30 July 2017


Another week has flown by and I am not happy to report that for 80% of the week I have been wearing a bloody winter jumper! I'm not impressed July, sort it out please! However, that has been the only bad thing about this week! The rest of it has been pretty damn productive and great! I am going to jump straight on in to my gratitude list for this week with no waffling (I know, it's unheard of isn't it?!).

:: I had forgotten just how much I love blasting cheesy old music and, when I had some time alone in the lounge I threw on Spotify and turned up the volume LOUD! It felt so wonderful! I dug out some really old songs that I love from Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows and Kings of Leon and just had a mini concert whilst I did some work on Photoshop! I can highly recommend it as great therapy!

:: After feeling a bit...meh (!) about something in my Fleur range for Leaf Lane Studio, I finally had a shuffle about with the design and it was like a big old weight lifted from my shoulders and I was in love with it again. It has gone off to the printers in Penzance and I will pick up the proofs next week! If it is all good I will get it printed ready for sample packs, do a photo-shoot and it can join the Celeste range in the wings!

:: Let's talk about the protein ice cream I'm allowed on my plan! I made some the other day and it tasted like strawberry angel delight! I use a scoop of the MyProtein Casein Micellar Strawberry flavour with about 80mls of unsweetened almond milk and pop it in the freezer for 60-90 minutes and there you have it. If you catch the consistency just right it is like a soft ice cream/angel delight and seriously good!

:: I have been listening to a version of my all time favourite song this week and am beyond desperate to buy it but it is nowhere to be found (legally!). I have mentioned it before and, yes, I know it is cheesy but I love it! My favourite song is Heaven by Bryan Adams BUT, I have found a version that just makes my heart melt and that is the Jason Aldean with Bryan Adams version. I am a stupid, totally hopeless romantic so don't tease me for loving the mushy stuff; it's all about balance because I listen to Rage Against the Machine and Metallica when I am in the gym! :-)

:: Speaking of the gym (see that smooth transition?!), this week I have been pushing so damn hard and it's been feeling really good. I have thrown in two cardio sessions on my spin bike at home and four sessions in the gym and am really loving my new programme.

:: I promised to make a special hand-painted wedding day card for a special couple recently and got started on the sketches and laying down some flat watercolour yesterday. It felt so lovely to be painting again, although I am sure it hasn't been as long as it feels but, either way, it is so therapeutic. 

:: My biggest amount of quite comical gratitude has to go to my printers this week. You guys may know that I am doing a little bit of work for them at home and on Friday I was due to take back a whole load of boxes filled with what I had done for them. I loaded the car in the good old British summer time rain, drove to Penzance, unloaded the boxes, picked up some new work and drove home. It wasn't until I got out the car I realised I still had two boxes of completed work on the back seat. You know when you just feel like a total t*t... yeah, that! I emailed the printers and apologised for being a complete moron and they were okay with it but, honestly guys, all this launching a business thing is taking its toll on my IQ! I just have a brain full of other things! Doh!

:: My last and final thing for this weeks list has literally just happened... the sun came out! I immediately felt so much better! Everything is brighter and positive in the sun isn't it?!

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone; come and say hello over on Instagram if you fancy a chat, I am there the most during the week!


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