6 August 2017


As I write this I am feeling super duper happy! I have just picked up my new proofs for the Fleur range for Leaf Lane Studio from my printers and I absolutely love them! These are the new, edited version of the range and I am so pleased I made the changes I did. This whole process takes such a long time because, ultimately, if I am not quite happy with what I am having printed I will have to spend a whole lot of money to get re-prints, take new pictures and amend the website, so it is worth slowing it down a bit sometimes and taking a few days away from staring at the ranges!

How has your week been? I love hearing about what you guys are up to so be sure to scroll on down to the comments and tell me the highlights of your week or what you have got coming up this month!

Right then, happiness, gratitude and other things that have made this an awesome week!

:: Weather permitting I have ventured into the garden each morning before doing anything else, just having a little mooch about, looking at the new flowers, watching our bird families waking up and feeding and admiring the view from the little gate at the end of the path. I really enjoy this time as it seems to fill me up with gratitude for the whole day.

:: With my business, Leaf Lane Studio, so close to launch date, I have been trying to let people know that I have a newsletter and a couple of freebies to offer new subscribers. I had a few new people sign up this week and always have a little cheer when someone does! If you, or someone you know, has recently got engaged and you think they may benefit from a super helpful Wedding Planning Checklist and a guide to wedding stationery, then send them over to www.leaflanestudio.com where they will be able to sign up and get the freebies to their inbox! I get newsletters out once or twice a month at the moment too, but that will increase when the business launches. If weddings aren't your thing you should sign up anyway because the other products won't be too far behind! I would love to have you join the Leaf Lane Studio family!

:: I am still waking up regularly at 6.30am (apart from a couple of mornings this week when I was already downstairs at 5am!) and am doing so much better for having that routine in place. I am certainly one of those humans who functions much more efficiently for routine; if I am slow to get up or fall back to sleep, I am lethargic and lazy and don't seem to reach my full potential at all.

:: Yesterday a couple of my friends from my old work came over in the late afternoon for a catch up over a bit of food and a little walk on the beach. The tide had just gone out so the beach was pretty empty and we spent a good hour walking, paddling and watching the sun set on the rocks. It was lovely to have a bit of a reminisce and catch up with what's been happening. My face was hurting so much from laughing by the time it came to say our goodbyes; certainly a sign of a good evening.

:: Whilst I was working on some box-sticking this week, I threw on an old box-set of Sex and the City, which I haven't watched for years and years. It started with the one where Carrie turns 35. I remember watching it years back and thinking that I was so far away from that age and seeing it all totally differently to how I do now, at 36. It was like watching a whole different programme; just having a few more years experience under my belt (not that sort of experience!) meant that I laughed harder at so many more things! I am looking forward to watching all the others because I had forgotten how much I love that show!

:: The world champion athletics is on! Hurrah! That always cheers up the week and gives me an injection of motivation for training.

:: Having earnt a little bit of money last month I could finally afford to get myself some more protein and I am oh so grateful for that! It was timed very well, as the place I get mine from had a 35% discount on all protein. I now have 5kg of the stuff winging its way to Cornwall; better clear some space huh?!

:: I'm normally a bit of a liquid eyeliner girl and love doing a flick as a bit of a staple, signature look everyday but, because I have been pushed for time in the mornings and super busy, I have recently dug out my Mac kohl eyeliner again in the shade 'teddy'. It is a super pretty shade of brown with a slight shimmer to it, but nothing over the top. I love rediscovering things that I haven't worn in ages!

That is all for this week lovely guys and girls but I am coming back on Wednesday with a post that is a bit of a personal one. Have a wonderful week and I will see you on 'hump day'!



  1. oh I love love love these lists. Yay to a whole 5kg of protein winging it's way to you! Which protein do you buy? I can't wait to see Leaf Lane Studio when it launches and very excited about all of the product ranges! This post has popped a huge smile on my face, so thank you Lucy.
    Peta x

    1. ...and I love, love, LOVE your Wonderful Wednesday posts! My huge protein delivery arrived and now I need to try and decant it into some kind of accessible new home- its like two giant bags of dog biscuits sort of size!! I buy the Micellar Casien from MyProtein. Slow release and better quality. There seem to be quite a lot of new vegan proteins coming out which sound quite interesting but the ones I use aren't. :-)


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