13 August 2017


Happy Sunday! How has your week been? Anyone else had the heating on?!

As usual, it's been insane this end guys but it's all good really as the dream is edging closer every single day. Recently I have either been so hyped up that I work late or so wide awake early in the morning that I have the strange, crazy-early morning TV for company (what are some of those shows about!).

Let's jump into the weeks high points!

:: Having had a MAD day on Tuesday, what with getting up to work at 4am and finally giving in to a nap at 3pm, I couldn't resist having a bit of a blast of music whilst I finished off some work that evening. My song of choice was a live version of 'Yellow' by Coldplay and did I turn it up! Live music is one of my favourite things and it has been over 6-7 years since I have seen any I think. I would l o v e to see Coldplay live, they are on top of my list along side the Foo Fighters, Matchbox Twenty (again!), Counting Crows (again), Bryan Adams (again, again, again!) and Metallica! Who has been your fave live?

:: This week I discovered the Tony Robbins documentary on Netflix. Despite hearing a lot about Robbins, I have never listened to or read anything he has done (shame on me!). Many podcasts I subscribe to mention him hundreds of times so, when I saw it appear in my feed I started watching it. I admit that I haven't finished watching it yet because I started crying at the opening scene where Robbins talks to a guy in the audience about why he feels so down and suicidal... I was a mess because it was so interesting to see how differently he approached it... so I will finish watching it and report back, but I wanted to mention it for those of you that like a straight talking, no bullshit kind of documentary about ways to kick your dreams up the arse and get on with what you want to achieve.

:: I have had some awesome training sessions this week and have been focusing so hard on my goals. I have noticed recently, having been given some unilateral leg work to do, just how much weaker one leg/glute is to the other and have been desperately trying to bring my attention in to the weaker side catching up and actually feeling the muscle contract when I work it, rather than just going through the motions. This has mean that, on some exercises, such as Bulgarian split squats, I am having to drop to a crazy-low weight, but I am getting so much more out of the exercise now.

:: Work on Leaf Lane Studio has really stepped up to sixth gear now and I have been pushing so hard. I want to get launched asap and all three ranges are now completed and just awaiting being printed and popped onto the website. I am super excited and will be announcing the launch date soon.

:: Something that really cheered me up this week was a conversation I had with my poor old mum on Tuesday. Unfortunately I don't think it cheered her up, but I laughed so hard my cheeks and stomach had cramp! Mum mentioned something to me that made me giggle and, to be fair, it was her own fault because when you start a sentence with 'okay, don't laugh, but...' you are asking for trouble! Bless her socks, I was laughing before she even told me anything but it was only about how she was thinking about getting a bike, which is not funny whatsoever... BUT... when you have been up since 3.30-4am and are slightly delirious, everything is funny. I immediately had that bit of music in my head from The Wizard of Oz, where the witch is going along on her bike (click here to refresh your memory!) - before I dig myself a hole, I am not saying my mum is a witch, it just sprung, uninvited, into my tired head and I got the giggles. She then told me she was thinking about a fold up bike and, well, you can imagine how that added to the moment! Sorry mum, you go get that bike! Don't forget the helmet :-)

:: Yesterday, before the village kicked into life, I head out on a walk on the coast path toward Cudden Point. It is so, so, beautiful that way and being surrounded by all things nature was just what the doctor ordered really. I'm going to do a little blog post of photo's on Wednesday, so stay tuned if you fancy seeing some more of Cornwall coast life!

:: I can't write this weeks gratitude list without mentioning the most amazing sunset I have seen in a long time. We have had some beautiful evenings here in Cornwall but, more recently, with all the stormy skies we've had, they have been incredible. On part of the coast path that winds its way from Perranuthnoe through to Marazion there is a wonderful spot to watch the sun going down and it was there that I took the photo below. It was truly magical to see.

:: Finally, and still on the subject of skies, last nights meteor shower was pretty beautiful. I went out sporadically from 10pm, even though I knew there was a rare chance of seeing anything then. However, I wasn't disappointed as it was super clear and the moon was no-where to be seen at that time. Between 10 and midnight the show was slow but stunningly beautiful. What made my night even better was seeing the Milkyway for the very first time. I was blown away by it totally. I sat back in the chair outside just staring at it and wanted to stay there for hours and hours. I kind of wish I had stayed there for longer as, when my alarm went off at 2am, to catch the best time for more meteors, it was so cloudy and the moon was bright and  high in the sky. At least I had seen some though and it was gorgeous! Did you guys catch any shooting stars?

I hope you all have a beautiful week next week; come say hello on Instagram!



  1. Aww it sounds like such a productive week Lucy. Well done on your fitness routine! I can't wait for Leaf Lane Studio to launch, it's all so exciting. Bless your Mum, it's the strangest of things that induce an attack of the giggles when you're deliriously tired isn't it?
    Wishing you a lovely upcoming week.
    Peta x

    1. I swear that I have NEVER laughed so much about something so stupid, poor mum! It was ridiculous! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend lovely lady. Looking forward to our remote working convos next week!! :-)xx


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