10 September 2017


^^The beautiful Godolphin House^^

This week has been ever so slightly bonkers! It took me the whole of last weekend to recover from the lack of sleep and craziness of launching my new website; I was basically a totally useless moron for a few days post launch and felt like I had been hit by a huge pile of bricks. I just wanted to nap and stare at the TV; which is pretty much what I did. I also got struck down with a massive migraine that lasted a few days too. What happened to the days where I could burn the candle at both ends and still get up early, work all day and party well into the night? (Actually, don't answer that!).

Mum and Dad visited this week and, luckily, I had rediscovered a slightly more awake self by the time they arrived, although I did pop upstairs for five minutes at one point and fell asleep for an hour...oops! I had a good few days with absolutely no work whatsoever though, which was very much needed but, this week coming I will need to find the motivation again!

Let's get into todays post, which is going to have more pictures than words I feel!

:: On Wednesday, whilst the sun was out, mum and I went off for a coast walk. We were only going to do a short one but ended up walking for five or six miles all in. I took mum over to Cudden Point, which you can see from our back garden. It is a mixed terrain walk but one of my absolute favourites as every turn reveals something even more beautiful than the last. It is a constantly changing environment and I can never get enough of it.

:: Having completed the coast path walk and burned off some calories, we all popped into Marazion for some dinner at the Godolphin Hotel/Restaurant. Last time my parents came I booked us a table there, but the fog was so thick that we couldn't even see the balcony, let alone the amazing view of St Michaels Mount. The food is so tasty there and, if you are ever in the area, definitely go! There was a gorgeous sunset that night too which made it even more special.

:: On Wednesday I dragged mum and dad to the ever so stunning Godolphin House (nothing to do with the restaurant we went to!). I have done a blog post about the property before, when Joe and I visited earlier this year, but I really wanted to go back and thought mum and dad would like it too. The gardens blow my mind, it is so peaceful and pretty there and you can totally forget the year you are living in as you wander around... perfect for a soppy sod like me!

:: This week I had three thousand boxes to stick, as part of my little job at my printers, so decided to dig out my Friends box-set and set to work. I haven't watched Friends for so long. I think it has to be one of my favourite things to watch, ever! I started right from series one and am working my way through. What is your favourite Friends moment? Obviously there are many, many hysterical scenes but I adore the Monica and Chandler proposal scene and the episode where Ross and Rachel finally get together... I'm a sucker for romance guys, I know! The 'pivot' scene comes a very close third though!! Ross is the best!

:: Yesterday I finally cracked open my second Bullet Journal and began getting it ready for October! I can't believe I have stuck with a journal for so long! I am basically keeping it the same but I have vowed to get some of my photos printed out every few months and stick them in to allocated spaces, so I am reminded of places, people and things I have done. I enjoy looking back at the mini diary entries I do each day to see what was going on and find that doing so really jogs my memory. Here's to another journal and more memories!

:: After a bit of fog and rain this week I enjoyed a bit of time outdoors, taking in the little droplets on the plants and flowers. It smelt amazing outside and the fog created a blanket of eerie calm around our village. I haven't ever experienced sea mist and fog before but it really can appear out of nowhere. I sometimes find that I can be working away and look up and can no longer see our back gate! I feel so grateful that we have changeable weather though and appreciate how it changes the feel of a day too. The air really has a touch of autumn about it now and to open the door in the evenings to the smell of wood-smoke is one of my absolute favourite things!

That is all for this week lovely friends. I hope you have had a lovely weekend so far. Don't forget that if you know anyone who is getting married and on the hunt for some wedding stationery, please give them a heads-up about www.leaflanestudio.com - I would help wonderful, loved-up couples find the perfect stationery collection for their big day. I am still running a 15% off all wedding collections offer throughout September, so please help me spread the word!


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  1. Oh it sounds like such a lovely week Lucy, I hope you had a wonderful time with your Mum and Dad. The walk looks and sounds amazing. I love friends too, it's one of my go to series to watch when I'm feeling a little in need of a pick me up!!
    Peta xx


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