23 August 2017


You guys may remember that I recently put up a blog post about collaboration. Well, today is the first collaboration on the back of that post and it is featuring one of my favourite on-line buddies ever, Peta, from the amazing lifestyle blog www.pe-ta.com. I am so grateful to this talented, sweet and beautiful lady for agreeing to do this little Q & A and am so excited for you guys to get to know her more. 

Peta is honestly one of the cutest humans I connect with on-line and, as I re-read her blogs ‘about’ page for some more ideas for questions for this post I realised just how many things we have in common. First of all there is our total love and adoration for our little fur babies; Petas cats are extremely gorgeous, not to mention talented because they manage their very own Instagram page (@fourkaats), how clever! Aside from the cats, we share a mutual  love of socks, stationery and obsessions surrounding favourite foods and songs, which we will eat or play repeatedly until utterly bored of said food or song! 

I literally adore this lady and know you will too, so let’s jump into the Q & A!

PS: Check out the very end of the Q & A for a list of links to all of the places you can find Peta online and head right there to check her out!

^^ Goregous Arthur (insert heart-eye emoji here!) ^^

For anyone who hasn’t read your blog or seen your YouTube channel can you start by telling us a little bit about you and give us an insight into your life and what you get up to!

Oooh I feel like I'm introducing myself to a room full of people for the very first time. Eek! I'm originally from Cornwall in the UK but currently live in Barcelona, Spain. I'm one of those people who can never sit still for long. Watching a tv show or a film without doing something else at the same time is near on impossible for me, and I'm always doing something.

I'm a complete cat lady and live with my four furry friends Katie, Arthur, Tina and Albert. By day I'm an English Teacher specialising in teaching the language through the art of theatre. By night I blog, create videos, experiment in the kitchen and really enjoy all that the blogging world and social media has to offer.

I'm a very optimistic person who always looks for the positives in things. So for me blogging and social media is all about connecting with like minded souls, making new friendships, and learning through and about others. It's a constant source of content that feeds my never ending curiousity.
I'd say I'm quite a down to earth person, with an addiction to tea that does verge on the ridiculous side. I love food, chatting about food, making food and eating food. Due to health reasons I have to follow quite a strict diet which is predominantly plant based so coming up with new recipes and meal ideas is really important for me. I get bored easily!

^^ Whenever Peta posts a recipe picture on her Instagram I am instantly peckish! ^^

How did it come to be that you are living in sunny Barcelona? Do you have any plans to move back to the UK or do you think Spain is where your heart is?

My family moved to Barcelona when I was 12. I have spent well over half of my life living here. Living in a country that is not your motherland for such a long period of time does mean that it can often feel like your heart is split between the two. England feels like home whenever I fly back and yet as soon as I see Barcelona when the plane is coming into land I feel like I'm home again. I'm not sure what the future holds, but for the time being the Spanish way of life warms my soul every day.

I adore reading your blog; it always feels like I am spending some time with a really good friend, which I think is so lacking these days on-line, what with all the sponsored product posts and too many people trying to portray their lives as something completely different to what they actually are. You are always so open, friendly and consistent, do you think that there is more need for other bloggers to return to a slightly more raw type of content?

Aww thank you so much Lucy! That is the exact way I want someone to feel who reads it. I always try to write as if I'm writing to a friend. I think we're currently living in an age of comparison. It's easy to share the highlights reel of life, but being honesty and real is more important to me. I don't want anyone to ever read my blog or see any of my content online and feel bad. I really think there is a huge need for more bloggers to return to that raw style of content. I find myself searching for it every day at the moment. I don't want to see the beautiful pinterest worthy homes, or designer handbags. I want raw, honest life; that's what brings us all together and makes this whole being an adult thing that little bit easier. Because my god is it tough!!

I know you do a lot of recipes (they always look so good!) and your Wonderful Wednesday post is also a favourite of mine but what are your favourite things to blog about?

Usually the random thoughts going on in my head. As I said before, adulthood is really rather tricky and writing about it gives me a place in which to organise my thoughts. Whenever I'm struggling, I find popping it all down on paper (or screen!) usually helps me clarify what's going on up there.

I really enjoy recipe creating - the recipes posts are first and foremost for me so that I can remake the dish again. I was terrible for coming up with food ideas and not writing them down. Making a delicious meal and then never being able to re-create it again!

Wonderful Wednesday posts will always have a place in my heart, I really enjoy both writing my own and reading other people's gratitude lists and weekly round ups. I'm not sure why... maybe it's the Nosey Nora part of me?

You obviously work super hard on your blog as it is always consistently filled with new things; what new content would you like to implement/where do you see the blog going in the future?

I have an endless list of things I'd like to do with the blog and directions I'd like to go in. Food and my recipes are a big part of it. I've recently started a "Spanglish Vlogs" project - it consists of a vlog style video with a few words or phrases in Spanish so that viewers can pick up a little Spanish as they watch. The Wonderful Wednesday posts will definitely be staying and I'm looking into ways I can support other creatives with my blog - guest posts, Q&A's etc.

Anyone who has seen your videos or read your blog couldn’t help but notice your lovely man, Fraser, who lives in Cornwall; you guys are super cute! How long have you been together? Any advice for anyone in a long distance relationship?

Fraser and I have been friends nearly our whole lives, we grew up together in the same town in Cornwall and he became my best friend about eight or nine years ago! We got together just over a year ago, it just felt right. It's crazy to look back and think we were such good friends for so long and weren't a couple, it feels like we've been together forever. My advice would be, if it's worth it you'll make it work. It's really bloody tough, and the goodbyes can make you feel like your heart is breaking. But the hellos and waiting for them to arrive will give you butterflies in your tummy for a long time. Knowing when you'll see each other next is really important but above all communication is key. We usually chat on the phone once or twice a day, face-time a good few times a week and when we're out and about doing things we send each other photos or quick messages. Including the other person in what you're doing can be so helpful.

I think you and I are both advocates for the whole ‘community over competition’ thing, which is one of the many reasons why I love you so much, so, let’s give some love back to some of your favourites… bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, anyone you love to follow (I will link them too honey!).

Oooh yay!! I am one of those people who really obsesses when I find new people online. I literally follow them on every platform going. I would just like to say that Lucy your blog and instagram are one of my favourites to follow. Reading your posts always reasures me, your a huge inspiration. Here are the wonderful souls I am currently head over heels for:

Our Cornish Home - This is my lovely friend Kim, who I met when we were both bridesmaids for our best friend Laura. She has such an amazing eye for interior design and both her blog and Instagram inspire me to make my home even more of a home with her fab advice and posts.

Hannah Morris - Hannah makes beautiful videos of her travels in the UK. I don't think Britain is given enough exposure when it comes to travelling and Hannah does such a great job at doing this!

A Branch Of Holly - Holly is such a beautiful person inside and out and has some of the best, up to date no frills advice on blogging and creating an online business in all the land. Super helpful tips you can implement in a flash.

Marie Jacquemin - I have only recently found Marie on Youtube so I'm still in that oh my god you are pure genius phase. Her editing and shots are stunning and really inspire me to keep working on my own video skills.

Carly Rowena - Carly's videos always always always motivate me. She's such a happy, friendly person who is a fab fitness inspiration.

Sally Tangle - Sally is the brains behind Wonderful Wednesday and her blog is such a lovely cosy heartwarming down to earth place.

I could literally keep going all day long, but I'll stop now! Whenever I meet up with friends for a cup of tea and a catch up one of the first things I say is "Oh my goodness I have sooooo many people for you to follow". I just can't help my little self!

Let’s finish on a quick fire round….

Favourite book - Eat Pray Love - it never gets old, I always learn something new.

Favourite band or song - The Piano Man by Billy Joel or Reach For The Stars by S Club 7... yup I'm that girl...

Most loved quote and why - This changes allll the time, I love so many quotes. At the moment the one I'm trying to keep in mind is "You can do it all, just not all at once"

The podcast you enjoy the most - Has to be Emma Gannon's CTRL ALT DELETE I find it so interesting to listen to the incredible humans she interviews!

What inspires you most in others? Kindness and courage.

Favourite period in history that you wish you could visit for a day. Oooh the 50's I think, I love the fashion and cars. I used to run an online vintage shop and the 50's were my favourite decade.

Most treasured moment of your life so far - The moment Fraser and I became a couple. There's a whole blog post about it if you fancy a read, it's a proper rom com moment*
*side note from me... I just read it, it's gorgeous and I may have cried (click here for the post!)

Favourite part of your job - Show night, where either everything goes wrong or everything goes right but the kids are putting their absolute all into the theatre production they have worked so hard to perfect in a language that isn't their own.

Three things you couldn’t live without (let’s exclude Fraser and your fur babies from this list!) Tea - it's an obsession I tell you! Some kind of creative outlet and my camera. I love capturing moments and life in all it's craziness.

Most precious thing you own - A t-shirt of my Nan's. She passed away last year and I was given so many of her clothes, this particular t-shirt is very special to me though as I remember her wearing it on many occasions.

What five things would you take to a desert island with you? Tea, my camera, my fur babies, Fraser and a food processor.

If you could teach the world one thing, what would it be? That food is medicine, it can be used to prevent and cure so many illnesses. We are what we eat and I think slowly but surely the world is opening up to that idea.

Here's where you can find this gorgeous lady (go and say hi!):
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A million 'thank yous' to lovely Peta for agreeing to be on my blog! If you enjoyed this then please let me know in the comments! I am planning on more guest posts happening on here too but, if you are a blogger/vlogger/creative and want to do a collaboration please just shout! Drop me an email to fromlucywithlove@outlook.com :-)

Right guys, I will love you and leave you to go and check out Petas blog!


  1. Oh Peta, you're just the absolute sweetest human. Loved getting to know you a little better and tea love is a completely acceptable obsession!
    M x

    1. There should be a series called 'Everyone Loves Peta' (Raymond who?!!) xx


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