23 July 2017


Before I get into this weeks gratitude list, I want to mention Wednesdays blog post, where I talked about Collaboration. I had several comments on my Instagram after I posted about it on there, so if you were one of those people and you haven't dropped me an email yet, be sure to send one over with any thoughts you have, I would love to hear from you! My email is fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.

Onto todays post...

I spent most of the week wearing fluffy socks, Ugg boots and winter jumpers and honestly felt that I had S.A.D creeping in mid week too... what is happening July, are you having an identity crisis? I have found it nigh on impossible to pull myself out of bed this week, which is just not me at all and have been feeling 'all the emotions' all at once (which I explain about at the very end of this weeks YouTube video - scroll down to find it!).

These past few weeks seem to have been fairly similar due to my current goals and how close I am coming to reaching them, but there are always plenty of things to be grateful for and that is, after all, what life is all about...

:: My wonderful hubby has been a total superstar this week (as he always is) but today, more specifically, he has been like a therapist to my poor, overwhelmed brain. It is so nice to have someone who just 'gets it' and I feel so grateful to him for understanding all my waffling on about various things because I am pretty sure that most people would zone out immediately!

:: Whilst I am on the subject of how amazing my husband is... this week he treated me to a pair of the Gymshark high-wasted, seamless leggings that I have wanted for an age. He ordered them for me in a gorgeous deep red colour (officially named 'beet red' I think) and I cannot wait to get them through the post. He knows that I recently discovered some fairly major holes in existing leggings so felt sorry for me I think! Either that or he doesn't want me flashing fellow gym members! 

:: After a bit of fretting about what the outcome would be like I finally took the plunge and did the photography for my Celeste range for Leaf Lane Studio this week (sneak peek above ^^). I was so worried about what the quality would be like, given my extreme lack of any decent cameras or professional equipment, but the results were much better than I could have expected. I am pleased with what I managed to achieve with what I had at my disposal and it feels amazing to see the products in an actual styled environment; I cannot wait to get the other ranges sorted too and launch this thing!

:: I love myself a bit of nostalgia and, when I stepped outside the other evening (the one sunny one we've had!) to the smell of summer, humidity and cut grass I found myself somewhat swept away. Experiencing the summer here is obviously very different to being in a hot, sweaty school environment, like my previous job and if I feel the need to walk about in baggy old t-shirts and shorts, with my hair flung up on top of my head like a mad pineapple, then so be it! I am grateful for that because I have a dislike for summer and getting all hot and bloated but, so far, it has been bearable!

:: I have been totally addicted to watching Holly Exleys videos on YouTube recently. I have definitely mentioned her before as she is one of my favourite illustrators, but her last couple of vlogs have made me super happy and I find her really calming to watch! Not only is she one bloomin' brilliant illustrator but I am also very jealous of her plant collection!

:: On Thursday, late afternoon time, I found myself totally overcome by tiredness and so I cuddled up next to Gizmo on the spare bed for 15 minutes and it was so lovely and relaxing. I get off to sleep so fast when I am laying with our little bear; her purr is hypnotic and always calms my brain down!

:: This morning it was actually dry enough to go for a walk which was amazing as we haven't made it to the beach for what feels like ages. The sea air really is a good healer isn't it?

:: I am starting to feel my confidence growing again in the gym, which feels really positive. I still have my anxious days but, overall, I think I am starting to switch the ratio back to what it used to be. The biggest part of that is having Serene, my new coach. Whilst I don't actually train with her one-on-one, just having a structured programme and someone to answer to really helps me just push the fears aside and get on. I don't want to let her down (or myself!) so I just take myself there and work, regardless of my mood and, ultimately, I always feel better for it!

That is all for this week lovely friend. If you want to see a bit more of what has been going on this week then have a little look at the latest vlog below. See you all soon <3



  1. Congratulations, the range looks lovely from the sneak peak! And I'm glad it isn't just me having ups and downs in the gym, those leggings sound like a motivator though...I always feel more in the mood for a good workout when I've got nice gym stuff to wear! x

    1. I rarely get new gym kit but, recently I have realised how awful my stuff is and I am on a mission to try and replace it! My new leggings are wonderful! They arrived yesterday and I love them! Hope you are having a lovely week honey - glad we are Insta buddies now too :-) xx

  2. Aww I can't wait to see your new gym leggings, Joe is so lovely!! You definitely deserve a little treat my love. I think the outcome of your photographs is incredible.

    I find the sea air to be one of the best healers and blowers of cobwebs ever. So happy to hear your confidence is growing in the gym, it's a fantastic feeling!!

    Your happy list has really popped a smile on my face today, thank you Lucy.
    Peta x

    1. My new leggings arrived and they are GORGEOUS! I love them so much and plan on 'test driving' them today! Having been without a wage since Feb it was so nice to get something new! The problem is that I need so many things as my other bits and bobs have holes in! I will get there! I live in workout gear though so it is nice to have some new bits! Have an amazing day lovely xx


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