16 July 2017


Here we are again guys... Sunday! It always seems to come around so fast doesn't it?! Have you had a good week? What has been the highlight? Mine has been as crazy as ever (more on that in a bit!) but, mostly I have been playing catch up with a few areas that I seem to have let slip of late, the first one being editing and uploading a very old vlog, which you can see at the bottom of this post. I wanted to get that one up so that this weeks vlog can follow swiftly behind it. I guess my concern has been that my life doesn't vary that much at the moment because I have a lot of things to do and, because of that, I worry you guys will lose interest. Luckily a fair few of you tell me you enjoy the content anyway so I figured I will mosey along as I have been doing and see how we go! I do enjoy vlogging but I am just very mindful of you lovely lot, that's all. That said, I really like keeping a bit of a video diary of my Leaf Lane Studio progress as I think (I hope) it may be useful for someone else, somewhere along the line. I know I was on the hunt for videos following business set up so, hey, who knows, maybe my waffle may benefit someone.

Here is what else I have to report this week:

:: Having pondered a 'font issue' for over two weeks and got myself in a bit of a state over it (I know, I know... in a state over a font!) my ever suffering husband sat me down yesterday to look at said font issue. After about two seconds of looking at it he says 'what exactly is your issue with it?' and I say 'I don't know!', to which we conclude that I have just been 'looking at it too much' and I send the range off to the printers for proofs. Lesson here - don't stare for too long or you go MAD!

:: This week I discovered the salted caramel flavoured 'Oh Yeah One Bar', having wanted to try a new protein bar when I was at the gym. Oh my goodness they are so good! Highly recommend! I also tried one called Warrior Crunch (I think!) in white chocolate, which was also pretty damn amazing. I just wish I could afford to buy myself a whole box rather than have to just have one here and there!

:: We had the most gorgeous anemones open up in the garden early this week. They are so beautiful (one of my faves!) and they make me smile whenever I see them.

:: I forgot to mention my new breakfast love; protein pancakes! Okay, okay, I know I have mentioned protein pancakes a million times before in some shape or form but my wonderful coach, Serene, has given me a recipe to die for! They even look like pancakes when they come out the pan, something I am particularly proud of as I often seem to make my pancakes look like mush! They are made using egg whites, oats, protein, a bit of almond milk, a little baking powder and some cinnamon (optional) plus some berries and served with some yoghurt. Delicious!

:: The pub next to our house has the most beautiful display of hanging baskets I have ever seen, they really took my breath away when we wandered past on Saturday afternoon. We still haven't eaten in there yet but it smells divine from our garden!

:: Weather wise, the past week has been a touch bonkers! Tuesday was pouring with rain and on Wednesday it couldn't have been nicer. I got to sit out in the garden and work on my business price list for a couple of hours. It was like a dream come true getting to be outside whilst I worked. I tend to be so much more productive when I am outside with no distractions (technology).

:: You know I love a good podcast and my favourite 'listen' this week has to go to the 'Awaken Radio' episode 'Being Your Authentic Self and Loving Who You Are'. I love all of Connie Chapman's (the hosts) episodes but this week it was really something I needed to listen to. I would recommend it if you are open to trying a new podcast!

:: I have a huge amount of gratitude for my printers this week. They have given me a bit of work which I can do from home (more on that in the vlog I will be putting up tomorrow morning!). I am so happy to have a little job to do which will bring me in a little money again until I get on my feet. It is nothing regular but it is still work and fits in nicely along side the last few weeks leading up to the business launching.

:: Having written countless times about my lack of willpower when it comes to certain foods, I was super proud of myself this week that I managed to push through some rather serious hormonal cravings (regular ones, not pregnancy... just to clear that up!). I was in the middle of the supermarket, hungry (always a mistake) and beyond desperate for a biscuit or ten. Now I am working with someone again, I feel much better about things but also, having been on my new nutrition plan for around two weeks now, I am feeling like I have enough options not to stray. I was so happy to not have caved in and had something I shouldn't have had.

:: Sometimes the most simple pleasures bring me so much gratitude for my life and, on Saturday, as I sat in bed, drinking a cup of tea and listening to the birds singing, I felt so content and so 'on track' to where I need to be. Its the times when we stop that we get a sudden realisation isn't it? Sometimes I can get so caught up in all the things I have to do that I almost don't let myself see the present moment. Slower starts at the weekends really allow that to happen and I look forward to those precious moments all week long.

Thank you so much for reading this post guys, you really do mean so much. I am working on getting a From Lucy with Love newsletter started soon as I want to give back to you all. Realistically it will not be until my business has launched but I would like to offer you some exclusive content and some freebies too. So, stay tuned for that; it has been a long time coming but I will be setting it all up soon and hope to see you on the list! If you are interested in my vlogs, please scroll down to see 'the lost vlog' from June and tomorrow I will be posting a new weekly vlog too. Have a great week!


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