25 June 2017


We have somehow managed to reach the final Sunday of the month already! Are we all ready for July? I know we have five more days of June but, you know, it's good to be prepared.

This week has been as busy as all the rest but with the added bonus of some pretty amazing weather. It has been so lovely to be able to go outside and feel warmth on my skin, although poor Joe and his horrible hay-fever has had a slightly different experience to me I think. I have quite enjoyed being sat at my desk with all the windows open, smelling the fresh air and feeling all kinds of happiness from the vitamin D!

Joe had a visit from one of his friends this week, so they were off doing man-things whilst I worked out how to do various things on my website and added exciting content to it including terms and conditions and the like! It has all got to be done though and I have to say that Squarespace has been one of the more simple platforms I have experienced. I am certainly not one to build websites but, at this stage, I am doing it all by myself and am pretty happy with how it is looking.

Onto this weeks gratitude list! (This weeks vlog linked right at the bottom of this post if you are interested!)

:: I am super happy that I made it back to the gym this week without too much anxiety. It was fairly peaceful in there when I went in on Monday and Wednesday afternoon so I was able to get on and not worry too much. (If you want an update on my health and fitness journey, just read Wednesdays blog post which you can find right here!).

:: On Thursday I listened to Amanda Bucci's latest podcast which is an interview with Grace Beverley (Grace Fit UK on Instagram). Grace is only 20 years old but making quite the mark within the fitness industry, whilst also studying at Oxford. The reason I found this podcast episode of interest to me is that it made me realise just how many people go through struggles with dieting and food. Grace shares her story of how she finally reached a more sustainable health and fitness routine after years of restriction and strange fad diets. I guess I find it interesting listening to other peoples journey because it can be quite isolating when you get stuck in your own head all the time.

:: Cough cough -salted caramel Haagen Dazs- cough cough. No more to add.

:: This week I have been putting my very first Leaf Lane Studio freebie out in the public realm (gulp!). If you want to know more about it please scroll to the end of this post for all the details. What I want to say right here is how grateful I am for you guys being super supportive. You are so awesome and so sweet in the comments and good luck wishes you send me. You make me super happy every day.

:: For weeks and weeks we have had lots of buds and new pants showing signs of life in the garden. Seemingly overnight we were hit with a wave of HUGE stalks with big old buds and they are finally coming out. Some are as tall as me and it was only recently that I realised that they are one of my favourite flowers... agapanthus! I am SO excited! We have white ones and blue ones all about to open and I actually ran inside the cottage to tell Joe what I had discovered! It was so hard to know what they were going to be until their little shell popped open.

:: On Monday evening a friend from my previous work place popped in as she is currently on holiday with her family here. I have put a little clip in this weeks vlog of us on the beach walking Huxley her gorgeous dog! It was lovely to see her and have a catch up!

:: Joe and I have been on a Harry Potter mission the last few weeks and, seeing as he has been off work we have cracked on with our binge watching! Gotta love a HP marathon! Whilst Joe's friend, Glynn, was here I was also put through some 'boys films', such as Sharknado 4; it's kind of 'their thing' to watch terrible films and, whilst I would normally roll my eyes in despair, I must admit that I actually quite enjoyed watching a couple of bad movies! The tomboy in me resurfaced!

:: On Friday we ventured into Penzance so that I could pick up my amended proofs for the business and I am happy to say that my first range will officially be ready for me to photograph for the website soon! I am super nervous to do the pictures myself but looking forward to the creative challenge too. I am in the process of looking online for some simple, yet beautiful props to use. My aim is to have my second range over to the printers for proofs so that I can pick up the first lot and the proofs for the second range at the same time.

:: You may have seen this on my Instagram this week but Joe and I are trying to train our little bear to shake paws after we brush her. We always give her a treat so that is the incentive! She is doing so well and every time she actually does it my heart just melts <3

Leaf Lane Studio - the latest news is that I have a free offering for you guys who may be getting wed, close to getting wed or know someone who is! I have put together a free Wedding Planning Checklist for you, which you will get straight to your inbox. All you need to do is head over to the website and sign up! This will get you onto my newsletter and open the door to all the behind the scenes 'goings on', other freebies and sneak peeks into the new products coming out. If weddings aren't your thing then I would love you to sign up anyway as it isn't all wedding related content. Stay tuned over the next couple of months to see what is coming up (the best place to do that is join the newsletter family!). It's super easy :-)

Last but not least... this weeks vlog! I would LOVE it if you could subscribe to my channel (if you are not already of course!) - just click here to go to YouTube and hit the subscribe button!


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  1. Well done on all of your hard work with Leaf Lane Studio, I am sure it will all pay off ten fold! :) I'm so excited for you! It sounds like you've had a really nice week and I'm definitely going to give that podcast a listen!
    Peta x


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