear.

:: As I drove along yesterday I noticed just how many trees are changing gold, red and orange. I honestly cannot believe it is that time of year again, but it feels so magical. I love each season when it changes and am trying to appreciate each moment of autumn, as it approaches, because it is truly very beautiful.

:: We seem to have a new feathered friend spending more time in our garden than usual, a cute little robin. I adore robins so get so excited to see it hopping about in the trees!

:: Yesterday both Joe and I were beyond desperate to get out in the fresh air after a mad week. Granted, we live right by the beach but, for some reason, every time the clock turned 5.30pm this week the heavens opened and we could go nowhere. So, Saturday morning saw a lovely trip to Sennen Cove, one of my all time favourite beaches to visit. I know that everyone says that the light in St Ives is magical, which is really is, but the light in Sennen is the same. Everything is bright, vivid and so very beautiful. The tide was right in, so there was no beach walk had, plus there were signs to keep watch for the Portuguese 'Man O'War' jellyfish which have been rocking up on Cornish beaches this week (don't want to mess with those guys!) so maybe it was just as well we didn't venture onto the sand. But it was so wonderful to get out in the (very cold) fresh air and have a walk about and admire the views. If you are ever in the far west of Cornwall you must visit Sennen, you won't regret it!

That is everything for this week friends! But, the good news (possibly!) is that I am working on a vlog again! I am editing right now and will aim to get one a week up like I did BL ('before launch'!). If you have any requests or questions relating to business or anything else you would like to see me talk about in the videos just leave me a comment below! Have a fab week!


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