11 June 2017


^^ I love seeing the moon out during the day like this ^^

It's Sunday again and, you know that means a 'Weekly Gratitude' post from me! How has this week been for you? In all honesty, this week has been strange from start to finish for me. It started off amazingly, dipped in the middle and picked up again this weekend (see the vlog at the bottom of this post for more!).

This country has been through all levels of emotion over the last month or so and it really feels a bit up in the air still, which is why, for me anyway, remembering to take note of all the amazing things in life is even more important. Let's do it!

:: As I write this the sun has come out, for pretty much the first time this week. That is something I am so happy about. Yesterday I was having a mooch on Instagram and watched a load of peoples Insta-stories and I was jealous to see several people laying out in their gardens, enjoying soaking up the sun and preparing cold drinks to sip whilst they got a tan. Meanwhile, Joe and I, were in the house, wrapped up in big winter jumpers! Even the birds weren't really about yesterday and Gizmo slept all day long. She just never ventures out when the weather is horrible!

^^ 'Mummy, make the rain go away please!' ^^

:: We treated ourselves to a beautiful dinner on Friday night. Fish and chips. Yum. Need I say more? We drive  for 15-20 minutes to get ours from a fabulous restaurant in Carbis Bay who do the greatest fish and chips ever! So worth it guys.

:: If you watch my vlogs (today's vlog linked right at the bottom of this post) then you will know that I love my training. It really helps my sanity and is a great way to pick up my moods and to help keep me more productive during a general days work. This week has been a training disaster. Not sure why, but on Tuesday I walked out the gym mid-session and didn't go back all week. That all sounds very negative for a 'weekly gratitude' list but the point I am leading to is this; for the first time in a long time I let go of the huge guilt I have around missing training and let my body chill out a bit. I did do some cycling yesterday and will again today, but I let myself rest. Did I feel bad? A little, for sure, but I knew I must need it because it isn't like me to just not want to go. I love the gym, so I felt like I should listen to my body and my intuition and just go back fresh and ready to go on Monday.

:: I had a pretty productive week business wise; learning a fair amount about Mail Chimp (#mybrainismelting) and finally getting my anxious backside to the printers to put in my 'blue range' to get samples ready for potential customers (beautiful brides to be). I know I keep harping on about my vlog but I tell you guys so much in those little videos that I can't help but point you in the direction of them so that you can see a bit more of what has been going on this week.

:: On the topic of my 'blue range'; it now has a name and everything! About time right? I will tell you what it is in the next video! I am super excited to have finally come up with a name for it. It took a while because I am dedicating it to someone and I wanted it to fit the situation perfectly. Joe actually came up with it and it couldn't be more perfect. Watch this space.

:: If you follow me on Twitter then you may have seen me mention this last week but I was doing yet more mooching, this time on Spotify, and stumbled across Taylor Swift... she's on Spotify again! Okay, I know I am 36 and should probably be listening to Radio 2 or something grown up and nourishing for my soul, but sometime a girl just needs a bit of Taylor to sing to on a grey old June day you know?

:: New jeans!!! I am so happy to have finally replaced my old Zara jeans that I loved so much! The new pair are also Zara, but it took a bit of time to find a pair I liked as their sizing is beyond madness. I tried on a pair of size 14 jeans that were 3 inches smaller on the waist then a pair of Zara size 12 jeans I own. I give up on sizes! Anyway, the ones I got are a boyfriend style and I love them! Shopping for jeans gives me a headache though!

That is all for this week guys. Right now I need to get my backside into our garden and do some tidying up post-stormy week! I went out briefly mid-week to pick up palm tree leaves that were scattered everywhere, but today calls for a bit more work. Wish me luck! Also, I think we have yet another snail in our hall way that needs re-homing! The little ones seem to (somehow) squeeze their way under the front door or else they sprint in when I let the cat out!! Or maybe they are an advanced species and have already invented some kind of new travel technology that involves them dissolving into silver liquid, Terminator 2 style. Clever little buggers.

Keep scrolling down for this weeks vlog!


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  1. Oh Lucy your Gratitude list really popped a smile on my face! I know what you mean about the snails!! HOW do they get in ?! I get huge ones in my flat and am flumoxed as to how they are even here.

    Well done for being kind to your body, sometimes rest is all that we need. I hope you feel more like hitting the gym this coming week.
    Have a lovely week Lucy,
    Peta x


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