18 June 2017


I feel like I start each Sundays 'Weekly Gratitude' with the same sentence of 'What a week!' but, quite honestly, I feel like that fits to each and every week at the moment. If you guys have ever started your own business then you will know what I am saying here! No two days are the same and, what I have learnt is that all the plans in the world don't mean something comes out the way you intended it to! But, unlike times where that is the case, for me, most things have come out much more positive than I could've imagined. I am trying to develop the business owners 'thick skin' that I keep hearing about but it doesn't come naturally to me. I am opting for a more 'medium-sliced' skin (wow, that sounds very Hannibal Lecter doesn't it!). I am just trying to dive into the situations I am afraid of and deal with things as they happen. I have realised how many stories and scenarios I actually build up in my own head only to find that they are much easier/less stressful then I told myself they would be. Say I am not alone?!

The other thing I have learnt this week is that my lovely husband has never heard the song 'Summertime' by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. I learnt this last night and have been in shock ever since. How can someone reach almost 37 years old and not know that summer anthem? Discuss! Love him to pieces for the innocence. I think his music education of rock and metal may have bypassed the cheesy pop era of Jazzy Jeff. Shame though... tuuuuunnnneee! :-)

After that long waffle about life, let's get onto the happy part and all the good things that have been this week!

:: After realising that we hadn't been to the beach for several days, Joe and I had a lovely evening walk on Wednesday, after work. It was such a warm evening and the first time I took a paddle in the water. It felt so good and so grounding to feel the waves lapping around my feet.

:: We have so many birds nesting around our house; in the bushes, the roof and nearby trees and yesterday morning, whilst we were having a little mooch out in the garden, Joe spotted some teeny, tiny baby sparrows that looked like they were taking their first flight out of the nest. I have never seen birds that small! They were so sweet and looked so excited to be flying about.

:: I feel like this week has seen some really big progress in my business-to-be. I picked up my proofs from the amazing (and very patient) printers, Headland Printers in Penzance, and was incredibly happy with how they are looking. It is strange, after all this time to be able to hold physical products in my hand and see stickers with my business name on it! I felt like a kid when I got them home and started showing Joe! See this weeks vlog at the bottom of this post for more!

:: A weekend in the sun has been much needed. This week I have felt better in myself (in comparison to last week), but I did get hit with a migraine on Friday night, which made me feel shocking on Saturday. Several naps/lay-ins and some time spent chilling out in the garden seemed to help so much though. This is the first weekend in a long time that has actually felt super-relaxed for me. Putting on sun cream and sitting in the warmth of the rays felt wonderfully healing. The only thing I have to complain about is the straight line of redness I have across my shins from rolling up my jeans for 20 minutes on Friday lunchtime. Rookie mistake = burnt legs.

:: Yesterday I dug out a book that I bought a few years back and just couldn't get in to, called 'From Atoms to Angels'. Isn't it funny how sometimes you know you will like a book and that it kind of 'calls' to you but, for whatever reason, that moment just isn't the time for you to read it. Now though, however, it seems like the right time and I am devouring it totally. If you are into your slightly spiritual books (it isn't totally 'fluffy') then give it a little read. I may write a post about some of the points soon as it really speaks to me. It certainly isn't the easiest read I have had but I am loving it now and felt glad I got it all those years ago!

:: It wouldn't be a gratitude list without something food related. Whilst doing the weekly shop in Sainsburys this week, I picked up some of their yoghurt coated, gluten-free rice cakes. They were so good. Unfortunately they seemed to disappear rather fast though. Must be some kind of magic.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Joe is off for two weeks now so I need to find some immense self-discipline and carry on with my working hours regardless. As Gemma so rightly pointed out to me this week '...the light is at the end of the tunnel' and it truly is. Leaf Lane Studio is almost a physical thing now and I cannot tell you how good (and slightly terrified!) I feel. I am a happy bunny right now to have the opportunity to try and work for myself and am looking forward to launching it in the next few weeks.


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