9 July 2017


*Thank you all for your patience while I restore all my previous blog images. I have done a fair amount of work so far but, sadly, it hasn't scratched the surface yet. This may mean that you click through to something within this space and are faced with no images or, worse than that, Photobuckets warning images. I am working on this constantly so really appreciate your support*

I feel like the last couple of weeks has been totally bonkers and, as I write this I am thinking that I need to almost 'start a fresh' on Monday because I have lost my way with vlogging and some blog posts too. There is only a certain amount of blame I can shift onto starting a business but there have also been a few other things pop up recently to prevent my usual routine pushing on. Please forgive me; I am aiming to restore normal service asap!

Onto the fun stuff...

:: This week I was super surprised to see that my blog had been mentioned on a site dedicated to all things Cornwall called St Ives-Penzance in a post about their favourite Cornish bloggers! Needless to say I instantly became and excited heap of emotion! I love it when someone likes this little corner of web space enough to mention it. Thanks guys! <3

:: On Friday night, I was stood in our bedroom and suddenly heard the cutest noise ever! You guys know we have all the birds living in our garden right now and I have definitely mentioned the ones nesting above our front door but, on Friday, as I stood motionless in our bedroom, I became aware of the tiny, teeny, chirps of a nest of birdies, directly above our pillows. They must be nesting within the back end of the house but it sounded so near, like they were in the same room. I am absolutely loving looking after them all and have now got several small saucers/pots of water, as well as food sources, dotted about the garden to cater for the ever growing bird families we have!

:: Bring on the 'ugly sandals'... If you have been a long-term reader of my blog then you will already know the story of my awesome red sandals (from Topshop a couple of years back). It has been a bit of a running joke that Joe calls them my 'ugly sandals' because they remind him of Birkenstocks, which he also hates (and I am desperate for a pair of those too!). Anyway, as you will see from the picture, I  cracked them out this week and I am so happy about it. They just add a gorgeous pop of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. I adore them and I am going to wear them everywhere now...even to bed, just to be annoying!

:: Last night we watched an awesome new Netflix documentary called 'Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story'. If you haven't heard of Stan before, he is someone who reports to be abducted by aliens and have had several unexplained experiences since around the year 2000. I am not saying that I fully buy every single thing I hear but, I have to admit, some of the evidence was pretty interesting if nothing else. If you like your UFO documentaries or are even totally on the fence, I would highly recommend it!

:: This week, we have had loads of fun times watching our feathery friends in the garden and the highlight has to be the naughty crow that seems to have taken a huge liking to everything in our garden. Why is this on my 'gratitude list' I hear you cry? Well, I love nature and I love watching the different characters as they come in and out the garden. I think the crows are super cheeky and chancing but they make me laugh. Granted, after ten rounds of rehanging the feeder after it tried to fly away with the entire thing, I was beginning to feel a little annoyed, but still, you have to give them points for the effort!

:: This week, the last of the bits and bobs I ordered for my wedding stationery styling shoot arrived and I couldn't be happier with everything I got! I took the plunge and ordered a fair few things that I will be able to use with every single range I have created and cannot wait to get snapping! I am sure I will be putting some sneak previews on Instagram, follow Leaf Lane Studio here! But if you are super keen to find out more then you should definitely be on my mailing list! Just head to www.leaflanestudio.com and sign up... you will get a free download for just joining the family and there will be plenty more freebies to come too.

:: You know when there is a food that you are just not convinced on and then, one magical day, you try it and fall in love with it? That happened to me this week. On my new nutrition plan I am allowed a light cream cheese and, as my mum had bought some, I gave it a try... oh my goodness, I love it! It's going to be a good find with me as I am not a mayo fan at all, so YAY to light cheese!

:: YouTubers I am loving this week are Anna, from The Anna Edit; I ruddy love that girl. Unlike many doing what she is doing, she is so down to earth and relatable. I love her vlogs and her hubby appears every now and again too and he always cracks me up. I enjoy seeing what people get up to who work from home and her weekly vlogs are pretty cool. I also really admire her style. It is simplistic and right up my street, even though I am a billion years older than her I like to see how she puts things together nonetheless. This second one will be no surprise as I have mention her a lot in the past; Fran Meneses from the channel Frannerd. I loved the video she put out this week all about how she keeps her finances in order and how she prints her Etsy shop items etc. I am finding any videos about running a business super inspirational and Fran just does such a great job. 

:: A little Twitter favourite from this week (I am strangely getting back into Twitter again although I am not sure how long it will last) is Peta, the gorgeous lady from the blog www.pe-ta.com. I literally love that lady. She is the sweetest, most lovely human and also has some pretty adorable cats too! Check her out on Twitter here but definitely read her blog, especially if you like a good recipe or three! As a side note, if you are crazy about cats, her clever little moggies have their own Insta too... find it here! Hopefully Gizmo won't be wanting her own too as I have enough Insta accounts to deal with!

That is all for this week folks, but I will be back at 'em, all guns blazing next week! Have a fab one!


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