2 July 2017


*Quick side note to this blog post... Some of you may have seen my temporary little post about the fact that my image hosting site (Photobucket) decided to suspend all its users photos that are linked elsewhere, making all my photos turn into rather ugly looking things to look at! Eek! Rather than allow their users to have free 'third party usage' they decided, overnight and without telling anyone that uses their platform, that they wanted a cool $400 to allow you to continue using their site and sharing photos online. Fabulous. I, like may others, will not be paying that and have chosen another free platform that is highly recommended. In the mean time please stay with me whilst I restore years and years of photos to my blog. Just what I need when I am trying to launch a business as well! Thanks Photobucket, you morons!

This also means that any footage from this weeks vlogging will go into another vlog as I don't have time to edit at the moment. Thank you all so much for understanding :-)

Over to all the non-technical things that I am grateful for this week!

:: A new diet plan kicked off on Wednesday and, I have to say, I am loving it so far. There are carbs all over the place and I can get back to eating guilt free again because I have a bit more focus. As soon as life is back to a relative calm state (post blog-picture-restoration and my mums visit next week) I will put up a 'health and fitness update' video on my YouTube channel.

:: Some beautiful flowers (one pictured above) popped open in our garden this week. They put a smile on my face whenever I see them, as they are super cheery.

:: This week I put an Insta-story up on my Leaf Lane Studio account which showed a new menu design for one of the ranges I will be launching with. I pretty much cried when I saw a super sweet comment from a fellow wedding stationer that I highly admire, Cathryn from Sincerely May; also in Cornwall as it goes! It is so lovely to have support from others that do the same thing as you and I was honestly so happy to read her lovely comment! <3

:: One evening this week (my memory fails me when trying to remember which one!) our little bear cuddle up in my arms like a baby and stayed there for so long. Honestly, she melts my heart when she does that as it shows such trust. Also, she can officially shake both paws now! Go Gizmo! Let's celebrate that by looking at a picture of her 'resting bitch face'...

:: Having started my new nutrition and training plan this week, I found myself walking rather like a cross between a baby giraffe and John Wayne (minus the horse). My wonderful husband helped me place my feet flat on the ground again by massaging my calf muscles back to a less pain-free state. I am forever grateful!

:: Speaking of the hubby... he has just had the last two weeks off work and I have really enjoyed us sitting down to breakfast together each morning. It is such a lovely thing to do and, I think I have said this before fairly recently but we always sit at the table together these days and have done ever since we moved to Cornwall. Our routine has altered to be a lot more sociable and it really is fab!

:: Thanks to a recent video by the wonderful Holly Exley on YouTube, where she recommended other artists she likes to watch, I found the channel By Bun. Roxanne is the lovely lady who is the star of the show and she is an artist, pug mummy and illustrator who vlogs cute, everyday style videos, that are super stylish and fun to watch! Check her out if you are in the market for a new vlog to watch!

:: Right now I am loving my little bedtime routine. We have these gorgeous copper-wire fairy lights going all around our bedroom and we turn those on when we get into bed at night. They bring a real calmness to the room and I love the routine of sitting in bed and writing in my Bullet Journal, reflecting on the day, listing all the things I am grateful for and planning the next days 'To-Do's'. It feels like such a nice way to end the day and empties my head out of all the little details whirring about in there too. I sometimes journal at night (proper old fashioned style journalling I mean) and I have a separate notebook for this as it can be quite a brain-dump but I am finding it so useful to do it at night and it really helps me sleep too. Highly recommend!

That is all I have for you guys this week. Like I said at the start of this post, it is going to be a crazy week ahead so try and forgive me if things fall a little inconsistent over the next few days. I will try and put a video up next weekend for you and will (hopefully) have my blog photos back up and running soon too. Have a fab week everyone!


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