2 August 2017


Goodbye July you wintry little monkey! Last year I was laying on top of the bed, windows pushed wide open, sweltering and red hot every evening and this month I have been getting into bed with two layers on. I mean, I know us English are known for our endless weather chats, but can you really blame us after this month? I have every single wardrobe possibility still in my cupboard, from flip flops to fleece lined walking boots, because you just never know anymore!

Weather rant over!

This month has been insane! Let's dive into the highlights!

m a k i n g :: new wedding ranges, paintings, website content, sample packs and mess from my first business photo-shoot!

c o o k i n g :: and eating carbs with almost every meal without putting on weight, amazing. Seriously though, I had developed a real issue about food and I was desperate to sort it before it became part of my mental health issues (because I am just getting those under control and there is not room for another thing!). My wonderful new coach, Serene, wrote me a food plan, with several choices for each meal, which is good for me as it stops me panicking about what I can't eat and can eat. So far my brain has settled again, which is good. If you are looking for an online coach I highly recommend Serene, she's great! (Click right here to go to her site).

d r i n k i n g :: the usual, vodka, whiskey and beer (as if!)... water, obviously!

r e a d i n g :: I haven't had time to read much and am still trying to work my way through From Atoms to Angels, but I kind of need to concentrate to read that and, right now, my mind is otherwise engaged! I have a list of books I want to read as long as my arm though. I think I may have to go down the audio-book route but they are pretty expensive :-(

w a n t i n g :: all the Gym Shark clothes <3

p l a y i n g :: inspirational and spiritual podcasts. This month I have been loving Connie Chapmans 'Awaken Radio' podcast, specifically the episode 'Being Your Authentic Self & Loving Who You Are' with Mary Hyatt.

d e c i d i n g :: that I need to step back from YouTube for a few weeks in order to move forward with other things. It takes a long time to film, edit and upload a video and, right now, it is super hard to find that time without crippling myself totally. Thank you so much to those of you that sent me wonderful messages on Instagram and YouTube about that decision, it won't be for long anyway!

w i s h i n g :: I could find a pause button sometimes!

e n j o y i n g :: trying out new protein bars. My favourites this month have been the 'One' bar in salted caramel (YUM!) and the Warrior Crunch bar in white chocolate.

w a t c h i n g :: The Handmaid's Tale on Channel 4. It has just finished (on a right old cliff hanger too) until next year but, if you didn't see it you really should! I am sure it will appear on Channel 4 On Demand soon. So dark and so scary but so brilliant.

l i k i n g :: my new gym split so much, right now I do four gym days, broken down into: push (chest, shoulders), legs, pull (back, biceps) and then glutes and triceps. I am loving it!

w o n d e r i n g :: whether to book in for my new tattoo soon (sorry mum!). I want to get it as a mark of Leaf Lane Studio launching. It is a representation of achieving something I didn't think I had it in me to do and, regardless of the outcome, which I am hoping will be positive, it will still be a huge achievement for me. I want to get a little, delicate, crescent moon done but have two places in mind so I just need to work that part out then I am set.

l o v i n g :: my new routine in the morning. I feel so much better for it and am so much more productive for making the effort to get up much earlier than I was doing.

h o p i n g :: to have some fabulous ladies guest posting on my blog real soon. I am just doing some little Q & A's for them to do and we will be set! (sorry girls, I have been slow but hopefully you understand!).

m a r v e l l i n g :: over how one conversation can change everything.

n e e d i n g :: a decent camera! I did my Leaf Lane Studio photos with an insane set up in order to make the photos look like they had been taken on a decent camera but one of my investments, as soon as it is reasonable to do so, will be a nice camera to shoot products with.

s m e l l i n g :: honeysuckle, cut grass, the ocean and sweet-peas!

w e a r i n g :: boyfriend jeans and stripes, my usual uniform!

f o l l o w i n g :: my intuition and motivation and just getting to work!

n o t i c i n g :: so many snails inside the house... they are coming in the bathroom window when it rains the little buggers!

k n o w i n g :: I am getting super clumsy. Granted, I have been really tired recently but I am covered in bruises and bumps from all my tripping up, walking into things or dropping things on myself. Seriously, I think all this work is damaging my ability to human!

t h i n k i n g :: that I shouldn't be trusted with a hot glue gun (see above!) - I have three mini-burns on the same finger from my late night box-sticking job the other night. Send help!

That was July then, onto August! I am positive it will be a great month and filled with all good things but hopefully less glue gun burns! Have a lovely month guys and girls!


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