20 August 2017


We are about to enter the last week and a half of August which just feels insane to me! It is this time of year when, as a kid, I would start paying attention to the 'back to school' adverts on the TV and just wish I could freeze time forever! I swear that this summer holiday has gone by faster than ever this year; it is my first summer not working in a school on various activities and, I have to say, I have missed many elements of it. I used to help run a summer school, right at the start of the holidays, for all the soon-to-be Year 7 students get to know the campus, meet teachers and, more importantly, meet new friends. Whilst the schools aim was to ensure that some curriculum was taught within the programme, my priority was to try an lessen the chance of anxiety for the kids who were highly likely to be terrified all summer long. We then did a really fun few days of activities right before they started with us in September. It was lovely to see kids walk in, looking slightly scared, but then see someone they met in the summer school in July and see the smile spread across their faces. Anyway, huge tangent there but, you know me!

Lets move into what we are here for!

:: This week has been cloud and rain central but, on Tuesday, there was some light relief and the sun showed its pretty little face again. Although I have been my usual amount of crazy-busy-in-a-flap-trying-to-launch-a-business self, it was nice to sit in the garden with a lovely cup of tea for 15 minutes and feel warmth! The house gets pretty damn cold because of its insanely thick stone walls, so it is often warmer out than in, but the heating went on over night twice this week to help the situation because it felt like deep winter inside!!

:: On the same day as the sun came out, a sunset walk on the beach was had and it was beautiful. It was pretty empty on there due to the time of night, just a few hyper dogs running in and out of the sea and couples wandering along together. I love watching dogs play on the beach, it reminds me of our old Collie, Bobby, who wasn't the best with water but used to enjoy it! Whenever I walked him down by the river, close to where mum and dad live, he used to bark at the water and, if he ever got in, he would kind of grab water with his mouth and dip his head under! 

:: On Tuesday I did the most insane spin workout of my life! I absolutely love having a workout like that. I put together some music on Spotify, similar to the choreography I would have taught a few years back, and just go for it like I am in a class and I totally went for it this time! I had all this energy that needed burning off and, by the time I had finished I felt so much better! I don't have a cardio-focused workout when I am in the gym (I do weights first then end with some steady state cardio for 20 minutes) so I like to hit it hard on the spin bike once or twice a week as I love that exhausted feeling I get from it! 

:: As some of you may already know, because I have put some pictures on Instagram already, I picked up my Fleur range of wedding stationery from my lovely printers in Penzance this week. I got straight onto the photography that same day and finished it Friday. I have plenty of editing to be doing but am, so far, pretty happy with the results! Don't forget, I will be working on other products too, not just wedding stationery, but am initially focused on launching that! If you want to keep a closer eye on what is happening and when I would love it if you signed up to my newsletter! Just head over to www.leaflanestudio.com and join the family (you get two freebies just for signing up - if you aren't seeing them within a few days please check your junk folder!). If you want all the info first add yourself to my Facebook Page and follow along on Instagram too!

:: Yesterday, on the way out the house to run some errands, we spotted a very tired looking bee, struggling to move along outside the door. Having given it some sugar water and making sure it was in a safe place to recover we went out. It wasn't there when we returned so I am hoping it got a new lease of life and returned to its duties! I absolutely adore bees so will always try and help them out if I see one struggling.

:: Whilst working this week I watched a couple of films on Netflix and Channel 4 OD. I am so grateful to be able to have a couple of hours taking photos and having a film on in the background because I am the worlds worst at being able to sit still and watch a film at the moment as I always think I should be working on something, so it was a nice way to feel like I was having a treat for myself, whilst still being productive! The first film I watched, Miss You Already, I have seen before and, whilst I love it so much, by the end, I was sat by all my props and wedding stationery booing my eyes out!! What an idiot! The second film was The Lovely Bones. I had read the book when it very first came out and everyone was hyping it up but hadn't got round to the film. I noticed it had a few days left on Channel 4's catch up thingy so gave it a go. It was a pretty beautiful, yet a psychologically strange film. Have you guys seen anything you recommend recently?

:: Yesterday lunchtime, after a pretty rubbish start to the day (total exhaustion struck out of nowhere) I took myself back to bed for a nap. I don't remember Gizmo joining me but, evidently she did as, at one point I seemed to send her flying onto the floor... poor little bear! I felt terrible. She sat there looking up at me as if to say 'mummy, what on Earth was that about?!' but, thankfully for me, she is very forgiving and swiftly jumped back up, snuggled in behind my knees and held my hand with her paw (she's a proper hand holder!). I am filled with gratitude for this bear every single day. She lights up the whole world. She, however, won't be feeling as loving toward me on Tuesday next week as I have to take her to her new vets for an MOT!! 

:: This week I have been super grateful for such lovely conversations with the even lovelier Peta from the blog www.pe-ta.com. We have had several chats via Instagram and it has helped me feel a bit more connected to people this week. You guys should definitely check her out but also, she is featuring on this very blog on Wednesday next week. I am so excited! I asked her if she'd do a Q & A and she said 'yes please!' so come back on Wednesday to read that because, honestly, this girly is awesome and I would l o v e you to our collaboration out!

Whatever you guys are up to this week coming have a wonderful time and don't forget to pop back on Wednesday! If you want to be reminded of posts and have a chat about life, follow along on my Instagram as that is where I spend the most time in terms of social media for sure!


  1. Oh you are just the loveliest Lucy! Our chats have been a huge help to me too! Thank you so much for helping me feel not so alone and listening to me all week long. On the something to watch recommendations I'm going to check both of those films out! I woke up early this morning, completely exhausted so had a little look through Netflix and found Atypical. I managed to watch 4 episodes without realising, it's brilliant and very well made in my opinion.
    I hope you have a lovely rest of your Sunday and that the sun shines for you so that you can have another cup of tea in your garden.
    Peta x

    1. Oooh, I have just added Atypical to my list on Netflix also! Must start that one...my fear is I will get caught up in it and never do any more work! I hope little Arthur (and all you guys of course) are ok this morning. Can't wait for your post to go up on Weds!!! :-)
      Have a lovely day honey xx


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