30 July 2017


Another week has flown by and I am not happy to report that for 80% of the week I have been wearing a bloody winter jumper! I'm not impressed July, sort it out please! However, that has been the only bad thing about this week! The rest of it has been pretty damn productive and great! I am going to jump straight on in to my gratitude list for this week with no waffling (I know, it's unheard of isn't it?!).

:: I had forgotten just how much I love blasting cheesy old music and, when I had some time alone in the lounge I threw on Spotify and turned up the volume LOUD! It felt so wonderful! I dug out some really old songs that I love from Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows and Kings of Leon and just had a mini concert whilst I did some work on Photoshop! I can highly recommend it as great therapy!

:: After feeling a bit...meh (!) about something in my Fleur range for Leaf Lane Studio, I finally had a shuffle about with the design and it was like a big old weight lifted from my shoulders and I was in love with it again. It has gone off to the printers in Penzance and I will pick up the proofs next week! If it is all good I will get it printed ready for sample packs, do a photo-shoot and it can join the Celeste range in the wings!

:: Let's talk about the protein ice cream I'm allowed on my plan! I made some the other day and it tasted like strawberry angel delight! I use a scoop of the MyProtein Casein Micellar Strawberry flavour with about 80mls of unsweetened almond milk and pop it in the freezer for 60-90 minutes and there you have it. If you catch the consistency just right it is like a soft ice cream/angel delight and seriously good!

:: I have been listening to a version of my all time favourite song this week and am beyond desperate to buy it but it is nowhere to be found (legally!). I have mentioned it before and, yes, I know it is cheesy but I love it! My favourite song is Heaven by Bryan Adams BUT, I have found a version that just makes my heart melt and that is the Jason Aldean with Bryan Adams version. I am a stupid, totally hopeless romantic so don't tease me for loving the mushy stuff; it's all about balance because I listen to Rage Against the Machine and Metallica when I am in the gym! :-)

:: Speaking of the gym (see that smooth transition?!), this week I have been pushing so damn hard and it's been feeling really good. I have thrown in two cardio sessions on my spin bike at home and four sessions in the gym and am really loving my new programme.

:: I promised to make a special hand-painted wedding day card for a special couple recently and got started on the sketches and laying down some flat watercolour yesterday. It felt so lovely to be painting again, although I am sure it hasn't been as long as it feels but, either way, it is so therapeutic. 

:: My biggest amount of quite comical gratitude has to go to my printers this week. You guys may know that I am doing a little bit of work for them at home and on Friday I was due to take back a whole load of boxes filled with what I had done for them. I loaded the car in the good old British summer time rain, drove to Penzance, unloaded the boxes, picked up some new work and drove home. It wasn't until I got out the car I realised I still had two boxes of completed work on the back seat. You know when you just feel like a total t*t... yeah, that! I emailed the printers and apologised for being a complete moron and they were okay with it but, honestly guys, all this launching a business thing is taking its toll on my IQ! I just have a brain full of other things! Doh!

:: My last and final thing for this weeks list has literally just happened... the sun came out! I immediately felt so much better! Everything is brighter and positive in the sun isn't it?!

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone; come and say hello over on Instagram if you fancy a chat, I am there the most during the week!


26 July 2017


On Sunday I had a bit of a mini-meltdown about all the things on my to-do list and Joe helped me to come up with a plan to make things feel a bit less overwhelming. One of the things that I felt would make a huge difference to me is starting the day off earlier and creating new habits that feed my soul before the work day starts, so I set an alarm for 6.30am and put my phone on charge over the other side of the bedroom (to avoid any temptation of simply hitting snooze and going back to sleep again!).

Although I am only a few days into this new morning routine, I thought I would share what a difference it has made so soon.

W A K I N G  U P
I am the sort of person who either a) hits the snooze button a million times or b) turns off my alarm whilst asleep and therefore, unless around four separate alarms are set, I am in danger of just sleeping and sleeping because I think my alarm hasn't gone off yet! Placing my phone over the other side of the room means that I have to get up to turn it off and actually start the physical process of 'getting up' automatically, without having to drag myself out of bed at the last minute.

It was important to Joe and I that we still had time for a cup of tea in bed and a slower start, without it impacting the main bulk of the day, so we kept that luxury by just waking up earlier. Also, whilst Joe is making tea and feeding the cat, I am washing my face so I can sit in bed and 'put my face on' whilst having my tea; multi-tasking is life!

The biggest battle for me, when I am feeling ultra tired is getting out of bed but this new system seems to be working as we are both doing it and not losing out on our time together first thing in the morning. It always feels worse getting up early when one of you is still asleep!

E X E R C I S E  (B E F O R E  T H E  G Y M!)
Don't fret, I haven't lost my marbles... well, only the ones that rolled away many years ago! Along with our new earlier start, Joe and I have vowed to take a walk on the beach or around our little village every single morning (weather permitting of course). We have done it every morning this week (so far) and it really feels like a treat. It is so peaceful and it allows me to take in everything that I would normally miss if we went out when it is busy. Just getting up and getting outside to take some nice deep breaths of the sea air and watching nature wake up is super rejuvenating. On days where the rain hits I will be doing some yoga or some stretching/foam rolling or a half an hour cycle on my spin bike. I just feel like getting moving, especially outside, before work starts, is the perfect way to lighten the soul each day.

Once we are home from our mooch about we sit and eat our breakfast together because there is time now! These simple routines mean so much and they make you feel so relaxed to know that you have time to eat slower and map out your day in your head. My current three favourite breakfast choices are overnight protein oats, protein pancakes or a protein smoothie :-)

Sometimes I don't train until the afternoons, but recently I have been going in the morning, about 9am, so that I know the rest of the day has no interruptions. The one downside to training this early in the day, for me anyway, is that I hit a dozy slump at about 2pm (which is why I would normally train at 2!). All I want to do is nap in the afternoon as I feel useless between the hours of 2-4pm but, what I am doing now is structuring my priorities for the day into the times where I know I will be more productive. So, come 2pm, if my brain has switched off, I will do my little box-sticking job for a couple of hours whilst streaming something on Netflix and return to the Leaf Lane Studio list afterwards! Exercise is super crucial to my day and I feel so much better for it, so I do prioritise it because, without it, I am a total nightmare! In my humble opinion, exercise keeps all the cogs turning and enables us to reach our goals quicker by improving our physical and mental stamina.

B U S Y  =  M O R E  P R O D U C T I V E
I know it sounds a little insane but, the earlier I get up and get on with the day, the more things I get done. Okay, I know this is because I have more time but I'm not even talking about that really. It comes down to feeling productive from the start of the day because when I get up and get straight on with it, ticking things off my list and getting sh*t done, I automatically become better at all the other things I would usually 'leave until later', such as washing, cleaning, tidying up and all the other jobs that seem inconvenient. Mind set is huge when it comes to having a really full, fun and productive day. I know that if I wake up with my alarm, hit snooze and go back to sleep again, I will be lethargic all day and slower at every single thing I try and achieve. It is like you need to programme your brain for the day ahead by showing it, right from the moment you wake up, what you want to be in that moment. Some days, you might want to be slower, rested and relaxed and that is perfectly fine but when you have lots of things to do that sort of mindset will sometimes prove more stressful because you just can't get yourself together and so all the weeks 'to-dos' roll over and over until you are lost. That is why I chose to really kick my own backside and make a change because I realised just how much my choices were impacting on what I am capable of achieving. Making a simple change has made things less stressful and I am reaching the end of each day feeling like I have accomplished a hell of a lot.

Whilst I am here, talking about routines, I thought I would share with you the little routine I do every night once I get into bed (keep it clean people... it's a journalling thing!).

I have two notebooks by my bedside, my Bullet Journal and a general notebook that I use for many different things including writing down anything that may be stuck in my head from the day, spiritual practice notes, such as any angel cards I have pulled out that I want to write about (yep, I do angel card readings... gotta talk to the angels!) and I also use the notebook to work through any problems or worries I may have. Getting everything out my head really helps me to stay calm and reduce my anxiety (even if, at the time of writing whatever it is, it can feel like a struggle). In terms of my Bullet Journal I have several things I do each night. The first job is to fill out my 'mood chart', which is not as complicated as it sounds! I simple colour in a square to correspond with a colour that I have labelled to be a mood. This helps me keep an eye on whether my mental health is stable, how my hormones are (because I can see patterns in mood) and just generally the ratio of happy to not so happy days! I then go onto my 'habit tracker' and colour in the relevant squares for all the things I have listed, such as whether I have drunk 2-3 litres of water, whether I have exercised and other things that I feel are a focus for me at the moment. Finally I go to the weekly pages and check off anything I have missed from the days 'to-do' list and then I write anything I may have forgotten into the next day.

This whole bedtime practice can take as little or as much time as I choose and I totally go with my mood. Some nights I can be writing away for an hour and other times it is five minutes; I just go with what feels right, but I end up settling far quicker having got everything out of my system and I know that I have notes to follow up on for the next day, so there are no worries in my mind about forgetting something important.

Do you have any regular routines in your day that you couldn't live without? 

23 July 2017


Before I get into this weeks gratitude list, I want to mention Wednesdays blog post, where I talked about Collaboration. I had several comments on my Instagram after I posted about it on there, so if you were one of those people and you haven't dropped me an email yet, be sure to send one over with any thoughts you have, I would love to hear from you! My email is fromlucywithlove@outlook.com.

Onto todays post...

I spent most of the week wearing fluffy socks, Ugg boots and winter jumpers and honestly felt that I had S.A.D creeping in mid week too... what is happening July, are you having an identity crisis? I have found it nigh on impossible to pull myself out of bed this week, which is just not me at all and have been feeling 'all the emotions' all at once (which I explain about at the very end of this weeks YouTube video - scroll down to find it!).

These past few weeks seem to have been fairly similar due to my current goals and how close I am coming to reaching them, but there are always plenty of things to be grateful for and that is, after all, what life is all about...

:: My wonderful hubby has been a total superstar this week (as he always is) but today, more specifically, he has been like a therapist to my poor, overwhelmed brain. It is so nice to have someone who just 'gets it' and I feel so grateful to him for understanding all my waffling on about various things because I am pretty sure that most people would zone out immediately!

:: Whilst I am on the subject of how amazing my husband is... this week he treated me to a pair of the Gymshark high-wasted, seamless leggings that I have wanted for an age. He ordered them for me in a gorgeous deep red colour (officially named 'beet red' I think) and I cannot wait to get them through the post. He knows that I recently discovered some fairly major holes in existing leggings so felt sorry for me I think! Either that or he doesn't want me flashing fellow gym members! 

:: After a bit of fretting about what the outcome would be like I finally took the plunge and did the photography for my Celeste range for Leaf Lane Studio this week (sneak peek above ^^). I was so worried about what the quality would be like, given my extreme lack of any decent cameras or professional equipment, but the results were much better than I could have expected. I am pleased with what I managed to achieve with what I had at my disposal and it feels amazing to see the products in an actual styled environment; I cannot wait to get the other ranges sorted too and launch this thing!

:: I love myself a bit of nostalgia and, when I stepped outside the other evening (the one sunny one we've had!) to the smell of summer, humidity and cut grass I found myself somewhat swept away. Experiencing the summer here is obviously very different to being in a hot, sweaty school environment, like my previous job and if I feel the need to walk about in baggy old t-shirts and shorts, with my hair flung up on top of my head like a mad pineapple, then so be it! I am grateful for that because I have a dislike for summer and getting all hot and bloated but, so far, it has been bearable!

:: I have been totally addicted to watching Holly Exleys videos on YouTube recently. I have definitely mentioned her before as she is one of my favourite illustrators, but her last couple of vlogs have made me super happy and I find her really calming to watch! Not only is she one bloomin' brilliant illustrator but I am also very jealous of her plant collection!

:: On Thursday, late afternoon time, I found myself totally overcome by tiredness and so I cuddled up next to Gizmo on the spare bed for 15 minutes and it was so lovely and relaxing. I get off to sleep so fast when I am laying with our little bear; her purr is hypnotic and always calms my brain down!

:: This morning it was actually dry enough to go for a walk which was amazing as we haven't made it to the beach for what feels like ages. The sea air really is a good healer isn't it?

:: I am starting to feel my confidence growing again in the gym, which feels really positive. I still have my anxious days but, overall, I think I am starting to switch the ratio back to what it used to be. The biggest part of that is having Serene, my new coach. Whilst I don't actually train with her one-on-one, just having a structured programme and someone to answer to really helps me just push the fears aside and get on. I don't want to let her down (or myself!) so I just take myself there and work, regardless of my mood and, ultimately, I always feel better for it!

That is all for this week lovely friend. If you want to see a bit more of what has been going on this week then have a little look at the latest vlog below. See you all soon <3


19 July 2017


Writing this blog has been a hobby/passion of mine for a fair amount of years now and, whilst I certainly have no intention of giving it up, I have recently found myself asking 'what next?'. I feel a bit like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because I would really like to collaborate more with other people (I'm thinking interviews/'get to know you' posts with other bloggers, creatives or small business owners) but, because I don't make any money from this blog whatsoever, I cannot offer anything for someones time and effort. That said, in order to grow From Lucy, with Love, and try to make better quality content, I need to be offering a few different things. It is quite the dilemma isn't it?!

As a huge believer in raising other people up, even when you are doing similar things (because we all do things differently and no two people are the same after all!), I would like to put myself out there and ask you guys whether you want to collaborate in any way? I will, of course, be more than happy to return the favour as I love collaborating with other people a whole lot! 

Honestly, it could be anything; a letter to your younger self with the advice you would give yourself if you were to 'do it over again', a recipe, a weekend diary, a happy list, your favourite things or, if you are a blogger or creative business owner then maybe you'd be up for me sending you some questions to answer or sharing your creative space!

If you have an idea that you think would work or something you would like to chat about just drop me an email to fromlucywithlove@outlook.com, I can't wait to hear from you!

16 July 2017


Here we are again guys... Sunday! It always seems to come around so fast doesn't it?! Have you had a good week? What has been the highlight? Mine has been as crazy as ever (more on that in a bit!) but, mostly I have been playing catch up with a few areas that I seem to have let slip of late, the first one being editing and uploading a very old vlog, which you can see at the bottom of this post. I wanted to get that one up so that this weeks vlog can follow swiftly behind it. I guess my concern has been that my life doesn't vary that much at the moment because I have a lot of things to do and, because of that, I worry you guys will lose interest. Luckily a fair few of you tell me you enjoy the content anyway so I figured I will mosey along as I have been doing and see how we go! I do enjoy vlogging but I am just very mindful of you lovely lot, that's all. That said, I really like keeping a bit of a video diary of my Leaf Lane Studio progress as I think (I hope) it may be useful for someone else, somewhere along the line. I know I was on the hunt for videos following business set up so, hey, who knows, maybe my waffle may benefit someone.

Here is what else I have to report this week:

:: Having pondered a 'font issue' for over two weeks and got myself in a bit of a state over it (I know, I know... in a state over a font!) my ever suffering husband sat me down yesterday to look at said font issue. After about two seconds of looking at it he says 'what exactly is your issue with it?' and I say 'I don't know!', to which we conclude that I have just been 'looking at it too much' and I send the range off to the printers for proofs. Lesson here - don't stare for too long or you go MAD!

:: This week I discovered the salted caramel flavoured 'Oh Yeah One Bar', having wanted to try a new protein bar when I was at the gym. Oh my goodness they are so good! Highly recommend! I also tried one called Warrior Crunch (I think!) in white chocolate, which was also pretty damn amazing. I just wish I could afford to buy myself a whole box rather than have to just have one here and there!

:: We had the most gorgeous anemones open up in the garden early this week. They are so beautiful (one of my faves!) and they make me smile whenever I see them.

:: I forgot to mention my new breakfast love; protein pancakes! Okay, okay, I know I have mentioned protein pancakes a million times before in some shape or form but my wonderful coach, Serene, has given me a recipe to die for! They even look like pancakes when they come out the pan, something I am particularly proud of as I often seem to make my pancakes look like mush! They are made using egg whites, oats, protein, a bit of almond milk, a little baking powder and some cinnamon (optional) plus some berries and served with some yoghurt. Delicious!

:: The pub next to our house has the most beautiful display of hanging baskets I have ever seen, they really took my breath away when we wandered past on Saturday afternoon. We still haven't eaten in there yet but it smells divine from our garden!

:: Weather wise, the past week has been a touch bonkers! Tuesday was pouring with rain and on Wednesday it couldn't have been nicer. I got to sit out in the garden and work on my business price list for a couple of hours. It was like a dream come true getting to be outside whilst I worked. I tend to be so much more productive when I am outside with no distractions (technology).

:: You know I love a good podcast and my favourite 'listen' this week has to go to the 'Awaken Radio' episode 'Being Your Authentic Self and Loving Who You Are'. I love all of Connie Chapman's (the hosts) episodes but this week it was really something I needed to listen to. I would recommend it if you are open to trying a new podcast!

:: I have a huge amount of gratitude for my printers this week. They have given me a bit of work which I can do from home (more on that in the vlog I will be putting up tomorrow morning!). I am so happy to have a little job to do which will bring me in a little money again until I get on my feet. It is nothing regular but it is still work and fits in nicely along side the last few weeks leading up to the business launching.

:: Having written countless times about my lack of willpower when it comes to certain foods, I was super proud of myself this week that I managed to push through some rather serious hormonal cravings (regular ones, not pregnancy... just to clear that up!). I was in the middle of the supermarket, hungry (always a mistake) and beyond desperate for a biscuit or ten. Now I am working with someone again, I feel much better about things but also, having been on my new nutrition plan for around two weeks now, I am feeling like I have enough options not to stray. I was so happy to not have caved in and had something I shouldn't have had.

:: Sometimes the most simple pleasures bring me so much gratitude for my life and, on Saturday, as I sat in bed, drinking a cup of tea and listening to the birds singing, I felt so content and so 'on track' to where I need to be. Its the times when we stop that we get a sudden realisation isn't it? Sometimes I can get so caught up in all the things I have to do that I almost don't let myself see the present moment. Slower starts at the weekends really allow that to happen and I look forward to those precious moments all week long.

Thank you so much for reading this post guys, you really do mean so much. I am working on getting a From Lucy with Love newsletter started soon as I want to give back to you all. Realistically it will not be until my business has launched but I would like to offer you some exclusive content and some freebies too. So, stay tuned for that; it has been a long time coming but I will be setting it all up soon and hope to see you on the list! If you are interested in my vlogs, please scroll down to see 'the lost vlog' from June and tomorrow I will be posting a new weekly vlog too. Have a great week!


14 July 2017


{Image from Pinterest | Original from Her Lovely Heart}

Until I began working with Gemma Sands (she has been coaching me for a while now and I have all the love in the world for that lady!) I hadn't really thought of self sabotage being 'a thing' (doh!) but, over time, as the interest in running my own business evolved and I began listening to amazing podcasts and reading inspirational things, I started to understand and resonate with the idea that we all, at some point or another, are guilty of self sabotage. 

I wanted to talk a bit about it today as, once I realised what I was doing and became more conscious of what my behaviours were/are, I was more able to 'move out of my own way', as Gemma would say! Believe me though, it is an on-going process and something that I am working on getting better at every single day. Just because we suddenly become more aware of what we are doing to prevent ourselves moving forwards it doesn't automatically mean that we stop creating barriers. Sometimes our barriers are our comfort zones and to step out of them can seem super scary!

I am going to share some of the ways I have self sabotaged and how I am working on getting better at not doing it and I am going to start with the one thing I have had issues with for most of my life, food.

As someone who was an overweight child and teenager, my ongoing goal has always been to lose fat and get fitter. I used food as a comfort when I was younger and that is very much a habit that has stayed with me throughout my adult life. I have more control now then I used to but I know what my willpower is like and how I work in my head with food. Having got to the point where I have lost weight and am probably the fittest I have been in a long time, I naturally started to want more physical, aesthetic results. For a long time I blamed the fact that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) on the reason why I couldn't shift fat, despite working really hard in the gym. I was in a position where I would believe my own bullshit about how healthy I ate and how I put on fat super fast. To a degree, my body type does gain weight easily but, what I was hiding was the sneaky treats here and there or the three bits of toast covered in a thick layer of chocolate spread right before dinner and maybe before bed. I would know that all these things added up and I would still do it. I would know that I was basically taking steps backwards by binge eating on crap but would not stop. I was totally blocking my own progress and, not only that, I was punishing myself in the gym to try and make up for it. Last year, when I started taking nutrition much more seriously, I saw a huge difference in my fat loss and my gym gains. I finally 'got out my own way' and this is something that feels amazing. It is also the one that I will probably have to work on forever, but it's worth it. 

There are similar things that can be said around dealing with mental health, specifically depression and anxiety. The first thing for me is that I know healthy eating and regular exercise is paramount to maintaining a constant mood. The binge eating on sweet foods, which we all know gives us extreme dips and highs, did not help one bit and I knew it (but still did it, because it was a temporary comfort). Likewise, if I am feeling down, the best thing I can do is go outside, when all I want to do is stay in, and that is not helpful and will not help me move into a brighter mental space. By staying home and exhibiting all the 'usual behaviours' that make me feel safe I am self sabotaging my future health. By getting out and facing the day I will, as a rule, feel better, faster. That said, of course there are one or two days I just need my bed, but they are rare!

The last big barrier for me has been starting my business. It was inevitable that I would hit a fair few blocks whilst this journey happened because I had never done it before but seriously guys, if I hadn't have been so damn scared of my own shadow, Leaf Lane Studio would have been launched years ago. It has taken all this time for me to step out of my own way and let things progress more intuitively and naturally. My biggest fears when I started on the journey of making my dream actually happen were that my work was no where near as good as other peoples, I don't know how to do my own finances in terms of business, what if the printers I need to use think I'm a joke, I don't know how to build a website and many, many others! To be honest the whole contacting a printing company took up a shed load of head space for me. I was so worried about it that I just didn't do it. Classic Lucy move. What makes that worry even more ridiculous is that, now I have a printing company, and they are amazing, I feel a bit annoyed with myself for giving that fear so much time. 

Fear is such a big part in overcoming our issues though isn't it? We are often scared of the unknown or scared of taking the leap or scared of what someone will say, so we just don't do anything and that is exactly what self sabotage feeds off!

Strangely, I am now almost addicted to pushing myself into new situations and asking the questions I feel I would normally shy away from because I like the excitement behind it. It is all about creating new possibilities and having no regrets. If you are standing in front of yourself, frightened and worried for all the 'what ifs' then ask yourself whether you will regret it if you don't try. Choose to move forward, even if it is a shuffle! 

9 July 2017


*Thank you all for your patience while I restore all my previous blog images. I have done a fair amount of work so far but, sadly, it hasn't scratched the surface yet. This may mean that you click through to something within this space and are faced with no images or, worse than that, Photobuckets warning images. I am working on this constantly so really appreciate your support*

I feel like the last couple of weeks has been totally bonkers and, as I write this I am thinking that I need to almost 'start a fresh' on Monday because I have lost my way with vlogging and some blog posts too. There is only a certain amount of blame I can shift onto starting a business but there have also been a few other things pop up recently to prevent my usual routine pushing on. Please forgive me; I am aiming to restore normal service asap!

Onto the fun stuff...

:: This week I was super surprised to see that my blog had been mentioned on a site dedicated to all things Cornwall called St Ives-Penzance in a post about their favourite Cornish bloggers! Needless to say I instantly became and excited heap of emotion! I love it when someone likes this little corner of web space enough to mention it. Thanks guys! <3

:: On Friday night, I was stood in our bedroom and suddenly heard the cutest noise ever! You guys know we have all the birds living in our garden right now and I have definitely mentioned the ones nesting above our front door but, on Friday, as I stood motionless in our bedroom, I became aware of the tiny, teeny, chirps of a nest of birdies, directly above our pillows. They must be nesting within the back end of the house but it sounded so near, like they were in the same room. I am absolutely loving looking after them all and have now got several small saucers/pots of water, as well as food sources, dotted about the garden to cater for the ever growing bird families we have!

:: Bring on the 'ugly sandals'... If you have been a long-term reader of my blog then you will already know the story of my awesome red sandals (from Topshop a couple of years back). It has been a bit of a running joke that Joe calls them my 'ugly sandals' because they remind him of Birkenstocks, which he also hates (and I am desperate for a pair of those too!). Anyway, as you will see from the picture, I  cracked them out this week and I am so happy about it. They just add a gorgeous pop of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. I adore them and I am going to wear them everywhere now...even to bed, just to be annoying!

:: Last night we watched an awesome new Netflix documentary called 'Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story'. If you haven't heard of Stan before, he is someone who reports to be abducted by aliens and have had several unexplained experiences since around the year 2000. I am not saying that I fully buy every single thing I hear but, I have to admit, some of the evidence was pretty interesting if nothing else. If you like your UFO documentaries or are even totally on the fence, I would highly recommend it!

:: This week, we have had loads of fun times watching our feathery friends in the garden and the highlight has to be the naughty crow that seems to have taken a huge liking to everything in our garden. Why is this on my 'gratitude list' I hear you cry? Well, I love nature and I love watching the different characters as they come in and out the garden. I think the crows are super cheeky and chancing but they make me laugh. Granted, after ten rounds of rehanging the feeder after it tried to fly away with the entire thing, I was beginning to feel a little annoyed, but still, you have to give them points for the effort!

:: This week, the last of the bits and bobs I ordered for my wedding stationery styling shoot arrived and I couldn't be happier with everything I got! I took the plunge and ordered a fair few things that I will be able to use with every single range I have created and cannot wait to get snapping! I am sure I will be putting some sneak previews on Instagram, follow Leaf Lane Studio here! But if you are super keen to find out more then you should definitely be on my mailing list! Just head to www.leaflanestudio.com and sign up... you will get a free download for just joining the family and there will be plenty more freebies to come too.

:: You know when there is a food that you are just not convinced on and then, one magical day, you try it and fall in love with it? That happened to me this week. On my new nutrition plan I am allowed a light cream cheese and, as my mum had bought some, I gave it a try... oh my goodness, I love it! It's going to be a good find with me as I am not a mayo fan at all, so YAY to light cheese!

:: YouTubers I am loving this week are Anna, from The Anna Edit; I ruddy love that girl. Unlike many doing what she is doing, she is so down to earth and relatable. I love her vlogs and her hubby appears every now and again too and he always cracks me up. I enjoy seeing what people get up to who work from home and her weekly vlogs are pretty cool. I also really admire her style. It is simplistic and right up my street, even though I am a billion years older than her I like to see how she puts things together nonetheless. This second one will be no surprise as I have mention her a lot in the past; Fran Meneses from the channel Frannerd. I loved the video she put out this week all about how she keeps her finances in order and how she prints her Etsy shop items etc. I am finding any videos about running a business super inspirational and Fran just does such a great job. 

:: A little Twitter favourite from this week (I am strangely getting back into Twitter again although I am not sure how long it will last) is Peta, the gorgeous lady from the blog www.pe-ta.com. I literally love that lady. She is the sweetest, most lovely human and also has some pretty adorable cats too! Check her out on Twitter here but definitely read her blog, especially if you like a good recipe or three! As a side note, if you are crazy about cats, her clever little moggies have their own Insta too... find it here! Hopefully Gizmo won't be wanting her own too as I have enough Insta accounts to deal with!

That is all for this week folks, but I will be back at 'em, all guns blazing next week! Have a fab one!


2 July 2017


*Quick side note to this blog post... Some of you may have seen my temporary little post about the fact that my image hosting site (Photobucket) decided to suspend all its users photos that are linked elsewhere, making all my photos turn into rather ugly looking things to look at! Eek! Rather than allow their users to have free 'third party usage' they decided, overnight and without telling anyone that uses their platform, that they wanted a cool $400 to allow you to continue using their site and sharing photos online. Fabulous. I, like may others, will not be paying that and have chosen another free platform that is highly recommended. In the mean time please stay with me whilst I restore years and years of photos to my blog. Just what I need when I am trying to launch a business as well! Thanks Photobucket, you morons!

This also means that any footage from this weeks vlogging will go into another vlog as I don't have time to edit at the moment. Thank you all so much for understanding :-)

Over to all the non-technical things that I am grateful for this week!

:: A new diet plan kicked off on Wednesday and, I have to say, I am loving it so far. There are carbs all over the place and I can get back to eating guilt free again because I have a bit more focus. As soon as life is back to a relative calm state (post blog-picture-restoration and my mums visit next week) I will put up a 'health and fitness update' video on my YouTube channel.

:: Some beautiful flowers (one pictured above) popped open in our garden this week. They put a smile on my face whenever I see them, as they are super cheery.

:: This week I put an Insta-story up on my Leaf Lane Studio account which showed a new menu design for one of the ranges I will be launching with. I pretty much cried when I saw a super sweet comment from a fellow wedding stationer that I highly admire, Cathryn from Sincerely May; also in Cornwall as it goes! It is so lovely to have support from others that do the same thing as you and I was honestly so happy to read her lovely comment! <3

:: One evening this week (my memory fails me when trying to remember which one!) our little bear cuddle up in my arms like a baby and stayed there for so long. Honestly, she melts my heart when she does that as it shows such trust. Also, she can officially shake both paws now! Go Gizmo! Let's celebrate that by looking at a picture of her 'resting bitch face'...

:: Having started my new nutrition and training plan this week, I found myself walking rather like a cross between a baby giraffe and John Wayne (minus the horse). My wonderful husband helped me place my feet flat on the ground again by massaging my calf muscles back to a less pain-free state. I am forever grateful!

:: Speaking of the hubby... he has just had the last two weeks off work and I have really enjoyed us sitting down to breakfast together each morning. It is such a lovely thing to do and, I think I have said this before fairly recently but we always sit at the table together these days and have done ever since we moved to Cornwall. Our routine has altered to be a lot more sociable and it really is fab!

:: Thanks to a recent video by the wonderful Holly Exley on YouTube, where she recommended other artists she likes to watch, I found the channel By Bun. Roxanne is the lovely lady who is the star of the show and she is an artist, pug mummy and illustrator who vlogs cute, everyday style videos, that are super stylish and fun to watch! Check her out if you are in the market for a new vlog to watch!

:: Right now I am loving my little bedtime routine. We have these gorgeous copper-wire fairy lights going all around our bedroom and we turn those on when we get into bed at night. They bring a real calmness to the room and I love the routine of sitting in bed and writing in my Bullet Journal, reflecting on the day, listing all the things I am grateful for and planning the next days 'To-Do's'. It feels like such a nice way to end the day and empties my head out of all the little details whirring about in there too. I sometimes journal at night (proper old fashioned style journalling I mean) and I have a separate notebook for this as it can be quite a brain-dump but I am finding it so useful to do it at night and it really helps me sleep too. Highly recommend!

That is all I have for you guys this week. Like I said at the start of this post, it is going to be a crazy week ahead so try and forgive me if things fall a little inconsistent over the next few days. I will try and put a video up next weekend for you and will (hopefully) have my blog photos back up and running soon too. Have a fab week everyone!

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