27 August 2017


We have somehow arrived at another Sunday and I can't remember much about the week; that is a sign of a productive week (or a very bad memory... I'll stick with the first option!). I have certainly got a whole stack of things ticked off my 'to-do' list this week and added a heap of things to it for next week also. I made some fairly substantial business decisions this week, which I will be announcing on my various Leaf Lane Studio social media on Monday so, if you are not yet following along, then I would love you to! Find me using the handle @leaflanestudio on everything! Let's hit up this weeks gratitude/favourite things/everything-else-that-springs-to-mind list!

:: On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to have the ever so lovely Peta, from pe-ta.com, feature right here on my blog, answering a Q & A! It was so wonderful to have her on here and I hope you enjoyed the post too. If you didn't get a chance to read it, just click right here to go to the post for a little nosy into this wonderful human beings life; she is totally adorable. Thank you so much gorgeous lady xx

:: This week my mad-as-a-box-of-mad-frogs friend, Claire, visited again, with her gorgeous pup Huxley, who is so cute and absolutely bonkers! We took him on a little walk along the coast path and let him loose in our garden for a while to burn off some energy. I do love having a dog around but Gizmo didn't seem to feel the same way; we found her pinned up against the downstairs window whilst Huxley enthusiastically bounced up and down trying to get to her! 

:: I was super happy to discover a documentary I have wanted to see for ages on Netflix, Unacknowledged, by Dr Steven Greer. If you guys haven't heard of Dr Greer then, in brief, he has spent many years researching and gathering evidence about the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe and trying to expose the fact that we have far more advanced technology within our hands than we are allowed to be aware of, so advanced that it would mean the end of the way we live our lives currently (for the better). The beginning of the film shows some pretty full on world news footage, so I advise a bit of caution if you are easily upset, but it isn't anything we haven't seen before really. I have followed his research for a while and, regardless of your opinion of UFO's or whatever else, if you are a super space geek like me, I think you would enjoy it! He interviews many high level military personnel and other very significant individuals who admit that they have seen evidence of things that have been denied for a long time. Give it a watch and make up your own mind, either way, it makes for an interesting discussion.

:: On the subject of things I have been watching... my week of fiddling about on the website and taking product photos has allowed me time to throw on a highly recommended series on Netfix called 'Atypical'. It was actually Peta who told me about the series and I have to agree with her that it is a really wonderful drama. It is about a teenager, called Sam, who has autism and follows him (and his family) as he struggles to work out what it means to have a girlfriend and integrate himself more into the world. It is very, very well made and highly addictive; I may or may not have binge watched the entire first series in just a few days...oops. Give it a watch, you won't be disappointed.

:: As I mentioned in the intro of this post, it has been a full on week but it is not without good reason. I have been working my little socks off to make sure that I am hitting my daily goals and achieving a good amount of productivity every single day. I managed to get my third and final pre-launch collection photographed yesterday and even found the time to get the images edited and on the website too. I am really proud of how the shoot turned out and am getting all the festive vibes looking at the rich colour palette!

:: I don't know about you ladies (sorry guys, if you are reading, this is probably a girl only thing...probably!) but, when I have a lot to do, I like to make sure that I make an effort to do my hair properly, put some make up on and make myself feel like I am 'at work' (even though I am sat in my sort-of-office in the lounge!). This week I have found that chucking on an old favourite red lipstick has made me feel all the #girlboss feels and give me a bit of a bad-ass kick up the... ass! My favourite red has to be Macs 'Relentlessly Red', even though it is crazy-matte; it is such a beautiful colour and the staying power is intense! I blot it right back so it isn't too much, and it looks lovely. I balance the 'look' (I don't really know what 'look' I have) with ripped boyfriend jeans and a stripey t-shirt to make myself feel at my best and I'm off, there's no stopping me!

:: Little Gizmo has helped keep me sane this week with her usual cute antics (one dead mouse on the doorstep aside) and spent yesterday morning following me about in the garden whilst I took a few cuttings for my photos and cleaned out the bird feeder! She sat behind me, on the table, purring away and holding her little foot in the air to me (basically asking for attention/treats!). Not sure what I would do without her, she really is my world and I adore everything about her. Not sure if I mentioned this last week (and I don't have the energy to look back on the post to check) but I am currently training her to high five! It is going fairly well actually as she is a fast learner! Now her repertoire currently consists of shaking both paws and a high five! Suggestions in the comments for what should come next; I'm thinking the weekly shop and cooking.


:: This week I have been listening to a lot of music on Spotify and my favourite song of this week is the Foo Fighters 'My Hero', which I have been blasting out at full volume several times a day! 

:: My podcast recommendations for this week are the beautiful Gemma Sands 'Free to Flourish Radio' episode 42 - Learning to Trust Your Intuition which, as the title suggests, is dipping into how great it feels to lean towards what feels 'right' and trusting what your soul is telling you, rather than swimming against the tide and doing what you think you 'should' be doing. You know how much I love Gemma, without her I would never be about to launch my business. Check out her website too: gemmasands.co.uk. My second recommendation is Lori Harder's podcast 'Earn Your Happy', episode 160 - Make Friends with Your Fear. This episode actually pairs quite perfectly with Gemmas because they are both basically talking about achieving what your soul is calling to do. Lori discusses how, to achieve your hopes and dreams, there will naturally be a sense of the unknown, a sense of fear which, I know first hand, is something that is so true and is something that Gemma has helped me work through in many of our sessions together. Check these ladies out!

:: I am crazy excited for October as we will be heading to Devon to see the bestie and her hubby and go to the 'Dark Skies' events being held near where they live. The space-geek in me cannot wait and I am already praying for clear skies!

I hope you guys have an amazing week and, if you are in the UK, enjoy your long weekend! 


  1. Hello hello my love, what a wonderful list yet again. My favourite things to read on a Sunday! I'm definitely going to check out that documentary it sounds really interesting. I've just found Gemma's podcast so I'm going to have a listen right now!

    You are seriously so talented and I am so bloody proud of you. Leaf Lane Studio is going to be incredible, you are such a hard working lovely crazy talented soul who inspires so many, I hope you know that.
    Sending all the love and hugs,
    Peta xx

    1. You are lovely! That documentary is a good one! Not quite 'Atypical' but good! Thank you for all your words of encouragement honey, it means the world to me xxx

  2. Why have I never read your blog before?!! So I've learned you're a space geek (I'm polar opposite ��) but everything else inspired me even the red lipstick!! You're the second person to recommend Atypical so that's going straight into my Netflix profile ���� Thanks for an inspiring read to kick start the week ��

    1. Yay! Thanks for reading lovely!! Definitely watch Atypical, you will love it. It is sad in places too but very well done overall! Glad you have discovered my blog :-) xx


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