3 September 2017


^^We have had lots of these guys in our garden this summer, and this one was the last to appear^^

We are at the end of the week again and, it's been a really big week for me. If you follow along on Instagram, then you may have seen what Friday had in store for me. Friday was the launch of my business, the launch of the Leaf Lane Studios website, but it was not the day I had planned at all and, I have to say, I suffered all day yesterday as a consequence of the emotional roller-coaster of the day! More on that another time!

I am going to jump straight into this weeks gratitude list because, as I sit here writing this, my head is thumping and my stomach is in total knots so happy thoughts are required...!

:: Ten minute tea breaks. This week, the lovely Peta (from www.pe-ta.com) and I came up with the genius idea of making sure we were both taking a little break in the day, as we have both working super hard on all our 'stuff', and had mentioned to each other over messages that we hadn't been stopping properly. So, we set a time each morning to stop, log on to Facebook messenger and chat about our day and what we were working on (over a cup of tea of course). We gave ourselves 10-15 minutes to just natter away before returning to our work. I can't tell you how lovely it felt to just take some time out to chat; I didn't feel guilty because it was only 10 minutes and it is amazing what 10 minutes can do to help de-stress and realign your thoughts.

:: On Friday morning, mixed in with all the crazy shit that was happening with the internet crashing and my brain having a meltdown, a lovely box of flowers arrived from my mum and dad. The timing was pretty damn good! Thanks guys... you're the best parents I've had ;-)

:: On the subject of wonderful gifts arriving... the ever so lovely Gemma (who you guys definitely know by now!) sent me a gorgeous package of essential oils, crystals and lovely notes (that lady knows me too well!). This was another case of beyond magical timing and I got straight into the relaxing blend of oils she created for me. Gemma really is the lady to go to if you want to know more about essential oils, so head over to her website for more info! Thank you so much Gemma xx

:: Spotify has been a total savior this week! I have been listening to the most random of playlists on there whilst I worked, even cracking out a 'late night love songs' list whilst I worked until 2am on Tuesday! I stumbled across the 'ballads from the musicals' playlist on Thursday and, whilst I didn't expect to like it, I found myself singing along to loads of songs that I didn't think I knew. Plus, there were some trusty old classics on there from The Lion King and Grease so, I had a great time!

:: After a big week of working so many hours that I lost track, and all the stress of Fridays events, the house literally looked like it had been burgled... Leaf Lane Studio notes everywhere, things left all over the place from the various photo-shoots I had done and scraps of paper with reminders of 'things to do' on pretty much every surface. To top it all my desk looked like hell and all of this makes my head fell like it's going to burst off my body; clearly something had to be done! Yesterday, despite having a migraine and generally feeling like death, I blitzed the house within an inch of its life and totally re-organised my desk. It is like pressing reset in my mind when my surroundings are tidy. Although, having done all of that work, my head became a million times worse, so I went to bed! (But at least I woke up to a tidy house!).

:: I know I have mentioned the business a few times in this post but, one thing I really want to mention is how many amazing messages I got from you guys on Friday. So many of you took the time out of your lives (and holidays for a few of you!) to message me and wish me good luck. Some of you, knowing how I had to put my website up without actually seeing it on my computer, messaged me to say you would help me if I needed it and also told me how it was looking and that, my lovely friends, meant the world. Your support through this has been incredible and I can't wait to continue the journey with you. I have so many things in the pipe line for Leaf Lane Studio and would love you to stick with me on the journey! Now comes the hard bit.. marketing and promotion so that I have some customers! If you haven't seen the website yet and fancy a nose about, click here to go right over there! I will be adding other products (non wedding) as soon as I can and have so many ideas that I am driving myself a little bonkers!

Todays post is a little short and sweet but normal service will be resumed when my brain returns from its week of madness! I will leave you with a few images I put together for the business and will see you guys on Wednesday!


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