30 August 2017


'I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day' Vincent Van Gogh

I've been mentioning recently that my body clock seems to think it is totally acceptable to be wide awake at 3.30-4am several mornings a week. Whilst there are obvious negatives to this, such as crazy levels of tiredness and feeling all kinds of emotional due to said tiredness, I also find some aspects of it somewhat feeds my soul.

There is something about the very early hours before dawn that feel like a peaceful, spiritual refuge. Everything is still and at rest, just awaiting the fresh start of a new day, and observing that can be magical.

For me, night time has always sparked creativity; it's a time where I feel more emotionally in touch with myself and more likely to allow what I am truly feeling to drift to the surface to be thought about and dealt with, thus allowing creativity to feel more rich and less forced.

Being engulfed by darkness is enchanting, beautiful and somewhat meditative for me; I always feel like the only person awake for miles and, although that is untrue, it makes me feel calm. I remember having a similar thought several years ago, very late at night, as I drove my car along a deserted duel carriage way. As I drove, I imagined looking down at the Earth from space, seeing street lights but no movement, just one lonely car winding its way back home in the darkness.

I enjoy the feeling of freedom that the early hours offers me; no immediate deadlines, appointments or urgency to be anywhere, no one rushing from a to b getting angry at one another for not moving quick enough through the day. The darkest hours bring me the most peace of mind and, whilst I very much appreciate a full nights sleep, I will embrace these precious moments too and enjoy the small things that tend to accompany them: a hot cup of tea, a view of a big, star-filled sky, little Gizmo next to me, all snuggled up on her favourite cushion softly purring, the sound of the tree outside the window brushing against the glass in the breeze... all these things make it extra special.

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  1. Excellent perspective on insomnia ~ the silver lining ❤️

  2. I couldn't agree more Lucy. I love the feel of no urgency to be anywhere or get anything done, that is my favourite part.
    Peta x


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